The most expensive food, you most likely do not try

We all love to eat, and sometimes tried to experiment with new products. Whether it's an exotic and strange fruit or healthy dietary cuisine - the food will always be one of the most important priorities in life. This is not only a way to survive, but also the opportunity to pamper your taste buds. Although we like, when the food is inexpensive, at times, want to eat, "lint", even if it's tasty leave a hole in your wallet. And although you're unlikely to try listed in this list the products, let's yet know how many people are willing to spend to appease your stomach. Thus, 10 of the most expensive food in the world.

1. matsutake mushrooms. The rarity of these fungi raises their price to $ 1,000 a pound. Matsutake or mattake native of Japan, and grow in several Asian countries, but their numbers have significantly reduced the insects that destroy trees, in the shadow of which usually grow these mushrooms. So as a way to cultivate Matsutake not, there is a possibility that they may even disappear from the face of the Earth. So who omletik mushroom? Doroguschy omletik ...

2. The most expensive bagel. Although a healthy diet can not be called bagels, muffins, these pretty hearty and delicious. And cheap. Although to this bagel is not the case, because it is smeared with cream cheese, "spiced up" with white truffles, zlatolistom and jam from berries Godzi. How about to enjoy a breakfast? Yes? Well, then get ready to dump him $ 1,000 because white truffles took second place in the list of world's most expensive products in terms of price / weight.

3. Premium frittata. Ironically, this dish is called "fritattoy per million", although to try this miracle of gastronomy, will have to pay only $ 1,000. For serving. All because this fritatta is a dish of lobster, eggs and stellate sturgeon caviar, which costs $ 65 per 30 grams. This fritattu can rightly be called one of the most doroguschih breakfast in the world.

4. Beef steak Wagyu breed. What makes this so expensive steak ($ ​​2,800 apiece), is the fact that it is made from the meat breed Wagyu cows - those who give to drink beer and which do massage to the meat melted in your mouth. In addition to the absurdly high prices, this steak still incredibly greasy. So if you do not stop the threat of his purse, can be a threat to their health will be able to?

5. Samundari Hazan. This dish is called the most expensive curry in the world, because it costs $ 3,200. It was prepared on the occasion of the reception at the premiere of the film "Slumdog Millionaire" in Mumbai. Cook collected the most expensive ingredients that they could find: the white truffle, Devon crab, beluga caviar and they put all this food gilding. The result is a gastronomic such things "too».

6. Pizza "Royal" This pizza 007 dollars for 4200 prepared by Domenico Kroll, and this is one of the most expensive food in the world. On the 30-centimeter pizza you lay out the pieces of lobster in cognac marinade, caviar soaked in champagne, Scottish smoked salmon, balsamic vinegar, slow shutter, tenderloin of venison, prosciutto, and on top of all this - the gilding of 24 carats, which you can eat!

7. Watermelon Densuke. You've heard of the most expensive berries, but watermelon densuke easily win the race in this price. This is a special type of black watermelon, which grows only on the Japanese island of Hokkaido. Why is it so rare and expensive? Because for each crop harvested a total of 65 watermelons. They are usually presented. Nice gift for 6100 dollars, is not it? To taste, say, like a regular watermelon, with only a small difference in sweetness.

8. Yubari melons. If you thought that dansuke - the most expensive fruit, think again, because the Yubari melon worth 22,872 dollars for two pieces, making it one of the most expensive foods in the world. This doroguschy melons was sold at the restaurant with sea-themed.

9. Caviar "Almas". If you are in London and want to try the most rare and expensive game in the world, go to the «Caviar House & Prunier». Do not forget to take a $ 25 000, because that is how much is this Iranian caviar. It is sold in a gold jar 999-carat.

10. White truffles. Truffles - the most expensive food in the world, because they are very difficult to grow. That is what makes them a delicacy, and the king of all mushrooms. The most expensive truffle mushroom was for 160 000 dollars, which the investor bought one from Hong Kong. It weighed 1, 5 kg. Surely the soup turned out excellent.



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