The largest landfill in Novosibirsk

On Gusinobrodskoye dump in the morning vibrant in: working bulldozers, trucks constantly coming. correspondents decided to find out more about the work and even life in a landfill Novosibirsk.

Garbage truck driver Anton drinking energy drink: time he begins and ends around midnight, depending on the amount of debris in the houses adjoining containers. The average change in its - 12 hours. From the dump garbage truck rides on a predetermined route: each driver is responsible for his total number of containers is divided between all roughly equal. In the courtyards crowded with parked cars, but ZIL confidently turns on narrow roads. Anton works Garbage truck driver for 14 years, got a job immediately after the army. Says that at first wanted to get work experience in a truck, but he stayed.

- Stories about jewelry found in the trash every now and then pop up somewhere, but I personally did not find anything valuable. Once the dump saw that the wheel stuck hundred rubles, and then in the place found 200 more homeless. And so, to gold, diamonds - there is no such. You will not find, even if you want. But there are corpses. They hide in a container is unloaded - do not look the same. And already at the dump homeless suit, say. Well, then we need to call the police, they begin to understand, from what court he was brought, to look further. Three or four times since it was on my mind, - says Anton.

Garbage truck driver salary depends on the number of containers unloaded. According to the drivers, the average comes out to about a thousand rubles a day. During the week for every two weekends. However, not now. On holidays the work goes on as usual, and even New Year's Eve have to travel for cleaning.

- On holidays, of course, garbage becomes more.

20 containers of garbage in the garbage truck comes Worst holiday - New Year. All ten days only eat and drink in the "banks" one bottle. More winter debris bad press. Generally, the worst weather - when frost or rain: from containers nothing vytryasesh, - says Anton.

All the city has four landfills: on the left bank, in the flank polygon SB RAS and the largest Gusinobrodskoye. On them and dumped debris from around Novosibirsk. Gusinobrodskoye dump is on the balance of the municipal enterprise "Spetsavtohozyaystvo", the oldest in the industry. The company emerged in 1927 and somehow originally was part of the IEC

At the entrance to the "Spetsavtohozyaystvo" characteristic odor: Next to it is a dump, which is owned by Daewoo-3. From the window in the office of the director Victor Kravchenko seen processing plant of solid waste, which is the third time changed owners. Kravchenko himself working at the company since 1964, and, according to him, Gusinobrodskoye dump nearly half a century laid not less than 40 tonnes of waste.

At the entrance to the "Spetsavtohozyaystvo" characteristic odor: Next to it is a dump, which is owned by Daewoo-3. From the window in the office of the director Victor Kravchenko seen processing plant of solid waste, which is the third time changed owners. Kravchenko himself working at the company since 1964, and, according to him, Gusinobrodskoye dump nearly half a century laid not less than 40 tonnes of waste.

- We used to be the biggest company in the industry. Now the situation has changed: there are many private organizations that are also involved in the removal of debris, our market share has become less than 30%. Debris removal to the landfill, where it is rolled out by bulldozers, then it decomposes. In an average year brought nearly 2 million "cubes" garbage. Our landfill residual capacity - 5 million cubic meters without a seal, seal the normative one to four. This means that on average it should last at least ten years. But if we extend it to ten acres, enough still, - says Kravchenko. - Modern technology, which is from private business, leads to the compression rate more than four. When he landed in a landfill, pushes himself out of briquette, which is almost a bulldozer can not take, it is necessary to prick.

48 hectares of area landfills Gusinobrodskoye According to him, modern landfill - a rather complicated technical structure, which is designed according to certain standards: waterproof base, to collect mine drainage, degassing system. In Novosibirsk these yet, but their construction is already planned.

- The site of City Hall has a business proposition for investors wanting. Defined places - four of them. The only condition is that when the landfill was organized industrial waste recycling. She initially unprofitable. For example, the Novosibirsk plant for processing of rubbish first exploited the investor, but losses were 1 month, 2 million rubles, then the mayor's office requested to exploit us. For 14 months we had 17 million rubles loss. Now he rented another private owner, but it is the same situation - explains Kravchenko.

After the landfill produces the resource, it recultivated: first layer of clay soils fall asleep, then spread a layer of fertile soil that sow certain types of grasses and shrubs. According to some reports, the decomposition of litter can last up to one hundred years.

- We must be realistic: the dump homeless have always been, are and will be. We used to catch them, were taken to the police station. Them there will wash, clean, will medical care, and they - back. They each container under the supervision of: pre-sorted and povytaskivali everything of value, for which they thank you very much, of course. All collected that can be taken and that they will take.

43 employees "Spetsavtohozyaystvo" work at the dump

And then, the homeless benefit - they maintain order, extinguish fire, find all the small stuff: explosives, corpses.

It happens that someone loses some important document, accidentally throws something of value, and they help in the search. Money is also located. Just can not get rid of this mess, it is necessary to somehow control - says Kravchenko. In addition to the homeless in landfills live rats, dogs, crows, sparrows, pigeons, gulls, hawks and even ducks. They hover over garbage heaps looking for food, which has recently become less: large supermarkets stopped landfilled expired products and dispose of them themselves - tend to burn.

It seems that at the dump homeless people in the struggle for scrap almost completely replaced migrant workers. Among them are not only men but also women and young girls. Many expensive phones and other Soup.

- I came from Kyrgyzstan, more people here from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan have. Putting your every: waste paper, plastic bottles, scrap metal. We do not know where it all goes, we return to the foreman. Money comes in different ways, sometimes a thousand a day is obtained. I work for a month and leave home, then, when the money runs out, come here again. To get used to the smell quickly: what to do to live it as it is necessary, - says one of them.

Migrant workers are working selflessly, rushing for heavy equipment and race raking debris from everything that may have some value. Nearby sits the company in rags, they look at the newcomers, sipping beer from a plastic "poltorashki" that is passed around.

Most of the local residents at the sight of the camera closes the face: fear that they know someone from acquaintances.

- They then go under the bulldozer climb dangerously same, especially at night. I need to roll out, and they sometimes go to sleep right here: cartons and lay a sleeping, then they do not see, - complains Gregory bulldozer driver. - Come on, drive mormyshkas!

With these words, he directs toward the bulldozer swarming people who reluctantly and slowly diverge.

- Everyone here your boss - on plastic, metal. They have further processing pass, - says one of the workers. - I do not need to take pictures, and even friends know. I, in general, although he Kazakhstan, Novosibirsk grew and learned. Many of this part, and the city has a job and normal, and housing.

The amount of waste to landfill, according to the director, "Spetsavtohozyaystvo" depends on the growth of welfare.

- The volume of garbage grew strongly, but the year 2007 normalized. Now, according to our calculations, is roughly two cubic meters of waste per person per year. Will be more garbage - so people live better.



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