10 ways to make their heels, as a baby.

1 egg yolk mixed with a teaspoon of lemon juice and a tablespoon of potato starch. Apply the mixture to the steamed heel hold until dry to the "crust", rinse with warm water and grease heel fat cream
2. Take aloe leaf posochnee, grind it (chop), flesh put on the problem areas, cover with plastic film and put on top of c / b socks. It compresses at night
3. halves of the bulbs and leaves of cabbage (1: 1) to grind, mix with grated boiled potatoes (that was warm), take two bags - for each leg, to a mixture of live and put your feet in Packages. We sit, watch a movie. Or you can wear on top and go to sleep, if you do not wake up scared among potato-onion breakfast in bed :)
4. If the skin on the heels of strong callous and looked like a emery cloth (this means that the top layer of skin dies), then immediately after the foot soap-soda or herbal bath put a compress on the heels of fresh onions. Scald small onion several times boiled water, cut in half, put on your heels, put plastic wrap, bandage and leave overnight. In the morning remove the remnants of the bow, carefully rub your heels with pumice and lubricate fat cream, rubbing it in a circular motion. It takes only 2-3 such procedures, and the skin on the heels will be soft and smooth.
5. rough skin on your heels can be mitigated if we impose on the heels of a mask of fresh zucchini. Courgettes finely chop, put on the gauze and apply to the soles of his feet for 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water and lubricate bold nutritious cream. Make a mask once a week, and the skin on your heels will be like a delicate rose petals.
6. On the unique healing properties of green tea you probably know. For a few days to bring the heel in a decent look, make it smooth and soft, try to make a mask with green tea and lemon. Peel grind to a pulp and mix with brewed green tea leaves. It is desirable that the mixture is warm, put it on the foot to roll polyethylene wear socks.
7. Fresh celandine chop, apply a compress on your feet, wrap polyethylene top and socks to bed. Rough skin, even then it is not necessary to scrape away - the usual sponge is removed, I had enough of one such procedure, to heel prettier.
8. steamed heel rub mixture - coffee (can be ground, but the best coffee grounds) + cream + yogurt + honey. Hold it all on the skin for about 15 minutes, rinse. Then smear heels lanolin (in the prescription at the pharmacy department of sale), on top of cellophane and socks. And sleep.
9. The pulp of fresh olives + pulp of red grapes - a little expensive, but effective
10. Good poskrabit heels with olive oil mixed with salt (preferably sea).


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