Exercises that heal the body and soothe the mind

Asana was developed by the ancient yogis as a way of healing the body and quieting the mind to prepare for more advanced practices. Asana in Sanskrit means "steady and comfortable position". In contrast to the usual physical exercises, the asanas act on all three levels of man – at the body level, the level of intelligence and level of awareness. Therefore, the practice of asanas requires full engagement, not just performance of a particular posture and stay in it.

The purpose of asanas is to make the body strong and healthy, you can troubleshoot the body. The asanas liberate the joints, stretch and tone the muscles, eliminate toxins from various parts of the body, harmonize the nervous system. Due to the mild massage improves the function of all internal organs, triggered mechanisms of self-healing. All of this slowly but surely leads to physical health.



Improving the health of the body automatically causes positive changes in the mind. In addition, there are more specific mechanisms of influence on the psyche:

Asanas have a tremendous impact on the endocrine system, which is responsible for countless functions of the body, affects our physical appearance and emotional state and thus determines much of our behavior and attitude towards life. For a person with a healthy endocrine system is usually characterized by optimism, clarity of thought and positivity in action. A man whose endocrine system has been out of balance, is prone to diseases, pessimism and either too active, or, conversely, passive, both physically and mentally.Asana adjusting the activity of individual glands, and harmonize the activities of the control center system located in the brain. Therefore, even simple asanas can sometimes provide surprisingly rapid beneficial effect.

Asanas bring harmony in the work of various other systems of the body. All these systems are rhythmical in nature; these include, in addition to the endocrine system are the nervous system, circulation, respiration and digestion. Asanas coordinate the operation of these systems and bring rhythm and balance in their activities.

The asanas have on the body subtle effect. All of the human body surrounds and interpenetrates the energy field, typically beyond the perception of our senses. In yoga it's called pranamaya Kosh. The energy moves along the body and around it in particular to conductive paths which in yoga manualsand. These channels are easily blocked, and prana stagnates in certain areas that can lead to physical and mental disorders. Asanas contribute to the free flow of prana and, thus, conducive to good health. In addition, this energy body is closely interlinked with the mind. Therefore, smooth movement of the prana, which provide the asanas, leads to mental equilibrium and calmness.

Asanas automatically cause a change of breathing. Rapid and irregular breathing indicates a tension of mind and body, whereas slow, deep and rhythmical breathing indicates calmness and well-being. Asanas lead to mental and emotional serenity, slowing the breathing and increasing the depth of inhalation and exhalation.

A necessary element of asana practice is awareness. While performing asanas one should be fully aware of what you are doing and not let the mind wander. Without awareness asanas are not really asanas, no matter how well they performed physically.

Awareness of movement of breath in the asanas, at least for a while distracting our attention from the superficial worries and problems. This includes the relaxation of the individual. It may be temporary, but it helps to cause a permanent change in the psychological and emotional formation of man, as once you've experienced this condition you will be to him unconsciously to aim.

Our psychological and emotional installation, and feelings significantly affect the demeanor and facial expressions. If we are angry, we usually gorum shoulders; if you are tense and worried we Harim eyebrows; if you're nervous, we shiver and quickened breathing, etc. on the Contrary, if we are happy, we both feel that our body becomes light and relaxed. Thus, psychological and emotional state affects physical health as well.

But a two-way process — the body may cause corresponding changes in the mind. Asanas make the body relaxed, strong, light, obedient, free from pain and ailments, and this, in turn, brings emotional and mental calmness and confidence.

The ultimate goal of asanas is to pave the way to higher consciousness through overcoming the usual limitations of mind and body. The highest goal of asanas is to make the body so perfect, and the subconscious mind so calm and free from anxiety, to them it was possible to forget completely, i.e. to go beyond them.

Thus become one can feel his true nature — pure all-pervading consciousness. published

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