10 medical mysteries that science can not yet solve

Secrets of our telaMeditsina constantly evolving. New vaccines and treatments reached an incredible level, and millions of people around the world have successfully cured of the disease, which a century ago were regarded as God's curse. But today, doctors are faced with real medical mystery.

1. A woman who hears her moving glazaLankashir, England

Julie Redfern Lancashire 8 years ago played in the popular computer game Tetris, and heard a funny squeaking sound. It was unclear how the sound appears as Julie did not understand that the peep is heard every time she moves eyes. It turns out, she heard the sound of their own movements of the eyeballs. A few years later, Julie found that she could also hear running through the veins of her blood. The sound of chewing was for her the most so loud she could not hear the conversation at the table. Worst of all was the fact that the disease has become so serious that her eyes were literally shaking in their sockets when the phone rang. Julie was diagnosed SCDS (superior syndrome uncovering channel). This is a very rare disease in which the bones of the inner ear become less dense, which is why the rumor becomes extremely sensitive. Medicine learned about the disease in the 1990s, and the first operation on the return of normal hearing was made just Julie. Doctors have successfully restored normal hearing one of her ear, and this gives hope for a cure and the other ear.

2. A boy who does not feel golodaSidar Falls, Iowa

Twelve Landon Jones woke up one morning in 2013, without his usual appetite. He felt very tired - it racked up a steady cough. The parents took him to the hospital, where doctors found an infection in the left lung boy. Soon managed to defeat the infection, and the boy's health, at first glance, it's back to normal. However, after leaving the hospital appetite for it never returned. Because of the lack of desire to eat and drink Landon quickly lost before his family realized what was happening. By the time a teenager has lost 16 kilograms.

Doctors do not know exactly what blocks from Landon feeling of hunger and thirst. After an illness his parents showed medical experts in five cities, but to no avail. All they can say - Landon, perhaps, the only person on the planet with this disease.

Now the boy need to be constantly reminded that he ate and drank. Even the teachers have developed the habit of checking whether it accepts food and drink, it is still in school.

Currently, doctors are studying possible ways to treat, and are working to find out whether there can be at Landon dysfunction of the hypothalamus, which controls just our perception of hunger and thirst. The exact cause of the disease Landon at the moment is a mystery.

3. mysteriously paralyzed devochkaTampa Florida

In November 2013 the mother of nine-year Marys Hryvnia daughter drove to the hospital to get vaccinated against the flu. A Christmas this little girl is already celebrated in his wheelchair and was not able to talk as much as before.

Three days after the flu shot Marys could not get up in the morning. She also did not work and talk. Terrified parents took the child to the hospital. Doctors diagnosed her daughter acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM). The disease begins when the immune system attacks the myelin sheath that surrounds the nerves in the brain and spinal cord. White matter in the brain and spine without myelin becomes extremely vulnerable. Once the shell is damaged, there may be paralysis and blindness.

Doctors can not confirm or deny the accusation of parents that the cause of her illness - flu shot, made shortly before. Charles and Steven hryvnia conducted extensive research and refuse to believe that the vaccine is not to blame. Medical experts have confirmed that the exact cause of ADEM is unknown and that the results of several tests made Marys, in fact, not informative in terms of identifying the reasons for which the girl was ill.

The future looks bleak for the Marys, even though doctors believe there is little chance of the reversibility of symptoms.

4. Girls weeping kamnyamiYemen

Earlier this year, a resident of Yemen, Mohammad Saleh Al-Dzhaharani was very surprised when his eight-year old daughter began to cry Saadia tiny stones instead of tears.

In Saadia eleven brothers and sisters, but she is the only one of its kind. No one is able to put Saadia diagnosis, despite the fact that doctors can not find anything unusual in her eyes.

In the same area lives another girl with a similar problem. Fifteen Sebura Hassan al-Fedzhia experienced the same strange symptoms, but she had another problem - every day she lost consciousness at least for a few hours. Seburu surveyed in Jordan and seemingly cured.

But, unfortunately, with Saad's different - the doctors who examined her, could not help her. Locals in the village whispered that the girl can be possessed or cursed.

In an interview with reporters Saadia's father said that sometimes she cries and normal tears and stones usually appear at the end of the day and night. Fortunately, she was not in pain, even though sometimes from her eyes the day comes to hundreds of small stones.

5. The 12 girls with the same mysterious simptomamiLeRoy, New York

Many would call it a case of mass hysteria, but when 12 girls from high school in New York City were the same strange symptoms, doctors were forced, albeit unsuccessfully, to seek an explanation.

One day in 2011, after a short sleep is one of the schoolgirls, Thera Sanchez, woke up not to listen to her limbs and vocal tics. Never before has it happened anything like this, especially the strange verbal outbursts, because of which, apparently, she was suffering Tourette's syndrome - myoclonic twitch muscles of the face, neck and shoulder girdle.

The strangest thing turned out to be the fact that even in 11 other girls from the same high school were the same symptoms. A neurologist diagnosed all girls conversion disorder. Simply put, it is believed that the incident was a case of mass hysteria.

