The most expensive in the world ...

The most expensive election campaign in the world. This record belongs to Michael Bloomberg, who ran for mayor of New York in 2001. Each of the 744,757 votes cast cost him 86, 10 euros.

The most expensive city in the world. Nowhere life is not as expensive as in Tokyo.

The most expensive production car in the world. Seats are transformed in a reclining position, DVD-player, Doulby Surround Sound - for the luxury you have to pay! Model Car Maybach 62 will cost you "only" 360 thousand euros.

The most expensive shoes. Truly precious high-heeled shoes were made famous jeweler Stuart Weizman. They are decorated with 642 rubies. Price - 1, 6 million euros.

The most expensive lunch in the world. David Einhorn (head of the firm Greenlight Capital) at auction for 250,100 dollars bought themselves the right to dine with his idol, billionaire Warren Buffett.

The most expensive painting in the world - painting by Peter Paul Rubens' Massacre of the Innocents "in 2002 succeeded his master for 73, 5 million euros.

The most expensive cigarettes in the world. Mark Treasurer. One pack costs about 24 euros. Sold only in specialized stores.

The most expensive potatoes in the world. Sort La Bonnotte of France. Sold about 500 euros per kilo.

The most expensive coffee in the world. Variety Kopi Luwak from Sumatra. Quarter of a pound costs about 75 dollars.

The most expensive suit in the world. Costume American astronauts. It costs $ 9 million, and is also the most expensive piece of clothing in the world.

The most expensive hotel in the world. Hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai. For the most modest room will have to pay 770 euros per night, and the royal apartments will cost you 7700 euros.

The most expensive stadium in the world - Stade de France near Paris. In 1998 a national French team won the World Cup. Its construction cost of 460 million euros.

The most expensive stock in the world. One stock exchange of the American investment firm Berkshire Hathaway is worth more than 64 thousand euros.

The most expensive footballer in the world - is Zinedine Zidane. In 2001, the French player for a record $ 68, 7 million euro moved from "Juventus" to "Real" (Madrid).

Most expensive bra in the world. It costs 12 $ 5 million.
German fashion model Heidi Klum showed it on one of fashion shows in New York.

The most expensive comics in the world. Comics about a boy Tim and his dog Struppen. One collector paid 100,000 euros for the original title picture of "Black Island».

The most expensive brand name in the world - Coca-Cola. Its cost is estimated at 68, $ 9 billion, accounting for nearly 60 percent of the value of the whole company.

The most expensive doll "Barbie" in the world. Price - 100 thousand euros. She wears a dress, decorated with real diamonds.

The most expensive book in the world. "Leicester Code" by Leonardo da Vinci, "Treatise on the water, earth and celestial affairs" mirror writing on expensive paper with a linen finish. Bill Gates bought it for $ 24 million.


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