8 life crises

According to the theory of the famous psychologist Erik Erikson's life cycle is divided into 8 stages. And each is waiting for the crisis. But it is not catastrophic. Just comes a turning point, which is to prepare ...

18 - 20 years

Life under the motto "We need to break away from the parental home." And in 20 years, when people are truly estranged from his family (institution, military service, short trips, etc.), Another question arises: "How to keep the adults in the world?»

30 years

Plaguing thought: "And what I have achieved in life?" Appears the desire to snatch a piece of the passed life and start all over again

. Single person begins to look for a partner. A woman who used to be happy with the fact that he was sitting at home with children, tends to see the light. A childless parents - to have children

. 35 years

After 30 years of life it becomes more efficient and streamlined. We are starting to settle. People buy the house and make drastic attempts to move up the career ladder.

Women tend to reach the peak of their sexuality. But at the same time demanding that the men had for him first of all respect. Men understand that the sex they "are not the same, that in 18 years." They are brighter than those of women, the first signs of aging appear.

40 years

For 40 years comes to an end "young age" of young scientists, aspiring writers, and so on. D.

Having reached the middle of the course of life, we can already see where it ends.

Time begins to decline. The loss of youth, fading physical strength, changing the usual roles - all of these things can lead to a crisis

. In 40-year-old is unlikely new friends appear.

To achieve the highest achievements, needed more punch and power. In the last 40 years, leaving the chances to get ahead.

Who still has not been noticed, that it will be bypassed on subsequent promotions.

45 years

We begin to think seriously about what mortal. And if we do not hurry to decide, life becomes a trivial implementation of obligations to maintain existence. This simple truth is we have a shock. The transition to the second half of life seems very harsh and too quick to accept it.

Passionless statistics states: the number of divorces for people who have reached 40 - 45 years, increases

. 50 years

The nervous system becomes Iron: many have poorly responsive to external stimuli such as hail officer or nagging wife. And in their professional field are valuable employees. At this age they are able to separate the important from the secondary, completely focused on the main issues, which gives good results.

By age 50, many people like rediscovering the joys of life - from cooking to philosophy. And just one day may decide to change the way of life, carrying it with admirable thoroughness.

Obvious advantages greatly overshadows the significant disadvantage: many 50-year-old male potency weakens considerably

. 55 years

During these years, comes the warmth and wisdom. Especially for those who managed to occupy senior positions. Friends and personal life are more important than ever. Lived to 55 years old often say their motto now - "not to engage in this nonsense." And some are new creative abilities.

The crisis comes when a man realizes that still engage in this nonsense.

And a woman comes to a crossroads. Someone complains: "I could never do anything for yourself. All just for the family ... And now it's too late ... »

Some gladly accept that they are able to live for others, enjoy your garden or get used to the role of the grandmother.

56 years and beyond

Surprisingly, this age is found in almost all scientists who have attained fame. There are many artists who have created their best works at the age of 70 years.

According to tradition, a Japanese artist Hokusai said that everything created by him to 73 years is nothing. Titian painted his most spectacular pictures in almost 100 years. Verdi, Richard Strauss, Schütz, Sibelius and other composers have worked up to 80 years.

By the way, writers, artists and musicians than scientists and businessmen are often able to do their jobs longer. The reason is that in old age a person is sinking deeper into the inner world, while the ability to perceive what is happening in the outside world weakens.

By the way:

How to measure the psychological age

We must ask the person to answer the question:

"If the entire contents of your life conditionally accept one hundred per cent, what percentage of the content you realized by now?»

And knowing how a person evaluates made and lived by, you can set his psychological age.

To do this, multiply the "index realizovanna" on the number of years that a person expects to live.

For example, someone believes that his life was realized by half, and suggests to live only 80 years. His mental age equals 40 years time (0, 5 x 80) regardless of whether 20 or 60 years he in reality.


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