10 most expensive toys (10 photos)

Caught in a toy store, today's parents are not surprised by the abundance to which they have grown accustomed, and the price: the purchase of a good gift for a child could make a dent in the family budget.
Most mothers and fathers are not even aware that there are dolls, cars and stuffed animals, whose price is not inferior to the cost of a decent car.
The most expensive porcelain doll

Cost: $ 263,000

At the beginning of XX century one of the most popular puppeteers considered a native of France, Albert Marquet. In 1915, Paris hosted an exhibition of his puppets, thundered the whole of Europe. The meeting consisted of hundreds of copies of which were immediately sold out. The rest piled into boxes and hid in the hope of better times to save. However, experts claim that to have survived only twenty puppets, whose value is now in the tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. On rare porcelain beauties of being a fierce hunt: wealthy lovers of vintage toys sleep and see how to get one of them to his collection. The most expensive works of Albert Marquet was sold in 2009, Theriault's auction in Atlanta.

The most expensive soldier

Cost: $ 200,000

In 1960, Hasbro launched a line of toy soldiers, who could move his arms and legs, and generally looked very realistic. Soldier called common name GI Joe. For abbreviation G.I. concealed borrowed from the US military jargon «Government Issued». GI Joe has won great popularity among the boys and became a hero comics and cartoons. His image is transformed according to the current military conflict, but a true reverence always caused toys of the first parties. In 2003, the agent for the sale of comic Steven Geppe became the proud owner of a prototype GI Joe - tridtsatisantimetrovoy figures in hand-sewn uniforms infantry sergeant.

The most expensive rocking horse

Cost: $ 1, 28 million

The birth of a son in the family of Prince Akishino in Japan was celebrated as a national holiday: charming boy suddenly became the darling of the whole country. To mark this momentous occasion, jewelry house Ginza Tanaka has made precious rocking horse, the creation of which lasted about thirty kilograms of gold. However, to handle the toy was not too convenient to drag it from one place to another, the child needed help adults. On the other hand, the producer insisted that the golden rocking horse softer than its wooden counterparts. The representatives of the royal family reacted to the unique gift without enthusiasm in spite of the universal adoration, Prince hisahito childhood trying to instill humility and moderation.

The most expensive toy ship

Price: 89,000 pounds

They say the boat name - so it will float. Apparently, members of the German toy manufacturer Marklin had a premonition that they collected in 1905, the ship HMS Terrible will subsequently be sold for a monstrous amount. It is a copy of the battle of the steam ship that was part of the Royal Navy of Great Britain and was used during the Second Boer War. Toy for a long time belonged to the famous collector Ron Makkrindellu. After his death in 2011, the ship was put up for auction and soon bought for a sum of about one and a half times higher than the expectations of auctioneers. The name of the new owner of the "horrible" is not known: the buyer wished to reserve the right to anonymity.

The most expensive Barbie doll


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