Five simple "Tibetan" exercises that restore youth.

Five simple "Tibetan" exercises that restore youth, health and livelihood of the body

And Popeye dropping from the "fountain of youth

There are five simple "Tibetan" exercises that restore youth, health and livelihoods organizma.I even one of them is useful, but it is better to perform all pyat.Lamy call them rituals, ritualami.Vsё you have to do at first is to start practicing five exercises with three repetitions each and gradually bringing to 21.
Engage need daily.
The duration of training about 20 minut.Horosho trained people cope and 10.
Paramount importance and mental sostoyanie.Soglasites, some in 40 years look like the elderly and others, and 60 remain molodymi.Uberite head of representation of myself as a weak, sick, aging cheloveke.Vzhivaytes the image of an energetic and young.


Externally, it is simple, children at play are constantly delayut.Vam is necessary to stand up straight with arms horizontally rukami.Zatem rotate while you do not begin to spin golova.Vazhno: you must rotate the left napravo.To is, if put on the floor clock dial-up, you vraschattsya be in the same direction as the arrow chasov.Vnachale most of you will be able to repeat this exercise 5-6 times just before you come golovokruzhenie.Dlya beginners more and no nuzhno.Esli after this rotation you want to lie down or sit down, make a it came and ya.So nemedlenno.Tak time, performing the entire complex, you will be able to rotate more and more, delaying the moment golovokruzheniya.Kstati how to avoid dizziness dancers? They focus glance at some point directly in front of him and starting to spin, they keep eyes on it as possible dolshe.O than you need to know to perform the first ritual exercise?
Llamas do not lead to the extreme rotation enough vraschenie.Bolshe 21 is not necessary.


It has to do on the back face of prosche.Lech vverh.Luchshe on thick mat, lying on the back stretch your arms at your sides, palms on the floor with closed paltsami.Zatem lift your head off the floor, pressing his chin to grudi.Sdelav is lift your legs straight in a vertical position .If you can, drop-leg over the body to the head, but without bending them kolenyah.Zatem slowly lower your head and legs, knees straight, to pol.Rasslabte myshtsy.Povtorite all this exercise, each time watching the rhythm: a deep breath when lifting legs and head: full exhalation when opuskanii.Chem deeper you breathe, the luchshe.Lamy recommend weak and weak to begin this exercise with lifting legs bent at the knees position.


Get on your knees, straighten telo.Ruki bedra.Naklonite put on the head and neck forward, pressing his chin to drop grudi.Zatem how you can head back and at the same time, bowed back, bending pozvonochnik.Sgibayas rely on hands on bedrah.Vernites in original position and start the exercise again.


At first it may seem difficult, but in a week it will become as easy as the rest.
Sit on the floor, stretching his legs parted ih.Tulovische straight, place your hands palms on the floor along the tulovischa.Prizhmite chin to your chest, then tilt your head back as soon as possible dalshe.V the same time raise your body so that your knees bent, and arms remain straight, the torso in a straight line with the thighs horizontal polu.Ruki and legs below the knees lowered perpendicular polu.Napryagite every muscle tela.Pri return to its original position sitting muscles relax.
Many people, especially older people, believe that if they can not perform well the exercise from the beginning, that no benefit from him budet.No tak.Vypolnyayte is not the best that you can and see what happens through the will mesyats.Rezultaty satisfactory.


In carrying out this exercise, the face turned down to polu.Tulovische supported by hands, palms rest on the floor, the tips of the toes and feet sognuty.Ruki straight, at a distance of two feet from each druga.Spina omitted, so that the torso is bent polozhenii.A Now tilt your head as far as possible nazad.Zatem, arching his back, put the body in the position of the reverse letter "V" .In the same time przhmite chin to its original polozhenie.K grudi.Vernites end of the first week you will find this situation one of the easiest. Follow the breath, do not forget to strain myshtsy.Podnimaya torso deep breath; -dropping full exhalation.

Some explanations

To begin each exercise is repeated three raza.Zatem number doubles every week and finally brought to 21.Esli you and after seven weeks will be difficult to repeat the first exercise 21 times, nothing strashnogo.Dovodite rotate slowly, it does not matter how much time it will take to ... Exercise can be performed both in the morning and evening, to you at any vremya.Nagruzku varies look at samochuvstviyu.Pyat exercises work in unison, they are equally vazhny.NO NOT PERENAPRYaGAYTES.Nabirayte effect gradually and will never come to otchayanie.So time and patience very few can not eventually learn all five exercises, repeating every 21 ezhednevno.Dazhe ever if we exclude one of the exercises, then the total number of regular performance of the other four will be achieved excellent results.



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