30 Years of Solitude (2 photos)

Forgotten for 30 years in the closet turtle survived without food ALMED family from Brazil found his missing in 1982 darling named Manuel in the box, going through old things in the storeroom.
Residents of the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro were much surprised when accidentally discovered in the house of your turtle named Manuela, lost 30 years ago. Family ALMED reunited with a favorite after finally decided to dismantle the old pantry, which for many years piled a lot of unnecessary things.

 - We have not seen Manuela since 1982: while in our house was renovated and we thought that the tortoise ran away when the workers left the front door open. Despite the long search, we have found no trace of her, - admitted the animal owners. The room in which the turtle spent three decades, served as a place for storage of various items, including old equipment, which is on the street and brought into the house of the father of the family of Leonel ALMED. - Dad always thought that one day will be able to repair or rebuild all this stuff, which he filled his closet. We were never allowed to go there, and the door was closed - told the son and daughter of the owner of the house and Leandro Lenita. Only after the death of his parents, adult children have started to get rid of unnecessary "ballast". - I hated the street with a broken box music player to give it to junk dealers, when one of them asked me, "You're not going to throw even a turtle?" - Said Leandro ALMED.

Overjoyed relatives were surprised to learn the animal its pitomitsy who are in good health, in spite of such a long absence. - None of us could understand how the turtle could live alone in a closed room for 30 years! We just could not believe what happened! We are happy that she came back to us, - assured the brother and sister ALMED. Veterinarian obledovavshy former prisoner pantry, he said that Manuel belongs to the species Red-turtles that can live a long time without food. According to experts, the animal survived because termites eat tree.

Source: lifenews.ru


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