N. In.Startseva: Obstetric aggression

Report at the IV International Congress "Young generation of the XXI century: actual problems of social-psychological health" (Kirov, September 2009)


I am the representative of the most conservative branches of medicine (healing), if such can be attributed to midwifery. How was it that at the turn of the new Millennium, following the progress and scientific "discoveries», civilization has made childbirth dangerous?

Obstetrics, particularly domestic, was accused of backwardness. In fact, it is the primitive natural. Everything flows. And the woman gives birth the old–fashioned way, slowly, back through the pelvis (birth canal), the same biomechanical laws laid down by nature, nothing can change.

Forty six million six hundred seventy six thousand four hundred forty three

Hurry in childbirth is and has always been unnatural and against the law, according to Mother nature is extremely dangerous. The head of the child as an object of childbirth, with its evolutionary adaptive characteristics — the presence of the suture and fontanelles cannot withstand the acceleration (of progress) the birth, she simply "break".

Why midwives calmly state that the duration of delivery for a century halved? This is an ill omen. Has doubled birth injuries to the mother and newborn (torn crotch, neck, broken clavicle, the bones of the skull).

Compared to a slight decrease in perinatal mortality, patients now being born 2/3 of the children, and not only with abnormalities of somatic organs, but defeat and intrapartum (during childbirth) of the Central nervous system hypoxic-traumatic Genesis or fetal and nosocomial infection, DEEP prematurity.

Since 1993 in Russia was marked by negative demographic potential – the death rate exceeds the birth rate, not even the slightest tendency to the increase of population.

Try: the government, introducing a new progressive laws, increasing material costs, introducing a system of patrimonial certificates. Trying to improve the system of prenatal care in the LCD. Annually holds symposiums, conferences, devoted to scientific and practical issues relevant pathological obstetrics. Arguing which system is safer – hospital births high-risk or natural childbirth at home, in the pool. Prove the benefits of alternative prenatal.

The population is also waking up, women want to be mothers, and men are trying their best. Touching concern for the family focused on the pregnancy and good outcome of childbirth.

Studied the progressive experience of developed countries that have achieved significant success in the maternity care system. They teach us Americans in the joint Russian-American project "Mother and child", hand us the title "Hospital, benevolent to the child" in hospital practice group births in the family, encouraged breastfeeding, rooming-in of mother and child, early discharge from hospital, who sends us their directives… "Everything was in confusion in the oblonskys...".

But going to birth as a holiday, everyone forgot that Birth is a natural involuntary act (just like a bowel movement). Childbirth is very hard work, as for the mother and her born child (primarily) and all the participants of this physiological act, occurring not by the will of the DOCTOR, I want to emphasize its modest role, and the will of the powerful Nature.

Choice, alternative script DELIVERY does not belong to the doctor and not the woman giving birth. The birth process occurs naturally. And as said one doctor: "the woman to choose the method of delivery has the taste of betrayal". What she knows, "perforado", birth, what pitfalls lie in wait for her, sometimes the doctor does not involve.

Therefore, in obstetrics there should be a system of signatures on a consent and responsibility must always take the doctor. Therefore, not every doctor can become an Ob / GYN.

Why everyone working in the field of obstetrics, not "hears" a woman's body, dispassionately trying to "improve" the centuries-old mechanism of nature? Who is allowed to interfere unceremoniously to prepare the cervix for ripening, open the SAC, and thus disrupt the subtle mechanism of the preparation of the birth canal? Is just the beginning, "according to the adopted in the obstetric establishment Protocol": open the SAC, as the broken mechanism of labor pains, it may become convulsive, frequent, or disappear, to be unproductive.

For this unlawful act will be followed by the stimulation of oxytocin, prostaglandins, and these are super strong uterotonics, which will lead to uncontrolled contraction, disruption of fetal heart rate (distress) will speed up the labor. The active phase is dramatically shortened, the child will begin to move through the unprepared birth canal, tearing the muscles and ligaments, broken mechanism of rotation (it was) and, in the end, injured the head or collarbone and arms of the child.

The doctor and midwife know about all that, but there comes a trance state when you want this tormentor soon broke through the vulvar ring. «Give! Give!"shouts the midwife. «Give!"— says the doctor, pressing on the muscles by bending the knees and hips with incredible force. And then, at the height of attempts (all shout!) is born with a cry baby.

