How to make jam without sugar

To cook the jam without sugar. This is roughly the same as "to make homemade cheese without milk." Or absolutely fantastic: "the bachelor is not to scatter your socks all over the apartment, if the wife and mother-in-law went away for a whole month?" However, jam without sugar there, as well as some where the use of bachelor housing.



Classic jam contains a large quantity of sugar, and he — "white death". Any jam with sugar — very high in calories thing. So, guaranteed weight and comorbidities. So he who seeks not to gain weight and loves jam, to eat jam without sugar with benefit and pleasure. What jam can be cooked without sugar? Yes, any! I will give you some options.

Plum jam

Take only the full, soft, even overripe plum. Reveal each of them as shrimp, separating into two halves. Carefully take out the bones. Some boiled plum jam even with them. But, believe me, chew bones — let and sweet — when our teeth fail.

The washed halves put in a bowl or saucepan and cook under the lid until until the go juice. Stir periodically. Here the juice is gone, remove the lid. Ideally we need to get a thick jam. Is that the spoon was standing in it. And for this you need to use a technology called "multi-cooking". What is it? This is when we cook our jam hour, then turn off the stove, allow to cool to jam 8-9 hours. Then again cook and again the brew cools 8-9 hours.

Do this cycle five times. When to stop "torturing" our jam? When it will be easy to separate from the sides of the pan or basin. After repeated boiling hot and spread the jam in jars and let them it is there, in the glass, and cooled. The cover is not closed.

We need to get a small dry "crust" on the surface. Tverden crust, as in the snow after the frost on top can happen. After the appearance of the crust we are ordinary parchment paper covered jars, tied with twine and put in the fridge or cellar. As you can see, no sugar.

Cranberry in its own juice

Cranberries wash under running water, placed in pre-prepared dry banks. Pour under the neck, cover. Take the pan in the bottom, put the metal stand. Put it on a jar and fill the pot with cold water to half.

Turn on the stove, the water heats up, but do not allow it to boil, keep on the verge. Our task is to "water bath" for cranberries. As people in the sauna or bath under the influence of heat starts to sweat, "leaking" and cranberry in the bath water starts to give the juice, and its level in the Bank decreases decreases decreases.

And here we again open the lid and add fresh berries to the bottle. Again, wait until the new party will give the juice and the level of the berries fall, and again fill up to the neck with fresh berries. So do until then, until the cranberry juice reaches the filler neck.

All water bath to an end. Now go to the hot procedures for the cranberries and bring the water to a boil. So we sterilize them banks. Liter — 15 minutes, half-liter — 10. After sterilization immediately closed and set to cool.

Raspberry jam

For me it's the most delicious treat from childhood only, but not in the diet version has no sugar, but a classic. But for a healthy diet you can give up something. Sugar.

We need to get a bucket of raspberries. For the exact calculation I must say that this quantity will be prepared three-liter jar of jam without sugar. At this ratio, the final product will come out dense, maltacom, and spoon it will stand.

For cooking our treats, we still need the bucket. Use the most that neither is the Soviet iron bucket. Put on the bottom piece folded in several layers of cheesecloth. Next, take the three-liter jar and raspberries tightly stacked layers. What good raspberry as a berry for cooking? It is not necessary to wash before using for jam.

So, a layer of raspberry put in five to seven inches, stamped, then shook. Then again put berries on 5-7 cm, stamped a bit and again shook. And so to the mouth. When filling, shaking and tamping is completed, pour a bucket of water to half.


Autumn treat: dry jam of applesof Delicious jam: pumpkin with poppy seeds and ginger

Jar with raspberries to put on the bottom on the folded gauze. All this design from the series "matryoshka" put it on the stove. Influenced barely noticeable boiling heats of the Bank, and raspberry slowly let the juice and so in their own juice and will languish.

It is natural that the level of berries in the Bank will settle, so desipite berries again to the mouth periodically. When you reach the top banks, cover it with a lid and let an hour jam is cooked. Then take out the jar, and roll put it, already sealed, the lid down on the floor or on the table, now cold. Raspberry jam without sugar, but in its own juice, ready. Eat jam without sugar! You will not regret.published


Author: Michael Bersenev



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