Exercises of the "5 Tibetans"— just 15 minutes a day for Your perfect shape

Exercises of the ’five Tibetans’ is designed for 19 energy centers or vortices, which are at the person. Most of them are located on the 12 major joints of the limbs. The vortices must rotate with great speed, the only way to obtain energy of prana, ether and light. Failure of any of the vortices the energy flow dries up, people quickly age and die.

Training "eye of the Renaissance" or exercises of Tibetan monks helping to restore the strength and speed of swirling energy.

The complex is able to tone and strengthen major muscle groups, recover faster and gain good physical shape. Ideally, each of the five exercises Tibetan pearls need to be repeated 21 times.

This number was not chosen randomly. This is the number of iterations allows to reach the desired effect of exercises of Tibetan monks.

At first repeat the exercise 21 times will not be for everyone, but that's okay.

To start eye of the Renaissance or the five Tibetans need 3-5 repetitions, gradually increasing their number.

The process of approaching the final result is good in itself, it will bring a lot of pleasure to the person working on the system of the five Tibetans.

Tibetska pearl No. 1.

Stand straight, feet almost shoulder width? The coccyx by yourself and stomach in, arms at sides at shoulder level.

Look at any point in front of him. Slowly start to rotate around its axis until then, until you feel like you felt a little dizzy. You need to rotate strictly clockwise.

To prevent severe dizziness and nausea, at first, to perform the first exercise, 3-5 times. After finishing the exercise you are doing rest — inhale - exhale.

After completing the allotted number of turns if dizzy or tired you are sit or lie down on the sofa, do not ignore the natural desire of your body.

After a few weeks of training on the system of Tibetan lamas is enough, you will train your vestibular system, not to experience severe dizziness. Avoiding long break, you must immediately proceed to the second exercise


Tibetska pearl No. 2

You need to lie on the floor with his back. straighten the legs, arms stretched along the body, palms to the floor, his chin has merged with his chest.Raise your straight legs up perpendicular to the floor, ensure that the pelvis was tightly pressed to him.Exercise always start with exhalation. In the beginning need to breathe out while lifting the legs and head – a deep and full breath. Lowering his legs – the same breath.

Try not to lose the rhythm, to breathe in the same pace, if you can't do the exercise with straight legs, do it with bent, gradually you learn to do it properly.

After a few weeks of training you will have to bring the legs further behind your head, the main thing – do not bend them. After slowly return to the SP.

After finishing the exercise, put feet on width of shoulders, relax — inhale - exhale 3 times

Tibetska pearl No. 3.

You must kneel them gently apart so that the hip was located exactly perpendicular to.Palms placed under the gluteal muscles. She tilted her head forward, tuck your chin to your chest. Gradually throwing his head back, bending at the back straighten the chest and Flex the spine. help yourself, drawing hands on hips. At the beginning of the third exercise should take a deep breath and bending backward gradually inhale, returning to the IP – exhale. After finishing the exercise, put feet on width of shoulders, relax — inhale - exhale 3 times

Tibetska pearl No. 4

May seem like a daunting exercise at first glance, but it's not. Even the elderly sick people have mastered it, strengthening your body and spirit. Sit on the Mat, stretching out a straight leg. Feet should be approximately shoulder width apart. Straighten your back, chin touching his chest. Palms lean on the floor, the fingers should "look" forward. Tilting the head back as far as possible, lift your upper body up, that it was in a horizontal position. Leg and hands must be placed perpendicular to the floor as the legs at the table. Pausing in this position for a few seconds, return to SP. After exercise rest-put your feet shoulder width apart, relax — inhale - exhale 3 times


Tibetska jewel No. 5

The final exercise is 5 Tibetans allows you to fix the result and to raise its energy potential to another degree. Lie on the floor face down, Palms should be directly below the shoulders, toes are forward, feet on the socks.

Raise the upper torso and reach the top at the ceiling, leaning on her hands is a starting position, tilting the head back, exhale prohibite spine, resting on the toes and palms. Breath — rounded your back and raise your pelvis as high up as possible, with the maximum head sags down.

The body should both be folded in half in the hip joints. Try to keep the body resembled an acute angle whose apex is directed upwards. The chin press to breast, giving maximum head forward, as if pronyrivaete forward, bend back and again reach the top of the head up, exhale. The arms and torso in the same plane, the trunk is not touching the floor.


After exercise rest — put your feet shoulder width apart, relax — inhale - exhale 3 times.

At the end of the complex, it is recommended exercise for relaxation: lie on back, arms by approximately 30-40 cm from the body, palms up, legs straight and relaxed, all the attention in the solar plexus, relaxing breaths — a long smooth exhale, exhale longer than the inhale, all the attention in the solar plexus — feel the energy spread out, distributed over body, observe your feelings, relax your arms, legs, body, face, feel the warmth fills your every cell, your body. relax.

Practice the entire set of exercises 5 Tibetans and a month of training you feel how much he affects your body and will. published


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