How to cheat gynecologists

The author of the book "an Honest conversation with Russian gynecologist", candidate of medical science, gynecologist Dmitry Lubnin told about how "women doctors" deceive their patients.
Thirty million five hundred forty one thousand seven hundred ninety four

– Dmitry, please tell us what "women's" disease, it is not necessary to treat?

– The vast majority of gynaecologists are very much exaggerate and scare his patients. Often after visiting the doctor the women come out with horror in her eyes and with one question: why me, and what I could get? It is actually not so bad, and half of the diseases detected at the reception, do not need to treat it

In Russia there are three things over which laugh in the world: we have the diagnosis of "dysbiosis", we treat cervical erosion and maintain pregnancy from the first trimester. These three things do not in any civilized country in the world.

Cervical erosion is a condition that try not to touch anywhere in the world, with the exception of two situations. If there are surface blood vessels, the damage of which during sexual intercourse leads to bleeding (after intercourse, spotting). In this case, erosion cauterize.

The second point is that the growing epithelium produces too much mucus and the woman complains that she has many regular white discharge.

In all other cases, this condition is observed, conduct cytological analysis of uterine cervix, evaluate the cervix. Burn all in a row erosion is not necessary, it is even bad. The surface blood vessels, contact bleeding or excessive allocation there are a small number of women with this condition.

While the annual turnover of the clinics involved in the treatment of cervical erosion, is huge, because erosion is almost all women.

The second is an endless treatment Ureaplasma and Mycoplasma. These microorganisms are transient, that is, they periodically live in the genital tract of both men and women. They are absolutely not dangerous, do not lead to infertility, nor miscarriage or other complications.

Treated also harshly treated "heavy" broad-spectrum antibiotics for many days and weeks.

It is not necessary to treat the human papilloma virus. It is not treated. No drug in the world that would influence him. And it is treated by some antiviral drugs, immunomodulators, droppers, injections. Most interesting is that the vast majority of these drugs never passed any serious clinical trials, and nobody knows what will be the consequences of their application.

Is Gardasil effective?

– Need to distinguish between treatment when the drug sought to eliminate existing disease and vaccination. "Gardasil" is a vaccine. It creates immunity and does not get infected with HPV, so it must be applied prior to sexual activity. A condom does not protect against HPV, and almost all are infected, only the immune system should handle and finish the story.

What else are treated for uterine fibroids, for example, very radically and harshly treated patients, we often suggest surgical treatment, removal of the uterus. Although in some cases surgery is not needed, sometimes this condition can even become pregnant, but here our doctors are also trying everything possible "to treat".

There is another very interesting disease, not a disease even, and the condition is cysts of the cervix. It's absolutely safe little bubbles, which are formed on the cervix caused by clogging of the ducts. Their open, operate.

We any cyst trying to operate ahead of time. There are certain cysts that resolve themselves in less than a month. It is not necessary to operate with endometrioid ovarian cysts less than 2 centimeters, because the operation itself will be more detrimental to the ovary than the impact of a cyst: after the intervention of the ovary often loses its activity.

It is not necessary to treat cicatricial deformity of the cervix, postpartum small gaps. Our gynaecologists they are also trying to clean up, believing that this somehow has an effect on the body.

– How can a woman find your gynecologist, your doctor?

– To each his own. You know, I have a situation coming to me on reception the patient, and I said, "We're not right for each other". Because every woman needs a gynecologist. One need quite a strong-willed doctor, who will say, "Well, what are you doing here? Let's sit down, drink..." – firmly with her talking. Somebody needs a gynecologist who will tell all who will explain and she will understand why the doctor is doing something. The first patient of this gynecologist is not needed.

I have women who say, "Why are you telling me this? I came, I have an itch, what should I drink? This? I went".

There are those for whom coming to the gynecologist – just a reason to talk about her, about women. They don't like the gynecologist-man, because it is impossible to discuss the new boots. So you have to wonder what you want from the doctor, and then look for your gynecologist.

– Many patients are interested in the details of the diseases, you want to know why they are ordering tests?

– I have your arrival: women come to me not because it is written: "gynecology", and they wanted to know what kind of doctor works here.

– People who came to me from my website, read the information I provide. That is, by and large, people who are interested in your disease, I want all to understand and participate in the treatment process. Yes, of course, sometimes come across patients who just advised me, but it turns out that they need a doctor of another type.

– Do you think that every woman needs to understand such basic issues of his health?

Answer: Yes. But will not. Some women don't even want to be interested in how they work. Something down there, something to wash away. I sometimes take the mirror to explain there are some moments and show: here, at low sexual lip so-and-so... — "no, doctor, I show! Cure." And there are those who are interested.

– Dmitry, You will not fear the judgment of our peers? In the medical environment is very developed feeling of comradeship, collegiality, and all try each other to get up the mountain and not to reveal their secrets.

– We are not engaged in quackery. That is for our "professional secrets"? How to dissolve the patient? I believe that this is a criminal case.

Of course, now there are separate categories of commercial doctors (they appeared in the last decade), the only advantage of which is the ability to breed patients. These doctors make a lot of money: they know how to prescribe excessive tests and treatment, send patients for all sorts of drips and machines and other unnecessary procedures. They are commercially successful, but to medicine have nothing.

How many doctors, so many opinions – this is nonsense. If we have a consultation, we can Express the opinion: that the patient has a combination of one disease with the other, she so many years, she's still there 15 weeks pregnant and here we sit and think, to operate on her now, or wait a while, or even let she gives birth. This is called exchange of medical opinions.

There can be one doctor's opinion "I treat cervical erosion so" and the other "I do not fly." This is some basic knowledge based on evidence-based medicine. May not be for everyone different. This is something I want to compete.

– How do you feel about sex education?

– Very positively. It is necessary to carry out the age 14, or even 9, as in all civilized countries. There are different programs both in America and in Europe. These programs I have seen, they are slightly not for our mentality…

Although children do not understand what "our mentality", so there is something just to speak on such topics. This adult reading the West recommendations, having a very Puritan consciousness, begin to come in horror. If 9-year-old boy or girl to explain about the fact that there is a uterus, ovaries, sperm, nothing bad will happen.

Why do we hide from the 14-year-old boy or girl that there is erection and ejaculation, if it is they have going on? As the boy to live with, where to go if he wakes up in the morning, and he happens to be chubby? Probably, normally written in the Handbook, which will be explained to them that this is a physiological phenomenon, it occurs at all, and do not be afraid of these moments. And the girl is menstruating. She must understand that she can now get pregnant.

This is a terrible deception, when we are ready to shut eyes to sex education, nothing about him to speak and count, that way we can protect children from anything. There is the same story as with other prohibitions. Forbid abortion – obtain a criminal abortion, prohibited alcohol – derived surrogate. That is all that is prohibited, ultimately, the flip side is so hard on this that, strictly speaking, it's not necessary to do.



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