5 classic recipes jam. Prepare for winter now!

Jam - a very tasty product that most of us prepares for winter. This delicacy can be prepared from a variety of fruits and berries. Ingredients for jam recipes in all nearly identical, only the method of preparing each family its own. We have collected 5 classic recipes of jams, which is definitely worth to do this summer. Just imagine, in the cold season with your loved ones you drink tea with this yummy homemade. Despite the fact that in the preparation of jams, some useful properties of this product are lost, it is still better to the body than the sweetness of the store.

1. Cherry jam

1, 2 kg of cherries, pitted; 1-1, 2 kg of sugar; 200 g of water; cherries , wash and delete the bones. Pour the berries with sugar syrup or sugar grist and put in a cool place for 5-6 hours. Then boil two to four stages over a low heat for 8-10 minutes with intervals of 5-6 hours. Jam is ready when the berries become translucent. Get them, give the syrup to drain, and then lay the berries in the banks. The syrup is boiled down until tender about 10-15 minutes, cool and zaley its banks.

cherry jam improves the appetite and speeds up metabolism. Also, it is a good prevention of diseases of the venous system and is used to strengthen capillaries. Jam made from cherries to stabilize the cardiovascular system and acts as a sedative.

2. Raspberry jam

1 kg raspberries; 1-1, 2 kg of sugar. raspberries, cleaned and dip in salt water 7-15 minutes to have surfaced raspberry beetle larvae. After raspberry rinse with cold water. Siltings 500 grams of sugar and place on 3-5 hours in a cool place. Released Slay juice, add the remaining sugar and boil syrup. Pour them berries, put the basin on the fire and prepare jam in two or three steps, periodically removing the foam and gently shaking the pelvis.

Raspberry jam - is an indispensable tool for colds. Raspberries are well absorbed by the body, it normalizes metabolism and improves digestion. Jam from this delicious fruit is used in the treatment of various neurological disorders, and various infectious diseases.

3. Strawberry jam and strawberry

1 kg of berries; 1 kg sugar; 1 g of citric acid; 100 g of water. the ripe berries fell asleep half the sugar and zaley hot boiled water. After 6 hours, the juice that flowed, Slay in a pot or a basin, add the remaining sugar and boil the syrup over low heat. Berries are grist to the boiling syrup and cook over low heat for 5-7 minutes, shaking or rotating the pelvis. Then remove the jam from the heat. After a three-hour endurance again boil for 5-7 minutes, and so on. Bring to a readiness after the third left standing.

More than a simple recipe: Berries grist sugar and after a four-hour exposure boil until tender. Before the end of cooking, add lemon acid.

Strawberry jam is rich in antioxidants - substances that slow down the development of cancer cells, and a whole set of micro-and macro.

4. Jam blackcurrant

1 kg of currants; 1, 5 kg of sugar; 200 g of water. loop berries, wash them in cold water Cast away on a sieve and then put into the boiling sugar syrup and boil on low heat for 6-7 minutes, shaking occasionally pelvis. Soak about 7-8 hours in a cool place, then boil. Vari two to four stages. The finished jam into jars laid out hot. Bind them when they cool down.

The jam black currant contains vitamins that strengthen the immune system. Jam from this berry take in atherosclerosis. It offers resistance to inflammatory processes in the human body, it has a diaphoretic, diuretic and anchoring effect.

5. Gooseberry jam

1 kg of gooseberry; 1, 4-1, 5 kg of sugar; 200 g of water. unripe berries cleanse them, rinse with cold water and pinned. Pour boiling syrup. Soak 8 hours and boil for 5-7 minutes, without boiling. Prepare jam in 3-4 hours.

Gooseberry jam eat in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, heart, kidney, as well as excess weight and anemia. In winter it is an excellent tool used to enhance immunity.

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