How to cook the jam, jam, jam and red currant

Red currant - even odnaya year, which can be seen in almost every garden and the garden in our country. From it, as well as black currant, in the winter you can prepare tasty and healthy jam and preserves, jellies, jams and other desserts, which we describe in this article.

Many gardeners grow in areas not only black currants, and red - yagodastol is useful, but it has a little different flavor characteristics. This vidsmorodiny much sour black, so in most cases it is grown specifically for blanks for the winter. And because of its greater ability to gelling as compared to chernoysmorodinoy of this berry is often prepared not only preserves, but also to jelly, jam.

It is interesting that in Germany, red currants are most often used as a filling for cakes in combination with meringues or custard, and in the Scandinavian countries -. As a component of puddings and fruit soups

Both the this berry, and any harvesting of it is very useful: red currants contain organic acids, fructose, vitamins C and P. In folk medicine since ancient times, it is used as a hemostatic, diaphoretic, antifebrile, a diuretic, it also improves the exchange of substances in diabetes and gout.

Hence we conclude - the various bars of this fruit are an excellent natural healer, who will be treated during the cold and flu, alleviate the symptoms of the disease and improve the overall condition, and they can eat during the off-season in order to increase immunity

. Recipes BLANKS red currant in the winter: jams, jams, jellies, jams

If you have never done this berry jam, but in the area you have it grow, we strongly recommend to try! It is no more difficult than with other berries, and in general the preparation of any jam -. The problem is not so troublesome

A distinctive feature of redcurrant jam is that when cooked fruit often is ground through a sieve to remove skin and bones, which are not all like, if present in the final product.

Let's look at pieces of red currant recipes, a variety of methods for harvesting of berries for the winter in the form of desserts.

RECIPE jam redcurrant without cooking

You will need:. 2 kg sugar, 1 kg of red currant

How to prepare cold currant jam: Berries to sort, wash, dry, twist in a meat grinder or blender to grind, rub through a sieve, add sugar to the puree. Mix sugar mass with a wooden spoon until it is completely dissolved. Put puree into sterilized jars, closed with sterile plastic lids, store is jam should be refrigerated.

RECIPE JAM-red currant jelly

You will need: 1 kg of sugar and red currant berries, 1 cup of water

. How to cook red currant jelly: Berries prepare, pour into an enamel container for cooking jam, pour in the water, turn on the fire, bring to a boil, cook for 1-2 minutes, then immediately to rub through a sieve. The mashed potatoes add sugar, boil over moderate heat for half an hour after boiling. Hot pour the jam-jelly in sterile banks roll.

Of course, the interesting recipes jams exist in relation to the red currant - jam from the berries of this can be done with the addition of vanilla, apples, honey, nuts and even bananas

. RECIPE nutty honey jam red currant

You will need: 1 kg of honey, for 500g of sugar, apples, red and black currants, apples, 1, 5 cups of walnut

. How to cook the jam of currant honey: Prepare the berries, cover them with water and put on the stove when they soften, rub through a sieve. Because liquid honey and sugar syrup boil, put it in his thinly sliced ​​apples, nuts (they need to pre-grind), bring to a boil, add the mashed berries, boil over moderate heat for an hour, stirring occasionally. Arrange the jam on a hot sterile jars, roll up.

RECIPE currant and banana JAM

You will need:. 1 liter of juice of berries of red currant, 600g sugar, bananas 5

How to make jam from a currant and banana. The juice of berries to pour into an enamel container for cooking jam, add sugar and mashed into a puree the bananas, over medium heat, bring to a boil, reduce heat and cook for another 40 minutes. Hot jam expanded in banks rolled.

As you can see - nothing fancy, but as it turns out is an unusual jam! It can be, and are served tea, and at the festive table - for any occasion. However, we promised to stay not only in the different recipes of red currant jam, but also in the recipes of jams and marmalade out of this wonderful berry.

RECIPE jam redcurrant

You will need:. 1, 5 kg of mashed krasnoysmorodiny, 500 g pitted cherries, sugar 1kg

How to make jam of red currant. Berries are dipped in boiling water, boil for 1-2 minutes, then rub through a sieve. The resulting puree should be 1, 5 kg, pour into it the sugar, place over medium heat and cook until thick, then put the cherry, boil until cooked jam berries, stirring occasionally, put in sterile jars and roll up.

RECIPE jam red currant

You will need: 1kg red currants and sugar

. How to cook: Berries prepare, wash, dry, wooden tolkushkoy crushed, then rub through a sieve, add sugar to the puree, mix, cook over medium heat until thick jam, occasionally stirring with a wooden spoon. Thickened jam expanded in jars, sterilize them beforehand, roll.

Why buy in the store that can be prepared with their own hands, lovingly, carefully and observing all the rules to get the most useful pieces? Prepare homemade jam, jam, jelly and jams for the winter, and be healthy!


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