Skin diseases NO - what diseases are manifested on the skin

Skin - is one of the most mysterious bodies. Good dermatologists say skin diseases do not exist. All the diseases that we see are related to the internal organs. Main skin disease - it's scabies and tick bites. Everything else is associated with bowel disease, lymph and other internal organs.

The skin is the most powerful excretory organs. She saves the body from infection. If there were no lesions on the skin, then it all went to the inside. On the skin pours in fact, pus. Pus - a dead white blood cells from the lysed bacteria. It is of several types. Viral (rash herpes), such eruptions are usually very painful. The virus affects the nervous conductors, which are suitable for the places of rashes.

If something hurts when a rash, it is a virus. Bacteria behave differently. Bacteria are not transparent. If aureus white skin, then it will be white lesions. If this is Staphylococcus aureus, it will be green eels, affecting all five layers of the skin. In one type of skin rash, you can tell what a person bacterium.

In Riga, there was a woman with a skin problem that could not solve 10 years. She had to face a very strong acne. She was treated at all leading cosmetologists, she did several times peels, etc. It turned out she had Staphylococcus aureus. On the skin, the other nothing happens. It knows first-year student. In this case, anti-staphylococcal antibiotics are needed, necessary gamma-globulins.

Worms are not vegetarians. They do not eat fruits and vegetables. If they are not satisfied with the internal environment of man, they leave it. But if a person eats a lot of sugar, it will require worms. We conducted dozens of experiments, when placed in closed corridors, labyrinths jars with sweets. And the cat, which had bovine tapeworm, unerringly found the jar. In other experiments, the cat is the product that is loved bovine tapeworm. It is well established that the parasites are controlled by man in terms of taste preferences. If your child has pinworms, it will be very sweet love, which is the light energy for worms. When a child is cured of worms, it is half reduce the consumption of sugar.

Skin is composed of cells and intercellular spaces, which are free floating mode, and blood vessels that pass through the intercellular space. In the other direction takes the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system - it channels that take the intercellular fluid, clean it

. For example, the skin punctured with something, and got the bacteria. Leukocytes are found in the blood. They do not live in the intercellular space. After vessel wall located leucocytes (macrophages, lymphocytes) and begin to lyse, i.e. destroy bacterial hotbed. As a result, there is pus.

There are two ways to resolve the issue.

First, if the absorbed bacteria lymphocytes, they go through the skin into the lymph or blood. If the abscess is large, then all goes into the lymph.

Why is there a sore throat, a runny nose? Rhinitis is a yield-purulent lymph.

In the lymph node has 10 inputs and one output. The lymph node is divided into sectors. In these sectors, there is a splitting bacteria. Then there is a way out to the top. On the next leg of the next lymph node of the second order, and then the third order, etc. The wider portion korrespondiruemogo intake, the greater the lymph node.

Situation: skin staph emerged. The infection went to the lymph node. Staphylococcus aureus is very difficult to destroy. Lymph node begins to destroy the staphylococci, but he can not cope.

What happens? Very slow outflow. And the nervous system will solve the issue of withdrawal of pus through the skin. There will preparatory conditions, will produce the track. Through this path will go leukocyte mass. There will be a hillock. If the white staphylococcus, the white hillock if gold, the green hillock. There will be a pimple.

If a person starts to squeeze out, it spreads infection throughout the intercellular space. If you scored a second-order node that is a pimple? He will increase. If clogged lymph node further, then the surface will increase even more. If this fungus, the white blood cells will never lead him into the lymphatic system for one simple reason: the fungus comes in orderly rows and connected mycelium, so if leukocyte pull in a lymph node, the lymph node will be blocked if the second lymph node, it will lock the entire lymphatic system. In the body there is a law: a fungal infection always reset through the skin. Therefore, everything that appears on the skin, flaky, cracked, itchy at all locations: on the palms, feet, on the interdigital spaces, on virtually any field, it's a fungal

. Because the lymphatic system of the fungus simply suffocating, dying. Notice where the child diathesis? It is observed in large area of ​​the lymph nodes. It cheeks, flexor surface ladoshechki, wrist, groin folds or buttocks, tummy. Lymph is affected in the area of ​​major lymph nodes.

Diathesis - is not a disease, is a fungal infection, mixed with impaired immunity and dizbakterioz. When diathesis in a child is always a fungus. We are wrong to call it an allergy. Allergies - is the wrong reaction to foreign proteins. But not the fact that these proteins go through the skin. But mushrooms always go through the skin. In immunocompromised children with bowel dizbakterioz developing fungal infection.

