Printing masterpieces (21 pictures)

Today, most people are faced with all the e-books, and publications are not yet a thing of the past,
the more of them there are such masterpieces of the past which is difficult to go and have a look.
I propose to consider the amazing design of the book that will change your idea of ​​books.

Cook Book, which must be baked before reading

In order to prepare any meal with a prescription from it, you must first bake the book, only in this case on its pages will be text. The idea of ​​Croatian publishers.

Making a cult book "Fahrenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury

Read - burned. 451 ° F - is the temperature at which paper ignites. And the book itself - about banned books that burn at the behest of the government.

The book is 360 °

Three-dimensional tale of Snow White by Japanese artist Yusuke Oono. Decorated in a similar way fairy tales attract readers not only the content but also the form.

Book Cigarette Snoop Dogg


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