Other doctors believe that the main factor behind these strange symptoms were stress. However, the two mothers, including the mother of Tera, did not believe the study doctors. Even after health officials made sure that the school did not have anything that would cause the girls disgust or aversion, these two mothers did not provide evidence of the investigation and they were not satisfied with its results.

During a media interview, Tera was still suffering from convulsions, stuttering and verbal outbursts, uncontrollable. Until now, no satisfactory explanation for the incident have not been given.

6. The girl who does not starelaReysterstaun, Maryland

By the time Brooke Greenberg died at age 20, she never learned to speak and could only move in a wheelchair. Even getting older, her body refused to grow old. At the time of the death of Brooke mental abilities were identical mental abilities baby and she was still the size of a child.

Scientists and doctors have not found an explanation of the disease Brook. It was a "miracle child" from the birth: experienced some stomach ulcers and stroke, she was also a brain tumor, it plunged to sleep for two weeks. When Brooke finally woke up, the tumor disappeared. Doctors were at a loss.

The way the body of the girl was developing in those years, it was also very strange. At age 16, she still had baby teeth, but the bones correspond to the structure of the bones of 10-year-old child. She learned of his siblings and express joy.

Retired medical examiner University of Florida Medical School Richard F. Walker set a goal of his life to find out what hides this medical mystery, known as Syndrome X. It examines all such cases, including a girl of eight years, which weighs only 5 kg, and 29-year-old a man with the body of a boy.

7. A woman who regained zrenieOklend, New Zealand

In New Zealand resident Lisa Reid had no hope of restoring vision after his loss in 11 years. But at the age of 24 she accidentally hit her head, and the next morning woke up with normal vision.

As a child, Lisa was diagnosed with a tumor that was pressing so hard on her optic nerve, she lost her sight. The doctors could not do anything for Lisa, who learned to live with their disease and to be assisted by a guide dog.

We can say that it was Amy, a guide dog has helped restore sight to Lisa. One night in 2000, Lisa knelt to kiss before bedtime your favorite dog. Trying to reach out to Amy, she hit her head on the coffee table.

Lisa does not attach importance mild headache and went to bed, but when I woke up the next morning, the darkness before his eyes disappeared. She could see as clearly as a child. Fourteen years later, Lisa still sees.

8. The boy, who can not open rotOttava Canada

Tetanus - a fairly common disease among dogs, but last year a similar case of a newborn child has puzzled doctors in a hospital in Ottawa.

Little Wyatt, born in June 2013, was unable to open her mouth to scream. So he spent the first three months of life in hospital while doctors tried to figure out how to help him. In the end, the doctors sent the little boy home and told his parents that their son had the disease there is no apparent reason.

During the following months Wyatt six times was on the verge of suffocation. His saliva accumulate in the mouth and blocked airways, because he was not able to drool, as most babies.

Medical experts have used Botox to try to relax the jaw Wyatt, and it helped a little bit to reveal the baby's mouth. However, the problem is still relevant, because the risks associated with these diseases is likely to increase as he gets older.

In June this year at the Wyatt gala dinner in honor of the first birthday had to eat through a feeding tube. His parents also noticed that the child can not blink with both eyes simultaneously. Doctors continue to conduct research in the hope that a solution still exists a.

9. Woman with a new aktsentomOntario Canada

In 2006, a strange feeling of confusion and weakness caused Rosemary Dore to go to the nearest hospital. She suffered a stroke that affected the left hemisphere of her brain.

Before hospitalization Dore spoke with a southern accent his native Ontario. Everyone was surprised when one day she suddenly began talking to the Eastern Canadian accent. The doctors decided that due to a stroke Rosemary Dore appeared foreign accent syndrome, which appeared likely due to brain injury.

Further study of history has shown that it has slowed down, and Dora began to change right before she had a stroke.

The experts who conducted extensive research in this area, noted that the world was about 60 confirmed cases of foreign accent syndrome. One of the first was a woman from Norway, which was wounded by shrapnel bomb during World War II. Immediately after the injury, she suddenly began to speak with a German accent.

10. The girl who does not feel boliBig Lake, Minnesota

When Gebbi Dzhingras was a little girl, she always stick your fingers in your own eyes. One of her eyeballs eventually had to be removed. It also crippled himself three fingers, as they are constantly chewing.

The girl suffers from an extremely rare disease that made her insensitive to pain. By the age of seven, she was forced to wear a helmet and goggles to protect themselves. Stills of the documentary, filmed when she was four years old, show a child beating his head on the sharp edge of the table, without any pain reaction of the body.

Unfortunately, this disease can not be cured because of hereditary sensory autonomic neuropathy - genetic disorder that affects a girl - a cure has not yet been invented. In 2005, Oprah Winfrey invited Gebbi and her family on a talk show, where parents are told of the fear that they experience daily. Once Gebbi a broken jaw, and, due to the fact that she could not feel the pain, nobody noticed this during the month.

In addition to the entire body Gebbi not able to regulate the temperature of the manner in which it makes a normal human body. Who is the girl of 14, and she lives a relatively normal life. Parents are still closely watching her, and she tries Gebbi aware of every action.

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