What is your body telling you what you really want

Your body talks to you constantly, day and night. Unfortunately, as most people live their lives unconsciously, they do not understand body language.

How can I assert that your body is telling you? Because the body reflects what is happening inside of us! Of all the bodies that are part of the human body, the physical body is the densest and most flagrant.

Of the three material bodies (mental body, emotional and physical) physical body, given its tangible nature, we are closer and more understandable to the other bodies. Saying that your body is telling you, I mean that you say all three bodies. However, easier to hear is not the emotional or mental body for you, namely, the physical body.

Your body says: Love yourself

You may take fifty years to realize that your way of thinking (mental body) is unfavorable for you. It can take months or even years before you realize what kind of emotion overwhelms your emotional body and creates a blockage.

It is obvious that the physical wounds do not pass unnoticed. Man quickly drew attention to physical injury, even if he often does not know and is not aware of where the wound appeared. For example, a person suddenly notices that his leg appeared a bruise or a scratch on his hand, and he has no idea about where!

And, then, it is important to consciously live their life! When you become aware, you are aware of the behavior that destroys you, or actions that are damaging to you! You can just see them and make a change, rather than continue to suffer the consequences of such behavior or actions.

I strongly advise you to use your physical body in order to live a more conscious life. . Here are a few examples of how your body is telling you

Your body says: Love yourself


Do you pay attention to the fact that in most cases you eat without being truly hunger? In addition, what you eat or drink, is it really necessary now to your body? What is your body telling you?

I advise you for at least one week, write down everything you eat and drink during the day, and ask yourself if you were really hungry, and whether you like it this meal? If not, ask yourself, why do you then it is eating and drinking? Remember that every time you feel thirst, your body is asking the water rather than other beverages!

If you realize that often you eat and drink out of habit, that is because it is lunch time, because you have to have or to not to miss anything, your body tells you that this principle guides your life in general!

Your body tells you that, in general, in other areas of your life, you do not devote sufficient time to ensure that stop and realize what you really want.

You act out of habit, like a robot! And you yourself will no longer manage your life, your life controls your mental body, which has acquired certain habits, convictions and beliefs, and that make you stick to your habits, do not follow them - bad

! If you eat because you feel emotions, it means that the emptiness inside you, and you eat, trying to fill that void. Your body tells you that you are going through emotions, but you do not want to confront them. Do you prefer to suppress them, control them, and instead - to eat and drink

. By doing so, you are more and more cut themselves off from their feelings. And later, when you are no longer able to suppress them, you will feel as you lose control, and hence - the fear of losing control. Your body tells you that it is much more beneficial for you to express your emotions the man whom they relate. But do not forget that it is you have to do, being in love, and not to condemn.

If you eat because of appetite or for the love of a particular dish, although you're not hungry, your body is telling you that you are easily influenced by others. Did you know what you want, but you let others convince himself to the contrary!

As you can see, your power says about your home state!

Often, the person can be judged by what he eats. Watch yourself, your diet, and give food characteristics. For example, coffee can be challenging, sharp seasonings, sugar may be associated with tenderness, attention, rewards, etc.

Your body tells you that you eat or drink what your body does not need to maintain the health of the physical body, you're doing it, to compensate for the lack of thrills, or incentive, or tenderness in your life. Now that you know it, you have no choice but how to afford what you need without having to move your desire for food. You can also check the level of your needs, analyzing the number of times such a need in the food you have there

Your body says. Love yourself

YOUR ailments and diseases

Whenever your physical body is sick, it tells you that your emotional and mental body will also suffer.

To make you feel in harmony, these three bodies must help your "I". When you feel pain, it means that your physical body were drawn away from your "I" of your inner God, and they barely manage to lead your life. They lack the guidance of your inner God, to perfectly cope with this task.

As for you, your "I" wants something, this function of your mental body is to use its resources to manifest your true desires. The role of your emotional body - desire or feel what you want. And your physical body is created in such a way as to take actions in accordance with your wishes. However, unfortunately, how often do we see that the opposite occurs!

Here are some examples:

A man wants to change jobs, or want to invest in a small company. He does not allow himself to do so, because his mental body returns to its past, which is not in accordance with those wishes, which are at the moment. This memory tells him not to do it, do not move to the desired, because there may be unforeseen circumstances or obstacles that make him regret what was done.

It is obvious that people have witnessed or experienced this experience at some point in their lives. In memory postponed feeling bad experience. And now directs human life experience that was deposited in the memory, and not his true desires. As a result, a person is faced with physical pain in my legs!

Man needs help, support, for example, the mother of a family that takes care of children engaged in the house and the budget, etc. She does not dare to ask for help, she heaped all on his shoulders, as she believes that this burden should be borne by the mother. Of course, she learned this when I was younger.

She may believe that a man with such a task can not cope, or that it can not be considered as a good mother or wife, if you will not cope with it. As a result - back pain. Her pain will increase, if it dares to ask for help, and if she refused, because it will strengthen it, what she believes she should solve all questions itself

. Thus, it becomes a greater and greater burden. It is important to understand that this woman back pain is not because one does not support it, but because it believes that all she has to do to look like a good person. This leads to the belief that others do not support it. With us it is always something going on, what we believe in! Our body is reasonable, and it uses a part of that is due to a mental thought, which does not allow the request appear.

In these two small examples tyvidish how you can become aware much faster, thanks to the signals that you send your physical body.

Also, there are other ways that you can use to get to know yourself better. For example, you can examine the structure of your body, your gait, manner of dress, decorate your house, drive a car, etc.

How wonderful to know that your body and everything that happens to you in the physical world can be your best friend in everyday life!

Author: Liz Bourbeau

Translation: Iya Zaitseva


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