In the first minute needs to be in accordance with inexplicable "Protocol" to quickly enter the 10 UNITS of oxytocin (to reduce the uterus and separating the placenta), why the need for such a downright cosmic velocity? The woman is reluctant, not understanding, agrees, and sometimes her consent and did not ask. Immediately cut the umbilical cord between the clamps "Hold, drank the blood!"Sending a child to the mother's breast, the midwife grabs the cut of the umbilical cord and begins to pull – KTP (without waiting for any any signs that the placenta has separated, it is violently and aggressively pulls the cord end). This procedure at all times was banned (until you see signs of separation of placenta). Begins to leak blood (not water). And, finally, to the 4-5th min of the last already "sick".

Summary of "Protocol delivery»:

  • 40% — accelerating childbirth by amniotomy and oxytocin;
  • up to 30% of operative deliveries – caesarean section, and for the most part – due to the start of fetal suffering (distress);
  • 98% — active management of the third stage of labor (oxytocin);
  • up to 7% of massive (more than 1 liter) of major obstetric haemorrhage requiring massive infusion-transfusion therapy in intensive care and even surgical removal of the uterus.

Due to obstetric aggression – high birth injuries, high septic morbidity in postpartum women and newborns – the conquest of civilization of the 21st century in obstetrics!

It's all over, until next time. It is difficult to say whether they want the woman to experience it all again. As her child, and she will cope with this trauma in childbirth? They want the husband to see his wife thrown to the wolves again?

Probably best not to expose her, a young healthy woman, the risk, what are the modern birth? In the end, is the operative delivery – cesarean section. The wife of Congressman Kennedy 13 times gave birth through cesarean section. In modern, this unstable world to live without children, the offspring too, is different.

Modern scholars, A., meneghetti, for example (1993), believe that the restriction of motherhood due to the need of self-realization of women as individuals. It turns out that not only social adaptation, the institution of marriage, but doctors now dictate the woman to have or not to have children.

We will add more modern methods of hormonal contraception among young, nulliparous women. This is the advice of doctors-specialists (for safe pregnancy sex).

Yes, in the modern world, motherhood has suddenly become the alternative to that is a woman, as a luxury.


For those who have not only mind, but heart.

Eighteen million six hundred fifty two thousand six hundred forty seven

1. The birth of man is the fundamental law of Nature and change the course of childbirth it is impossible.

2. The alternative to natural childbirth a person may only be a C-section.

3. Any physician, midwife, the state as a whole can improve obstetric "care", i.e. to improve the quality of pregnancy and childbirth (including a separate delivery room, the latest equipment, separate the individual midwife and doctor).

4. But no doctor, including the management of obstetric institutions, the management and the Ministry of health has no right to deviate from the natural course of labour, to accelerate, to slow down during the generative process, to produce premature and early opening membranes, stimulate contractions, to racoviteanu, rodoviaria, to appoint with the purpose of stimulation of labor activity oxytocin, prostaglandins etc. of uterotonic funds.

5. Any interference in the course of physiological pregnancy and natural childbirth (pharmacological, mechanical) should be considered as the infraction of human laws of birth.

6. No single leader, Minister, a senior specialist in obstetrics and gynecology may not order the amendment of the law of the flow of natural childbirth. The existence of local and national instructions for the management of pregnancy and childbirth, "protocols" that violate the natural course of labor, is illegal.

7. The requirement of consent of the woman to change the tactics of birth: Radovana, opening membranes, use of oxytocin to enhance delivery, active management of 3rd stage of labour (unnatural oxytocin immediately after birth of a child) is illegal, and the act of a woman's consent has no legal force, as violated no civil laws, and the fundamental law of the Nature of a person's birth.

8. All these attempts of medicine to protect yourself from an accident do not relate to obstetrics, when a violation of the fundamental law of the Nature of a person's birth. Midwifery is not medicine, this service.

9. Obstetric institution that systematically violates the laws of procreation, should lose their licenses on the provision of obstetric care.

10. Vozovskogo programs, projects "Mother and child" are created at different levels for different countries and have different goals. One should not forget his centuries of experience, including domestic and obstetrics.

11. The aggressive vandalism has no place in obstetrics; the phenomenon of violence should not dominate the areas of obstetrics, which is the basis of sustaining life.published 


Author: N. In.Startseva, Professor of Perm State medical Academy


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