The main illegal dumping of Moscow


On the picturesque banks of the Moscow river, directly opposite Kolomna, 10 km from the Kremlin is a huge illegal dumping of household waste.

When I was told about it, I don't believe it. Well can't this be directly in the center of Moscow, 50 meters from the water. But no, it's true. A vast stinking landfill. Everything rots, smokes every day here bring KAMAZ garbage.

That's how it looks from the air. In red I circled the area of illegal dumps.

You can see how the dump Smoking. To the right is the outlet channel Kuryanovo water treatment facility, they say this water is safe to drink. Dump 20 metres from the canal already. At the center of the frame there are two ponds, a dump directly into their Bank.

And on the other side of Kolomenskoe.

The landfill is located on a vacant lot outside the territory kuryanovskoy WWTP. Territory currently ranked CJSC "Korben Kapstroy". The place is blind, prying eyes a little. They say that in the 90s here the bodies were taken, and now garbage.

So now. The whole story of the landfill began in mid-2014. There were two of them:

Big one, the one I shot (4386 projected travel in the direction of Moskvareka). Smaller (Projected travel 5112).

So this place looked recently. The landfill was not...

Due to dumps cut trees.

And that's how it looks from the ground.

A 10-metre shaft of household waste.

Local activists with a dump trying to fight. Last year managed to block the main exits were discussed at the meeting, deputies and even request he wrote. It temporarily stopped the growth of landfills, and small even started to clean up. But since January this year began again, here to take out the trash.

To stop the growth of landfills, we should at least put a guard at the entrance to the wasteland. But as it turned out, the budget has no money for a guard.


Ordinary household garbage.

The garbage dump is all they know. About it wrote articles in the Newspapers were stories on TV. The head of administration Sergei Grigoriev, too, he repeatedly called the police, asked to install there security posts and so on. But it did not help. Representatives of the Prefecture, too, came, blinked, promised to help but did nothing.

On top of the debris sprinkled the ground. The dump is constantly on fire.

Top road ride the garbage trucks.

Here's how it looks.

And this is the excavator, which just covers things trash heap to the ground. Land take immediately, digging pits.

When I went to the excavator, the worker quickly fled.

Garbage fresh.

With a dump formally trying to fight — the entrances to dug it... But this does not help, of course.

As I understand it, some company has won the tender on garbage removal, but not to pay the official landfills not to drive far, I decided just to dump trash in a vacant lot near the river.

Now the snow starts to melt and all this shit will flow into the Moscow river.

On the other side walking on unsuspecting people...


Sanitary-epidemiological rules and regulations establish a sanitary zone around waste disposal sites within 1 km To the water's edge of rivers of this type as the Moscow river must be at least 200 meters (riparian zone).


I still find it hard to believe that in Moscow on the banks of the Moscow river near sewage treatment plants can easily live for almost a year a huge illegal dump. About it know everything, but nobody does anything. What's the catch? Maybe the mayor doesn't know? If you are difficult to write to Mr Sobyanin, a few words about this dump in the office of the mayor.

And help disseminate, the more people know about it, the faster the debris will be removed. That's the same bastards... still can't believe this is possible in Moscow.published




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