Where you can spend time among the Ukrainian celebrities

Sitting at the next table with Andrei Yushchenko and Rinat Akhmetov ... eyes met with Vitali Klitschko. Or maybe dance with Gra? This is real. Show business stars and famous politicians - the same people. In the evenings, especially on Friday, love to sit in any nice establishment. The main thing - to know the right places, and then there's a chance to see well-known all over the country faces.

Of course, the restaurants, which are the stars - not cheap. In any of these dinner for two with wine will cost 400-500 hryvnia hryvnia. But who said that you should definitely have dinner? You can just eat a light salad. A wine to replace the beer, which costs no more than around 10-15 hryvnia per glass. Remember the days when the waiters could ask you to leave the institution, if the order is small. Now even the most respectable places very democratic.

For example, the famous restaurant "Fellini" on Gorodetsky. Every evening there is full of famous politicians, you can see at least Shufrych, though Katerinchuk, though Brodsky. And at the neighboring tables - full of people, especially girls, who just sipping fragrant herbal tea, and, undeterred, sitting for hours. By the way, "Fellini" was one of the favorite restaurants son President Andrew said. However, in recent years Andrew's not seen much more often it happens in "velor", especially in the most popular restaurant-club of the city - "decadence." Friday about 22.00 it is in "Decadence" gathers all the gilded youth of Kiev. And dance until the morning. But "Lipsky Mansion" - a favorite place of all the presidents. And Kuchma and Yushchenko are arranged meetings with important guests. However, for the sake of the presidential dinners restaurant is closed to the public. But the current mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky - a frequent visitor of the pathos, perhaps, a restaurant in the capital "Egoist". According to witnesses, he was visited by here almost every week. Usually arrives with his family, and colleagues. And by the way, for the sake of Chernivtsi restaurant is closed for other visitors. Rinat Akhmetov, and in general many regionals like to sit in a relatively new institution in Kiev - the restaurant "Belvedere" on the square of Fame. With its summer terrace offers wonderful views of the East, the left bank of the city and the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

So if you want to see firsthand who flashed on TV screens - forward, beloved institutions stars!

Tina loved "Lyon»
Tina admitted "glare" that recently often happens in the restaurant "Lion". This institution was opened in early summer in Park mall and is now considered one of the most fashionable in the capital. And Tina loves Georgian food, so if you're a fan of it, it is likely to encounter in the Caucasian star restaurants in the city.

Chernovetsky and Litovchenko like "Egoist»
Well-known beauty and the mayor of Kiev prefer to dine in the restaurant, French cuisine is considered the best in the city. Vlad also recognizes the "glare" that in addition to "Egoist" loves "Velour", "foam" and "Concord».
Cuisine: French
Average bill: 350-500 UAH.
The most expensive dish on the menu: fricassee of foie gras and crayfish 199.00 hryvnia.
The cheapest: terrine (roll) of foie gras on toasted brioche Royal 54.00 USD.

Serduchka goes to "Deja Vu»
Main feature of this restaurant - bandstand with live music and the best bartenders. Danilko admitted to "glare" that loves this place. Although in recent years there is not often, because after the success of the "Eurovision" he simply swamped with work.

Cuisine: European, Chinese
Average bill: 350-500 hryvnia.
The cheapest meal: pancakes with cottage cheese and raspberry syrup 32 UAH.
The most expensive fish dorado on vegetable cushion 168 UAH.

President's son frequenter "decadence»
Andrey Yushchenko with his girlfriend Anna had not seen for a long time together. But after rumors that Andrei new girl, he again began to appear again in "Decadence" with Anna. Usually they can be seen here on Friday late in the evening.

Kitchen: mixed, there is a sushi bar
Average Bill: UAH 350-450
The most expensive dish on the menu: pancakes with caviar 268 UAH.
The cheapest:
soup with beans 26 UAH.
Sandwich Croque Madame 24 UAH.

Akhmetov look in the "Belvedere»
New policy-loved institution Regionals. By the way, the neighborhood - an outdoor cafe Ice Palace "Pioneer", where prices are much lower, and you can sit for hours, looking at celebrities, dining in a respectable Belvedere.

Cuisine: European, Japanese
Average bill: 250-300 UAH.
The most expensive dish: Lobster Cocktail sauce with avocado 398 UAH.
The cheapest: chicken fillet with vegetables 32 UAH.

Klitschko prefers "Concord»
"Unfortunately, or fortunately, I practically live in restaurants. Most often in the two most favorite - in the "Arena" and "Concord", - said Vitaly "glare". - Actually, I'm not a foodie, but glutton. I love soup and dumplings with sauerkraut. Especially if they are prepared by my wife ».

Cuisine: Mixed.
Average bill: 250-350 UAH.
The most expensive dish: Peking Duck 350 UAH.
The cheapest: red caviar on ice with lemon and herbs.

Mogilev supper in the "Dolce»
Secluded niches sofa sink. Very cozy! Apparently, this was tempted Natalia Mogilev, which in recent years, many have seen it here - in Dolce.

Cuisine: Italian.
Average bill: 350-500 UAH.
The most expensive: medallions of monkfish with mint vegetable stew 210 UAH.
The cheapest: vegetable bouquet with chips and sauce chiabatta Sitronet a yogurt dressing 39 UAH.


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