Where do you find them? Or psychopaths around us

To me at the reception comes a man exhausted relationships with wives and female hysterics-weary husbands psychopaths. My clients - wonderful people: kind, gentle, caring, sympathetic, responsible, etc. In dealing with them, I can not help question: "Where do you find them, how do you ASSUME them?»

I set off in search of an answer, and found that the number of psychopaths in modern society is growing.

8 reasons are obvious:

1.Prosmotr cartoons with scenes of violence and deviant behavior. A child under 7 years no critical thinking skills, he perceives patterns of behavior as acceptable in their lives and imitate your favorite heroes.

2.Interes teenagers to video games with violence, cruelty and murder. feelings Law states that even if a fictitious (virtual) situation of people experiencing these bodily senses. Teenager playing violent games, regularly trained in aggressive behavior, he will be inclined to violence and brutality.

3. Absence of a healthy home environment. Children grow up, imitating others, as parents pass on their psychopathic behaviors.

4. Lack of quality of family relationships. At the close, sincere and trusting relationship in human life are no psychological problems. The basis of psychological problems constitute a violation of interpersonal communication.

5.Sotsialnaya environment, which forms the malignant courage. In a certain society considers vulnerability weakness, vulnerability, the need for close and sincere relations. Decries such character traits as the care, kindness and caring.

6.Massovaya Fatherless. In a study conducted under the direction of Gabriella Gobbi at McGill University of Canada, argues that education without a father leads to increased aggression and abnormal ways of interacting with others cercor.oxfordjournals.org/content/25/5/1163.

Fatherless is not only a complete absence of his father, when mom brings up the child alone, but also the "dead" father. In fact the Pope may even live in the same apartment with the children, but at the same time be suspended from training, not to participate in their children's lives (alcoholics, drug addicts, workaholics, and the Pope, who so enthusiastic about clarifying the relationship with his wife, they forgot about the children) . On the other hand, the child may not be the physical father, but it takes care of the grandfather, uncle or older brother, giving a male child care and healthy behaviors.

7.Neumenie create their own results in life leads to unsatisfied demand for power. Failure to understand their needs and ignorance of social and acceptable ways to satisfy them leads to disastrous consequences.

8.Neznanie signs of psychopathy leads to the fact that people can easily come to love and marriage with a psychopath. In these respects, there are children who adopt violent behaviors. Since statistics show that the psychological health of men have an average of two children and a man-psychopath - four children in the general population.

What to do?

Firstly, to be able to distinguish between psychopathic behavior "nice" people.

Psychopathic personality traits:

Impulsiveness. Impulsiveness is considered an instant rash action. But this is not the case. Psychopathy is not a disease and dysfunction of the cerebral cortex. Psychopathy - is the chosen model of behavior, allowing to obtain the desired in spite of everything and in spite of everything. Here, the impulsiveness I understand the lack of fear of the consequences of their actions and the lack of internal restrictions on the immoral and criminal behavior.

Aggressiveness. The brutal behavior aimed at causing harm to anyone or anything. If a child hurts animals, it mocks the insects hurts those who are weaker or helpless; breaks down, the port and sets fire to things, then immediately take measures to correct the behavior. The psychopath enjoys seeing the suffering of another person, and uses every opportunity to inflict pain or harm.

Cruelty. In psychopaths lack of empathy, they are not able to put yourself in the other person and show compassion.

Dishonesty. Psychopaths are always deceiving. Web of their stories are so easy to get lost, that you cease to understand where the truth and where fiction. Do not try to understand, most likely, there is no truth at all (as it did not seem realistic story).

Self-centered. Characteristic for the 8-10 year old child thinking. If a person does not develop, the person and the "stuck" at this age, not realizing that the people around them have their own feelings, wants and needs.

Failure to take care of others. Each normally developing child 6-7 years there is a need to care for others. He tends to take care of mom, dad, or grandmother, asking him to have a little brother or a little sister to buy a dog or cat. It is not always the parents recognize this need and support its development. Ill or indifferent treatment of the child in the family leads to the fact that this need is not formed or is lost. In modern society, the focus on material success and commodity-money relations, people no longer feel like a person, but more often perceive themselves and others as a means or tool to achieve certain goals.

Failure to abide by the agreement. The life principle psychopath either in my opinion either way.

Craving thrill and risk. Psychopaths use the situation to feel on the edge of a razor or the crest of a wave. Tantrum, the scandal, the ability to bring a loved one out of balance, or bring it to rabies gives them a feeling of omnipotence and superiority over the victim.

Disrespect for others' work, values, personality and life. Psychopath easily spoil other people's property, solve their problems at the expense and to the detriment of others, does not value relationships, health, or the life of loved ones.

As a rule, a psychopath bad relationships with family, peers, no real friends.

Secondly, understand that psychopathy is not a disease!

The psychopath has a strong mental health and reach their goals by any means, including physical destruction (killing) of a loved one. For this, he is able not only to spontaneous hysterical behavior, blackmail and manipulation, but also to deliberate scheme to destroy the obstacles on the way to the desired.

Third, psychopathy - a way to meet the demand for power. Psychopath, torturing and tormenting the victim, experiencing great pleasure from his superiority. Control of the weak partner gives a sense of significance, up to omnipotence. For the manifestation of psychopathic behavior is important belief in their own safety and impunity.


If you are in a relationship with a psychopath rapidly as possible to sever relations. It is impossible to treat him leniently behavior or philosophically, and the indulgence of psychopath resistance can end in disaster. Your desire to protect themselves involving third parties (parents, friends, the police) will turn the other side of the coin: the psychopath will build situational plan in which you will be to blame (incited, provoked "an innocent man" to cause you harm)

. If you are choosing a life partner, be vigilant and let you do not close their eyes money, good looks.

If you have seen the features of psychopathic personality, and want to live in love, harmony, understanding, you can change your behavior! Psychopathy - this is not a sentence, it's a lifestyle.

Author: Maria Kudryavtseva


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