10 biggest unsolved mysteries of the world

Ciphers, puzzles and public messages encoded tease us with their intrigue: Why is the message encrypted? What great secrets it may hide in yourself? Despite the efforts of the best historians, brilliant cryptographers and most dedicated treasure hunters, history is full of mysteries that continue to embarrass us today. Fictional stories, such as those described in the book "The Da Vinci Code" and the film "National Treasure" have nothing to do with these secrets from real life. Take a look at our list of the ten most mysterious unsolved mysteries and unsolved ciphers.

Voynich manuscript h4>

Named in honor of the Polish-American antiquarian book dealer Wilfrid M.Voynicha, who acquired it in 1912, "Voynich Manuscript" is a detailed 240-page book, written in a completely unknown language. Its pages are also filled with colored drawings and strange diagrams, pictures of incredible events and plants that are unlike any known species that only adds intrigue to the document, which is impossible to decipher. Author manuscript unknown but radiocarbon analysis showed that his page made somewhere between 1404 and 1438 years. The manuscript has been called "the most mysterious manuscript in the world».

s an many theories about the origin and nature of the manuscript. Some believe that it is a pharmacopoeia, describing different knowledge of medieval and early modern medicine. Many pictures of herbs and plants also raises the possibility that it is a sort of tutorial for the alchemists. The fact that many of the charts seem to represent astronomical phenomena, combined with unidentifiable biological sketches, even led some of the most intricate theorists to suggest that the book has an extraterrestrial origin.
But one opinion converge almost all theorists - that this book is hardly a practical joke, considering the amount of time, money and rigorous work it took to create it.

Kriptos h4>
Kryptos - a mysterious cipher covered sculpture, created by artist Jim Sanborn, which is located in front of the headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency in Langley, Virginia. It is so mysterious that even the CIA could not decipher it until the end of the code.

kulptura contains four encryption, and although three of them managed to decipher the code to open the fourth is not possible until now. In 2006, Sanborn gave a hint that the first encryption provides clues to the fourth, and in 2010 opened another: 64-69 NYPVTT characters in the fourth part of the word means BERLIN.
Maybe you'll be able to decipher it?

Code Bale h4>

Cipher Bale is a set of three ciphers which allegedly reveal the location of one of the greatest treasures buried in American history: the many thousands of pounds of gold, silver and precious stones. Treasure was originally produced a mysterious man named Thomas Jefferson Bale in 1818 during the gold mining development in Colorado.


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