PSYCHOSOMATICS — the-Shoulder: a contradiction between what we NEED and what we really WANT

The shoulders represent the deepest aspect of energy actions, expressing our thoughts and feelings about what and how we do it if we're doing what we want, or do something reluctantly and how we are treated by others.

The shoulders represent the transition from conception to implementation, that is, the action. Here we carry the weight of the world and the responsibility for it, because now we have already acquired their physical form and need to experience all features of life.

Shoulders is also the place where you Express the emotional energy of the heart, which then manifests itself through the hands and arms (hugs and affection). It is here to develop our desire to create, to Express themselves and create.

The closer to ourselves we keep these feelings and conflicts, the more tense and constrained our shoulders. How many of us do in life what you want?

Do we freely Express our love and care?

If we embrace exactly who you want to hug?

Do we want to live a full life or would prefer rather closed and inward?

Are we afraid to be yourself, act freely, to do what we want?

To justify the containment itself, we lay upon our shoulders an even greater internal stress, which manifests in guilt and fear.

As a result, adapting to these emotions, the muscles are deformed. This is illustrated by the stooped shoulderswho can not withstand the load of life's problems or guilt for the actions committed by us in the past.

We highly keep shoulder tension due to fear or anxiety.

If the shoulders are pulled back, and his chest is thrown forward, so we want to show itself on the outside. The back will be weak and crooked.

The muscles correspond to the mental energy, and very often the energy gets stuck in the shoulder area, because we have many of the same desires that we hold. The tension prevailing on the left side, is associated with the feminine in our lives: maybe we are not fully manifested himself as a woman or we are concerned about our communication with women. It also reflects our feelings, their ability to Express the creative side of our lives. The tension in the right side has more to do with virility, aggression and power. It is the managing and operating party that assumes all responsibility. It will reflect our activities and relationships with men.


The shoulders help to Express their attitude: we shrug our shoulders if we don't know what to do, turn away if you don't want someone to communicate, reason shoulder is often a sign of invitation, including to sex. "Frozen" shoulder can indicate someone's coldness towards us or our own — emotions "freeze", not having to expression.

Broken shoulder reflects a deeper conflict about the violation of profound power, when the contradiction between what we plan or need to do, and what we really want, is unbearable. published


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