Mushrooms may be different from candida and ending aspergeliusami. If plus the struck lymph system, then there are bronchitis. We never say - the triad. First, adenoids, ie glands of the nose, then the amygdala - a larynx lymph nodes, then joins abstruktivny chronic bronchitis and is the fourth stage of bronchial asthma, and the child goes to a disability

. And it all begins with a banal diathesis. As soon as the skin is no longer cope, connect the other excretory system. There are three entry systems: respiratory, digestive and urinary plus skin. And five - exit. It turns out that skin diseases through the skin to heal is useless. Everything that is connected with ointments, cosmetologists - is not effective. Effectively:. Internal cleaning and antibacterial program

We have already said that psychology plays a role. Food plays a role. The lack of water and the presence of toxic fluids (juice, cocoa, tea, artificial juices), parasites, viruses, bacteria, drugs, heredity (birth mother transmits certain types of viruses, bacteria, such as papillomavirus).

There are 10 types of papillomavirus and 6 kantseragenov.

Carcinogenic types papilomovirusa cause cancer. If a lot of moles, warts from human skin, which means that the organism is present in the viral agent. By reducing the risk of immunity arises a serious problem of cancer pathology.

The skin is very strongly protected. If papilomovirus lands on the mucous membrane (larynx, urethra, the vagina in women, the cervix), the process is exacerbated tenfold. If someone knows that he has produced a large number of moles, this tendency leads to polyposis. Polyposis dangerous cervix, uterus, stomach. Therefore, it is necessary to remove polyps or to conduct laser antiviral program.

Moles can not be irradiated, it is impossible to massage, cut, tear. They need to coagulate. There are cases when after taking the sulfur Microhydrin within six months, there is a massive resorption moles.

Sulfur has a potent antiviral effect, it is necessary to take one capsule three times a day. But more is necessary to stimulate the immune system - is shark liver oil and Activin (Activin). We found it by accident. Nobody planned that a person will be a mole. After six months of reception of sulfur for other reasons (arthritis, osteochondrosis) about two dozen people report a significant decrease in moles. They just disappear.

What preparations for the skin? There are standard circuits.

Food. It should be 80% vegetarian and contain bowel tissue to maintain cleanliness. Even with a simple children's diathesis need to drink only water, it is advisable not chlorinated.

Survey: Blood ELISA Giardia, opisthorchis, 6 types papilomovirusa carcinogenic for toxocariasis and candida. On the other types of fungi are not examined.

Ospergilius Mushroom - it is a serious problem. It affects the bronchi. Every fifth inhabitant of the planet suffer from candidiasis.

Highlight individual physicians called kandidologami. Unfortunately, the white blood cells lack the enzyme that dissolves the candida and candida organism to virtually defenseless. If the immune system copes with viruses, it can not cope with candida. All that a child on the mucosal thrush, stomatitis - it's candida. In no case can not use chemical antibiotics. Bacteria fungi are in different compartments, and fungi feed antibiotics. If a person takes antibiotics (except the bark of the tree ant), it multiplies the fungus.

Skin treated for six months. It is necessary to work the entire complex, ie, psychology, food, water, hold 2-3 antiparasitic program.

Antiparasitic program consists of 3 parts:

antifungal, antibacterial, antiparasitic.

Then there is a rehabilitation: alfalfa, vitamins A, E, zinc, selenium, sulfur. Sulfur is a protein that supports the skin. This protein called methionine. Collagens are composed of sulfur. Sulphur we get very little. It is in the green peas, soya bean group. Many people do not like these foods. Therefore, we do not get enough sulfur from food, which leads to accelerated aging, sagging skin.

skin turgor depends on the quality of the collagen fibers, and they depend on the sulfur. That, as ticks - is demodekoz.

What is artificial antibiotic? Scientists have tried to spy on how natural products act on the bacteria. Some natural products cleave membrane which is blocking enzymes which deprive a bacterium reproduction. All antibiotics are divided into classes. We have reproduced part of natural antibiotics. Viewed as acts garlic, iodine. We know the mechanisms, such as the nature of fighting. Synthesized in different groups of antibiotics. But nature is wiser than we are, so it is advisable to take all that nature has thought, in any case, it is safe for living body and is detrimental to viruses and bacteria.

The skin does not pass through itself krupnomolekulyarnyh fats. Therefore, 80% of the skin creams do not pass. If the problem was solved, the medicine was not intravenous and oral administration of drugs. All would be rubbed on the skin. Why was it necessary to destroy the digestive tract bacteria? We would take an antibiotic, they smeared the entire surface of the skin with a cream, and everything would have been inside. But nothing like this. Skin itself does not pass through anything. If we put it in jam for two hours or manure. That did not happen. We will separately manure alone.

If the skin has absorbing factor, we would have sucked, like a sponge, everything that is bad. The skin has a powerful barrier that does not miss anything. But, unfortunately, it misses toxic substances: acetone, chlorine

. Against chemical toxins skin does not fit, but natural toxins, it does not pass. It is very good. Because they buy in the water, has caught the bacteria, he sat on the grass, collected everything that was on the grass. If the skin is not broken, then people do not get sick, and the fungus, although it is entirely within the fungal atmosphere. And if there are small scratches, spots, erosion, then everything gets inside.

Author: Olga Butakova


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