10 reasons to have children after 30 years

The word "late" is no scare, but the phrase "shotgun marriage", on the contrary frightens. Do not try to time to jump into the departing train, when the next is on the way. The modern world dictates its own rules, and we, it seems, is to accept them and accept.

But what certainly should not do is panic if you don't have time to give birth "on time". All the time. To help you 10 reasons why having children after 30 years is a good idea.

1. Later, the kids are more talented

This was the conclusion reached by scientists. In addition, they are more mentally and emotionally developed compared with peers whose mothers are young.

2. Moms over 30 are more responsible

According to psychologists, after 30 years of maternal instinct in women prevails over material desires. Accordingly, they are much more serious about pregnancy.

3. Dad after 35 more responsible

After the age of 30-35 years of a child brings not only mom but also dad. This is due to the fact that men after age 35 is much stronger tied to the family.

4. Childbirth after 30 healthy

It turns out that women after childbirth, lowers cholesterol, so the risk of stroke is significantly reduced. Plus, the easier it is menopause, and late menopause occurs. Even the aging process occur more slowly.

5. The ideal age for childbirth

Recently American doctors say that the ideal age of motherhood has increased to 34 years. It was at this time provides an optimal balance between the health of the woman and her possessions.

6. Medicine does not stand still

Medicine in our days is familiar with many techniques to preserve and safely allow the pregnancy to the woman of almost any age.

7. This is a planned pregnancy

After 30 years, as a rule, the child born as a result of planned and long-awaited pregnancy.

8. Psychological readiness

It is proved that if a physiologically optimal time for delivery comes around the age of 22 years, psychologically and emotionally, a woman is ready for motherhood about 10 years later, that is just in the 30-32 years.

9. Financial stability

To 30 years the woman already has certain material base and stability. The lack of financial alarm – ideal conditions during pregnancy and in the first year of baby's life.


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10. A strong relationship

The relationship with the partner passed the test of time. You already know what each other expect and family roles distributed. You learned to support and comfort each other, and it is very useful in pregnancy and in the first years of the baby.published



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