The most expensive food in the world


The most expensive spice in the world - saffron. This saffron - not that other, as the stamens plant family krokusovyh (Crocus sativus). There is also a false saffron, which is also called Imereti. It is made of marigold flowers stamens. The price of the kilogram of saffron can be up to $ 6 thousand. This fabulous price of saffron is due to its labor-intensive cultivation and collection technology. To produce 1 kg of dry saffron have to go through about 2,000 flowers. From 1 ha of plantations in the first year can be collected only 6 kg of saffron; during the second year - 20 kg. The preform is carried out during the flowering period in the sun. Bright orange stigmas are cut by hand in the first day of the opening of the flower and dried.


If you think that the most expensive caviar in the world - black, you are deeply mistaken. Most prized beluga caviar albino "Almas". This fish is found in the Caspian Sea off the coast of Iran. The eggs have different shades ranging from pale gray to white. The caviar is lighter, more expensive it is. Caviar "Almas" exported from Iran and is packaged in a jar of pure gold. 100 grams of such eggs cost about $ 2 thousand. This delicacy is very perishable, so it must be consumed immediately after purchase. Connoisseurs differ in assessing the most expensive caviar in the world. Some believe that the pleasure of this rare product with a nutty flavor with nothing comparable, some say that in addition to the beautiful light color, the special merits of beluga caviar is not albino.


Banal, seemingly, potatoes can also be a delicacy, in the case of grade La Bonnotte. It grows on the French island Nurmuate in the Atlantic Ocean. Potato fields fertilized only with seaweed on the technology, which is transmitted from generation to generation. Planted and harvested by hand, this variety, and it costs about 500 euros per kilo. World's most expensive potato varieties La Bonnotte taste very gentle. According to legend, this divine tuber led by none other than the supreme god Viracocha Inca. Every year, going up to 100 tons of potatoes of this variety.


The most expensive meat in the world - marbled beef. Her "suppliers" - the Japanese cow breed Vagiu. The cost of a kilogram of meat comes to $ 1,000. For centuries Vagiu cows bred in Japan, now they are also grown in Australia. They treat them as persons of royal blood: the best fed grass, rubbed sake, give to drink beer. Australian Meat Vagiu more expensive due to the fact that cows give to drink red wine at $ 16 per bottle.



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