Rejuvenating the mysteries of Tibet - Eye Revival

Each of us wants to be beautiful at any age. But how to keep youth and beauty for years to come? Ancient Lama Tibetan monasteries used for this the technique, the secrets of which have survived.

Only five of exercise a day - and time for you to stop though. So say those who have mastered the secrets of these remarkable exercises. To Tibetan system actually operated, it will have to be applied daily.

Although the time it takes no more than 20 minutes, sometimes prevents us from laziness. But those who have mastered the practice, and she regularly engaged in for many years - indeed achieved tremendous results.

Tibetan way of rejuvenation - asanas "Eye Revival»
About this miraculous system probably heard many. It is called differently. Some - "Five Tibetans", others - "Five Tibetan pearls", the third - "Eye of the revival."

Awesome mystical story about this wonderful practice, many must have read in the book of Peter Kelder. An exciting adventure story about an elderly colonel, who was looking for the secret of rejuvenation of Tibetan lamas and finally found him, grasped and began to teach it to others.
If you still do not know about it, we recommend to find the full version of the book on the internet Calder and read it.

Exercises are performed in the morning or in the evening (but you can in the morning and evening) - daily. Miss classes is not recommended, especially when you have reached great heights. Total five exercises. But there are six additional exercise, it is not mandatory. Transfer to it the most "advanced" followers "Oka".

The system was developed in Tibetan monasteries. She used the local lamas (monks). Use the "Oka" they managed to keep the youth and spirit, and body. Practice really works very well. This is explained by the fact that a person like opens the energy field. It becomes strong.

A very important point during exercise - proper breathing. Some do not take it into account, and sought not so much success (but note - still seeking!). Exercises are performed in strict order, not reversed. First person performs 3-5 reps. Then adjusted each exercise to 21 repeat.

Followers of this practice change both externally and internally. They look much younger than their peers, they have a flexible body, joints and spine. They have good physical shape. In addition, they are full of energy (it is her and gives JCE). This powerful energy system allows followers to do and achieve great heights in life. And most importantly - at the same time be in harmony with the world and with itself.


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