11 Easy Steps to a life without garbage and bustle

Things have not encouraging as before, but life goes under the hashtag # nekogdaobyasnyat? Maybe it's time to find the time to explain even to himself, what happens? These simple ideas to help move to a more conscious life without garbage and bustle.

1. Refuse shopping

The less often we go to the shops, the less we buy. To perform better shopping with a list, on a full stomach and in the shops of friends, so as not to get lost, not to grab too much and save money. If you take the trolley instead of a basket, its severity will soon adjust to the booths. And at the checkout you can ask yourself whether all of what we have gained, we really need? If not, we leave without regret. But you can change your mind after purchase, especially if it's not about Food, Drug, and hosiery. Consumers have the right to return the item within 14 days, and in some stores and up to 60 days. But even after the warranty period will take place, we do not have to burden their home extra shopping: they can at any time to give a friend, sell or give away in charity shop

. 2. Minimize, but do not organize

The less we have of things, the easier it is to maintain order. We tend to keep on the safe side wrapping paper, guides and screwdriver, though long lost from the battery it does not pack the presents and traveling at random. Storage structures and give the illusion of order, but even nicer when there is nothing more than putting. If during each cleaning quietly get rid of restless figurines, flyers, discount cards, single socks and non-performing headphones, cleaning and soon become shorter and more spacious house. And if you want to organize the space, you can start with four boxes: "fix", "pay", "sell" and "throw»

. 3. Get used to a greener lifestyle

Eco thinking becomes the norm, more and more people pay attention to water consumption and electricity, saving resources and minimizing its footprint garbage. That water is not flowed in vain, it can be turned off while soaping or brushing teeth, reduced by tens of liters of water from the toilet drain, just put in a couple of bulk tank stones, try as much as possible to load the washing machine and faster to take a shower. And in order to save electricity to start with energy-saving light bulbs and "green" electronics, turn off the lights and keep the charger is plugged in.

Why not go the whole family on organic products for cleaning the house and washing? Some of them are not only not harm the environment, but also heals the wastewater flow from them are usually smaller, and chemical odor "frosty freshness" and not at all. In addition, it is a great way to attach to the cleaning of small children.

4. Use reusable

Instead packages - bag, shopping bag instead of disposable cups - favorite thermal mug instead of plastic bottles - a thermos instead of paper towels - cloth, and so on. Last year in Germany there were supermarkets, where everything is sold by weight, and only in the container brought by the customer. For those who have forgotten their own containers or bottles are sold, but not plastic, and glass or metal to last longer. Of course, in Russia such stores will not soon, but nothing prevents us to go to the market or in a small shop around the corner with their bags and jars. This will not buy junk: cellophane, bottles, trays, vacuum packaging, film, bags, boxes, all that flies in the trash as soon as we come home

. 5. Collect the waste separately

Fully protect from the packaging, living in the city, of course, will not work. But even while in our backyards are no bins for separate waste collection, in every city there are organizations that take in the processing of paper, cardboard, glass, Tetra paks, many kinds of plastic, aluminum and tin cans, and correctly disposed of batteries, light bulbs, household appliances , expired medicines and more. You can save yourself a list of what to take points separate collection and slowly start the habit of looking at labeling plastic bags to rinse out the milk bottles and compact crease. In St. Petersburg, on the first Saturday of each month in the separate collection of stocks can meet thousands of like-minded people and make sure that every contribution counts. If you are planning for a long time, but do not know where to start, you may come in handy step by step guide for those who want to start collecting garbage separately.
6. Prohibit advertisements at

home Themselves that without thinking, we provide free advertising space brands right at home. Labels, labels, boxes, promotional magnets, shelves in the bathroom stickers on appliances continue to sell themselves to us even at home. Bright labels with challenging design does not carry any information, they can be simply removed, the shape of the bottle and so it is clear where the air conditioner, deodorant and where, and how to use us as a child explained. Products can be laid in their own comfortable capacity and logo on the refrigerator closed children's drawings. It should make a habit to turn off the TV sound (if you even have a TV) during commercials, and on the computer to block pop-ups and banners.

7. Simplify the holidays and gifts

It sets out the party, you can ask the guests to bring with them something of the food, instead of disposable tableware use all sorts of plates, bowls, cups and jars. If you think about snacks that you can take your hands, the devices are not needed, and the dishes need a little. Wishlist allow gifts to take control. Often it is necessary to tolerate inappropriate gifts from loved ones for fear of offending people. But if what you have presented, you are not happy, you can always speak calmly and sincerely: "I appreciate your attention to our friendship, but I can not take it, give, maybe someone else." This position deserves respect and can significantly change the relationship with others. As a friend of mine says, "once told his wife that he did not like beets, easier than a lifetime to catch it from the soup»

. 8. Educate children

Today's children live on rubbish planet, dump rake and make tough environmental decisions. According to forecasts by 2020 will be a few tens of professions related to environmental protection. Who knows, maybe it will choose the path of our children. The more we tell them, and the more prepared they will be inspired. We can teach them to distinguish between what they like, what they want, the important from the superficial to talk about poverty, simplicity, sharing economy, anti-globalization, about what kind of work are large and local conservation groups together to sign a petition to participate in a volunteer or forest planting. If you select a confidential tone and mix with interesting facts, children will first try to dissuade us from unnecessary purchases and plastic bags.

9. invent a framework

In the bustle of everyday worries is easy to forget about the priorities and aspirations. Hold the focus assist specific rules. For example, you can type in a family rule that if there is a new thing in the house, leaving his two old. Or decide that today we do not buy plastic toys and all that it contains in a part of the suspicious abbreviations. And you can offer a home experiment for a month not to buy anything new or say nothing of Chinese. This restriction awakens curiosity and excitement! You can simply get rid of the one thing every day, but you can set yourself a challenge to all the garbage that will leave your family for a year, fit in a quart jar. The main thing that compliance with the rules of such an experiment, inspired and brought joy, and it will turn out like that joke: "My father and I live right? - That's right, my son, but in vain »

10. Refuse unnecessary information

When you stop to watch TV, read the news and tape in Facebook, the world is not falling apart, the planet does not stop, but the anxiety level is significantly reduced, recovering sleep and improves mood. You can go ahead and to limit the number of friends and groups in social networks only those you really cute, and one of the social networks and all frozen for a year. Remove unwanted applications from your phone and turn off the notification, and after making the list for the day just to cross out 2-3 points without any twinge of conscience, to focus on the important.

11. Considers that all fairly

All that we broadcast media - this is our "not enough". It is not enough smart, successful, popular, feminine, courageous, slender and financially secure. Become a better version of myself, Do more, looks younger, and then one more thing that multivarku buy to be completely happy. In fact, "enough" is not some kind of comfort level or financial status, it is a choice point of view. Once chto-to outside trying to convince you that you are not as kakoy-to, and you urgently need to to-to and to-to, sit down, close your eyes and say, "I am who I am, at any point in time I do the best I was capable of, and I'm just enough. " This view was strengthened two regular practice: Practice gratitude - to life, its lessons and gifts to relatives and to himself, and the practice of mindfulness - to your feelings and needs of the present moment and the world
. Do you agree with these ideas, manage to use? What are your rules for simple environmentally friendly life? It would be great if you add to the list the principles that change your life for the better!

 - Anna Black


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