The victim in the forest fire turtle got printed on a 3D printer instead of a native shell

It seems that with the advent of 3D printers in turtles have hope for a quick recovery in case of damage to the shell. So, before I publish news that a turtle made of the native prosthetic shell, damaged due to disease. Another turtle replace damaged jaw titanium prostheses. Now we have got a new one turtle shell, which replaced her own, virtually destroyed in a fire.

Turtle named Fred belongs to the species Chelonoidis carbonaris, a fairly common species of turtles in South America. A recent forest fire almost completely destroyed his own tortoise shell. And without it the animal is not protected from external influences / infections that quickly leads to the death of a turtle.

Veterinarians from Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil, decided to use modern technology to create a new shell. For the project we were involved dentists and graphic designer. The whole team has worked to create a new shell for 3 months, after which experts managed to implement its plans.

Unfortunately, after surgery Fred gravely ill, he received post-operative pneumonia. During the one and a half months the turtle did not eat, but now all is well. The carapace was made of PLA, working with him most of the 3D printer. Carapace perfect fit, but experts can not yet say when Fred will be released in a natural habitat.

The photo shows that the carapace of snow-white. Doctors have offered their services to one artist, but experts until fluctuate - a sick animal no one wants to disturb once again.

This operation - the first in the world when fully replace the native turtle shell prosthesis, printed on a 3D printer.



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