Psychosomatics: the Back is the place where we put all that we have no desire to watch


Spin is an interesting mixture of characters and values. On the one hand, this is the place where we put all that we have no desire to watch, or that you don't need to see anyone else, on the other hand, is our "garbage dump" where we bury those feelings and experiences that caused pain and confusion.

We can't see our back and so like an ostrich, believing that if he stuck his head in the sand and not see what is going on around, it's all right. Then we complain about a "bad back" as if she were guilty of something! But she not only plays the role of a "garbage dump" in the back contains the spine, the most important part of the internal structure of the mind body, the basis of our being, the skeleton on which the body is built.

The spine

This vertebrae set is our most Central inner energy and corresponds with our highest spiritual aspirations. The spine serves as the bulwark of all other parts of the body. It makes us strong and confident or gives us a "spineless". It connects with all the diverse aspects of our being through the skeleton, Central nervous system and circulation system of blood flowing from the brain to other parts of the body. In this way every thought, feeling, event, reaction and impression "imprinted" in the spine and in the corresponding parts of the body.

Many branches of medicine are paying attention to this area. For example, manual therapy focused on the spine, "technology changes" — spinal reflexes. These systems take into account the fact that through the spine to reach all parts of our body and influence them.


The spine is the first part of the physical body, which is formed after conception; it develops and all the rest of the body. Therefore, it reflects our commitment to the incarnation, the entry into existence. The development of consciousness during pregnancy, according to the prenatal model, going through the spine.

This model tracks the development from conception to the level of the neck before birth at the level of the genital organs; what is happening here, movement is a form of maturation as the movement of energy down along the spine. At the same time reflects the spine and the chakra system and the energy of the Kundalini from the base of the spine rises up.

Upper back

Under the upper part of the back, we mean the region located below the level of the shoulders to the base of the blades. Since this area reflects the period of postacute or stage an internal and personal development, and outstanding issues that we accumulate here, are inextricably bound up with our feelings or confusion in relation to themselves. In this area we are able to Express the heart chakra and the energy of love through the arms and hands.

Back closed such aspects as love and warmth in relation to another personwhich we cannot Express, and therefore hide, or Vice versa, irritation and indifference, which we want to avoid. These feelings are looking for a way out, but if they consistently ignore or deny it, then they will accumulate and manifest as anger and rage.

Tense muscles forming the "armor" in the upper back, often full of rage, which was directed at himself, but then projected outwards in relation to someone else. This can be seen in "widow's hump" — the formation of soft tissue in the upper back, a characteristic largely older women. It indicates the accumulation of anger and resentment, who had for many years of expression; it indicates the onset of old age and the loss of the meaning and purpose of life.

Upper back is closely linked with the shoulders and energy, which is expressed in this region, as described earlier. Therefore, the pain and tension that occur here are related to frustration and irritation due to the fact that we are engaged not in what would really like to do, contrary to their ambitions and aspirations.

Inevitably, this is due to the fact that we cut off ourselves from the true inner desires and "bury" them in the back, perhaps because they seem to be unacceptable or contrary to what is expected from us. Releasing hidden anger and disappointment, we may also disclose your hidden ambitions and aspirations. As this area belongs to the first stage of development after conception, so it appears as a manifestation of our internal goals. This can mean just finding your way in life, but at a higher level it may mean exemption from temptation and power of the material world, a realization of his spiritual destiny.


Middle back

This is a small back area in the projection of the solar plexus, which often happens in balance. It is the period of the appearance of the first signs of fetal movements, i.e. the time in fetal development when there is a shift in consciousness from self-awareness to realize that is not "I". In other words, it is similar to the axis of the swing, the balance between the inner, personal aspects of our beings with the outside public. When this area is open and functioning, then we are free to Express their inner feelings and give depth and meaning to their world. When it is closed or blocked, it indicates the obstacle, energy confinement, which should be free to run out, or the fear of self-expression; it can be an unwillingness to release the energy in an external direction due to the fact that we feel safe when hidden inside it.

Since the downward movement is part of the maturation process, there is a natural point of freezing, point hold energy that reflects our inner resistance to aging, denial of responsibility, or their own mortality. Here we must move from self to the relationship, and this means that we must learn to resolve the issues inherent in Mature age.

This is also an area of the third chakra, the source associated with power and self-determination. Therefore, disharmony in this part of the spine or back may indicate associated with power games or conflicts, which are often activated in the process of finding themselves and their place in the world. Our spiritual energy naturally goes up to experience exalted States, but our ego does everything to stop it! The temptations and hidden perspectives of power is extremely attractive; once knowing them, it's hard to say no. At the same time, this energy is closely connected with corruption and deceit. The goal of our spiritual journey is to rise above these temptations.

Lower back

This area extends from projection of the solar plexus to the coccyx and represents the final maturation before birth. When studying cases of pain in the lower back it turned out that they often appear in situations that remind us that we are aging: in the days of the 60 - or 70-year anniversaries, marriage anniversaries, Proms, children, out from their homes, retirement.

Although the cause of back pain is usually considered back-breaking yard work or lifting weights, but it is more likely that the weakness of this region is already present and only manifests itself at high load. This weakness is inevitably associated with resistance to growing up and aging in the context of social relationships. The West is particularly evident in the desire to live long and stay young and energetic for as long as possible. I can't give tips on how to grow old with dignity, to preserve Mature wisdom.published


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