3 kinds of animals that were immortal

For centuries, people did anything and everything to achieve immortality: from the search for the magical source of youth prior to placement of the body in a cold cell in the hope that future generations will be able to revive them. Given that Walt Disney or Ponce de Lyon now roam the streets of Florida, we must admit that we have not succeeded in this.

Meanwhile, some animals in our world were able to give death a kick in the ass, just hanging out here and there and doing their own thing. These types of managed to stay on the planet for many, many years...at least until we killed them and dissected to find out what is their secret of longevity. For example …

Twenty million nine hundred forty four thousand two hundred twelve

Lobsters don't grow older, just grow up (and get the horns)

Some animal lovers have found that in one of the restaurants in new York filed a huge dvadtsatifutovyh lobster, and tried to save this giant. Seems pretty stupid, since lobsters are born to be a delicacy, but they said that the age of this animal reaches an average of 140 fucking years old.

The strangest thing about the lobster is that they do not grow old, i.e. not become weaker and do not develop arthritis claw in the elderly. Instead, they just get more and more. So you can stop eating meat of an animal that was born immediately after the civil war, and which could be eaten by Thomas Edison, caught it early.

And it's not the oldest and largest lobster ever discovered, according to the materials of the Guinness book of records, as such was a 20-pound colossus that was caught in 1977. Apparently, no one told the drafters that, in the state of Maine in 1926 and caught a lobster weighing in at 23.5. How old were these giants? No one knows for sure.

Surprisingly, lobsters do not suffer from problems related to age like men, with the exception of existential anguish, which occurs after the first hundred years. As soon as their age increases, they become weaker or slower, on the contrary, is gaining strength. When they grow so much that no longer fit in the sink, they simply shed it and grow a new one.

In fact, scientists believe that the older the lobster, the more potent they are. Imagine a hypothetical seven hundred lobsters living somewhere in the unexplored depths of the sea, suddenly he meets another of the same colossus and... mates with him.

As for George, this lobster was saved from the fate to be someone's dinner in new York, he was sent to a sanctuary in MENA.

Fifty seven million six hundred thirty five thousand fifty five

The turtles are in a adolescence for centuries

Although turtles sometimes die, the fact that they can live for centuries, possibly not news to you one tortoise died so old (176) that it was even called home a favorite of Charles Darwin. But most likely, you do not know what biologically, there is no difference between a young turtle and the one that is older than your great-great-grandfather. Probably just at some point, the turtle says to himself: “get”, and the aging process stops at some stage.

When researchers decided to explore a century-old turtle, they could not think that her organs was indistinguishable from the bodies of young turtles. Biologically, they do not age from the moment she hits puberty, this phenomenon scientists call the “don Draper Effect”.

In addition to young bodies, the researchers found that the heart of the turtle always beats in response to a nerve impulse, in fact, sometimes it actually stops, in other words, it looks like the turtle can shut your fucking heart when you do not need it. This means that you could tear out a turtle's heart and show it, like that scene from “Indiana Jones”... just that it lasted enough for the turtle saw you bleed to death from the resulting bites.

This study led scientists to believe that turtles are biologically immortal but wait, do they not die? Sure, you die, otherwise we would have to swim with the sea, and the turtles, but strange fact: they never die of old age. It's always an illness or a falling boulder.

Contrast this with the fact that they can breed and lay eggs until death, so, technically, a turtle can live and sex. And we consider ourselves to be the main species on the planet?

Seventy three million four hundred seventy five thousand five hundred forty four

Rotifers survive, stealing the DNA of other animals

Rotifers(Bdelloidea) are the microorganisms that live in freshwater but they can survive without it for several years. What is even more strange, they haven't had sex in 80 million years.

You're probably wondering how do they update their genetic material? Just steal it from other species.

Many scientists are of the opinion that a species can not survive without sexual reproduction, since genetic material degradiruiut with each generation, turning them into microscopic rednecks. Rotifers use their capabilities in the most awful way. When the researchers analyzed the DNA of these little bastards, and they revealed a striking similarity with the mosaic – in each organism is the DNA of 500 different species. Apparently, when they want to add another molecule in its genetic soup, they just attach to your spiral all I could find around: material from dead animals, food and God knows what else.



This method of DNA theft may also explain how rotifers were able to survive in the harshest conditions imaginable. For example, you may think that to survive they need water, because it is their natural habitat, but they are able to live in conditions of absolute dryness for 9 years. Hell, they can even handle about 1000 Gy of radiation before becoming infertile, which is 250 times more than a man (woman), Oh, don't ask how we know. And it is not the only bizarre animals living in the pond: their distant relatives, planaria, tiny worms that are also called “immortal under the edge of a knife” because you can cut them down, and they will have another one. These guys generally are not familiar with the aging process. They just replace the damaged organs with new cells.




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