Tree Book Tree: book turns into a tree

A small publishing house in Argentina offers a book that could become a tree. Publisher Pequeño Editor stated that "the book is returned to nature after it has been taken," and that this "is the first book that can be planted after reading»

. The project called "The Tree - book - tree" uses paper containing no acid, in which the seeds are placed Jacaranda (Jacaranda), one of the species of flowering trees, native to Central and South America. The book is printed with biodegradable inks. To promote the concept of publisher created terrariums showing germination of the book.

Authors environmentally book «Mi papá estuvo en la selva» ( «My dad was in the jungle») Gusti Llimpi and Anne Decis. On the publisher's website reported that the story is told in the name of the boy, and is based on real events that took place in Ecuador's jungle. The narrative contains a bright environmental appeal that motivates a book landing after reading it.

The book is part of a rapidly spreading trend is to put the seeds in paper products that can not only reduce waste, but also to take part in gardening of cities. However, planting seeds is recommended only in those ecosystems to which they are native, otherwise there is the risk of the spread of invasive species.
Despite the fact that children's books are usually re-read and transmitted from generation to generation, "Wood - the book - tree" is interesting as a kind of conceptual art project that can offer young readers valuable practical experience.


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