The most expensive book

Almost everyone knows about such works great inventor and artist Leonardo da Vinci, as the "Mona Lisa", "Vitruvian Man" and "The Last Supper". But not everyone knows about such a priceless monument of the Renaissance as a book entitled "Code of Leicester." This book is recognized as the most expensive book in the world and it belongs to Bill Gates.

In 1994, the "Treatise on the water, earth and celestial bodies", the original name sounded so this book was bought by the founder of the company «Microsoft» 24 (according to other sources - 30, 8) million dollars. Prior to this, the most expensive book owned oil tycoon Armand Hammer. It should also be noted that many sources mistakenly believe that the most expensive book in the world is chetyrёhtomnik "Birds of America", but it costs much less - 11, 5 million. Dollars.

"Treatise on the water, earth and celestial bodies" is a collection of thoughts, conclusions and findings of Leonardo da Vinci in all spheres of life. The book consists of 18 pages of parchment, fastened together, with the text in this book is written in mirror image, ie you can only read the book with the help of a mirror.

In the book, the great inventor describes his thoughts on the origin and structure of water, air, light, and minerals. He also suggests that the World - a living being: air his soul, the earth - his flesh, and the water - blood. The book is decorated with drawings made by Leonardo da Vinci, which certainly increases its value many times over.


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