Viral infections are attacking those people who have a weakened immune system. GI system alone can not be cleaned, as required by the nature: the colon is full of toxins, mucus, is the allocation of toxins in the body fluid.
Because you know - those who have runny nose, whether the symptoms of colds, flu, or allergies, should first clean the body with water, herbs, proper nutrition and adequate complex movements. For personal scheme to cleanse the body (detoxification) and the restoration of health, refer to the doctors of Ayurveda.

When you restore a normal and natural function of the digestive tract, lymphatic system and help the immune system, you forget what koldreks, Fervex, Naphthyzinum and other pharmaceutical chemistry. You will be healthy and active!

Now here are some rules and ways how to cure colds, not just relieve the symptoms as proposed sold in pharmacies pills and solutions.

If you feel the first symptoms of a cold, if the frost, his eyes watering, nose pours, headache, drowsiness there, take measures to improve the situation according to the general.
Be aware that these symptoms are your helpers and they say that your body is infiltrated viruses.
Do not try to get rid of the symptoms with the help of tablets, "ferveksnyh" teas and start to help the body cleanse itself.
It is not difficult and accessible to everyone.

OFFICE AS WELL AS THE HOUSE, ALWAYS find an opportunity:

 - Chew one or two buds cloves (spice). Carnation - non-toxic antiseptic, a natural antibiotic. And it relieves toothache, sore throat, and the physical weakness, making a clean breath, eliminates the fear and hysteria

 - Drink clean warm water (not black tea or coffee!) Every 20-30 minutes for 2-3 sip

 - Opoloskat throat: 1/3 teaspoon salt, soda and 1-2 drops of iodine in a glass of warm water

 - Put the aroma lamp with drops of oils: tea tree, clove, sage, eucalyptus, lavender (4-7 drops enough for the room 15 square meters)

 - Lubricate the nostrils of any vegetable oil

 - To protect themselves from the draft. Stay dry, warm clothes. Feet, sternum, neck, lower back should be warm.

IF raise the temperature.

Do not shoot down the temperature! Do not interfere with nature. Temperature increase is associated with increased amounts of toxins in the blood. Because the most useful thing you can do - often drink water at room temperature with lemon or, better, with rosehip. Can natural green tea.

Antipyretic teas:
Recipe 1: 1 part lemon grass + basil leaves 1 gear + fennel seeds 1 part
Recipe 2: coriander 2 parts + 1 part cinnamon + 1 part ginger
insist one teaspoon of the mixture into a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes, drain and drink.
This excellent diaphoretic detoxifying, thereby reducing the temperature.
Precautions: when it is necessary to contact a doctor and bring down the temperature: t on any raising a child up to 4 months; t above 40 adults; t higher than 39 degrees a person older than 60 years; fever lasts longer than 3 days, or is accompanied by severe headache and stiffness (voltage) of the neck, every rising t in humans suffering from chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system, respiratory tract, or diabetes.

Divide and alternates:

Drinking plain warm water 1-2-3 sips of warm water (this process of detoxification, that help your body self-releasing from toxins).
Drink with askorbinku: warm water with lemon can make rose hip, cranberry, raspberry, lime. Tea with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves. Cranberry and cranberry fruit drinks room temperature (three parts fruit mixed with one part sugar to 0, 5 liters of warm water, do not boil!).

Easy calorie food in the morning, at lunch and dinner. With a cold should eat seasonal fruits and vegetables in a salad with olive oil and lemon (no mayonnaise) and toast, fresh or baked. With a strong desire to "eat an elephant" and the possibility of going hungry: rice porridge, buckwheat porridge, oatmeal, light vegetable soup, steamed vegetables. Say "NO": meat, dairy, fried, smoked, cold monokartofelnym dishes as well as cakes, chocolate, sodas, chewing gum, sweets, sandwiches, cigarettes, coffee, black tea).

Honey is your assistant in health. Especially when you regale them separately from the main meal. And under no circumstances should it heat, stir in boiling water. Forget all about such luxuries as hot milk with honey, hot tea with honey.

Following the recommendations, and performing these simple rituals you can get rid of a night light colds,
and from severe acute respiratory disease, SARS disappeared in 2-3 days.
Remember Grandma's Secrets and use. Convey to their children and grandchildren. Together with the family traditions passed worldly wisdom, care, health and love.



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