The largest air crash

The biggest crash in history really make a great impression. Their sacrifices were not able to do anything to save their lives. Having ascended on board aircraft from this list, they have left themselves no chance to survive. Most aviakrusheny occurred under the influence of the human factor.

Plane crash at the airport of Los Rodeos - accident (catastrophe), which took place in Tenerife, Canary Islands, at 17:06:50 local time on March 27, 1977. As a result of the collision of two airplanes Boeing 747 killed 583 people. The crash remains the largest number of victims in the history of aviation (not counting the terrorist attack September 11, 2001).

August 12, 1985 Boeing-747SR company «Japan Airlines», registration number JA 8119, made flight JAL 123 crashed near Mount Takamagahara, the village of Ueno, Gunma prefecture, Japan, 100 km from Tokyo.

This is the second in the number of victims of the tragedy on the island of Tenerife disaster in the history of aviation (excluding terrorist attack September 11, 2001) and the largest single aircraft disaster. 15 crew members and 505 passengers were killed. Survived only 4 people (all were women): 24-year-old Yumi Otiai, an employee of the company «Japan Airlines», 34-year-old Hiroko Ёsidzaki with his 8-year-old daughter, Mikiko, and 12-year-old Keiko Kawakami. The latter was found sitting on a tree. Iranian flight 655 (IR655) - commercial passenger flight Iran Air, between the cities of Bandar Abbas, Iran and Dubai, UAE. July 3, 1988, the plane Airbus A300B2-203 flight IR655 was shot down over the Persian Gulf missile fired from missile cruiser Vincennes US Navy. Killed 290 people, including 16 crew members, including 66 passengers were children. During the cruiser Vincennes missile launch was in Iranian territorial waters.

The US government has said that the Iranian aircraft was mistakenly identified as a fighter F-14 Air Force of Iran. The Iranian government, however, argues that the Vincennes knowingly attacked civilian aircraft.

(In the photo rocket launch)

November 12, 1996 - near the airport Charki Dadri (Delhi) collided in the air a Boeing 747 airline Saudi Arabian Airliners and IL-76 cargo airline Air Kazakhstan. Died in the Boeing 312 and 37 in the IL. Today it is the biggest disaster of the two planes in the air.

Experienced Indian manager Dutt led the flight of both aircraft. The commander of the "IL-76" Cherepanov [2] received a warning located near the Saudi ship, but no guidance on the matter was not followed. For some reason, the Kazakh plane down to an altitude of 14,000 feet, at the same height at the same time and was "747". At 18:41 Manager Dutt saw met on the radar dots representing airliners that could mean that one of them went over the other, but then the two aircraft stopped communicating, and disappeared out of sight of the radar. Manager while trying to call the aircraft. As it turned out, 75 kilometers south-west of Delhi the two aircraft collided and fell to the ground. In the living there was none. Kazakh plane crashed in the middle of the fuselage of the Saudi. Planes were at about 500 kilometers per hour, and their impact was 700 times stronger than the collision of two cars. Immediately after the collision, "Boeing" caught fire and began to deteriorate more rapidly in the air. Aircraft weighing over 500 tons fell to the ground, their parts burned more than four hours at a distance of 8 kilometers from each other. At the crash site of a crater with a diameter of 100 meters.

(In the photo Il-76MD company Air Kazakhstan side number UN-76435)

July 25, 2000 during takeoff at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport with the American chip DC-10 aircraft of Continental Airlines hit the tire Air France Concorde takes off, begins intercontinental flight Paris-New York. The tire burst on takeoff, a piece of cord reinforced flew into the engine and ignited first one, then the second engine of the left wing. Traction motors of two right-wing is not enough, the plane with full fuel - 119 tons of fuel - three minutes after takeoff crashed to the ground. Killing all on board (109) and 4 people in a suburban hotel. Biggest crash of a supersonic aircraft (and the only catastrophe "Concorde»).

(In the picture freeze-frame with a single video fatal takeoff)

September 11, 2001 - one Boeing crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center in New York, the second - in the south tower of the WTC, the third - in the Pentagon, the fourth crashed. Only two WTC buildings according to official figures, killing about three thousand people. The largest number of accidents of passenger airliners in one day, the largest number of victims of a plane crash, the world's largest number of victims of the terrorist act.

July 27, 2002 - during an air show at the airfield near Lviv Sknilov aircraft Su-27 fell into the crowd. Killed at least 77 people, including 28 children. Biggest crash during an air show.

August 19, 2002 - as a result of rocket attacks by Chechen militants on Khankala (Chechen Republic) was hit by a transport Mi-26 of the Armed Forces, to plan a minefield. 127 people were killed. Biggest crash of the helicopter, the largest catastrophe in the history of military aviation of the Russian Federation.


August 19 at about 16:10 Moscow time on the Mi-26, belonging to army aviation of the Land Forces, took off from the airfield in Mozdok and headed for the base in Khankala. On board were soldiers returning to the post after the holiday, as well as contractors and conscripts flying in Chechnya to replace colleagues. Due to bad weather in previous days in Mozdok accumulated quite a number of soldiers awaiting departure to Chechnya. For this reason, the helicopter was heavily congested.

16:54 The Mi-26 was a few kilometers from the aerodrome of Khankala and performed maneuvers, landing. At this time, the crew commander, Major Oleg Batanov transferred to the ground, he heard the cotton in the area of ​​the right engine and on-board systems, received a warning of the occurrence of fire. Fearing that the fire spread to the second main engine Batanov immediately went to decline.

When an emergency landing Mi-26's tail hit the ground and the car broke down. The soldiers, who were at the door, managed to jump out before the helicopter broke. The crew also safely evacuated - he was in the cockpit, which is practically not affected by the strike. However, a tragic coincidence landing was carried out directly on a minefield, defend the base at Khankala from attacks militants. For this reason, the quenching of the burning helicopter was impossible, and the evacuation of the wounded - complicated. After the sappers did a minefield in multiple passes, there was nothing to extinguish.

The plane crash over the Atlantic Ocean - the largest in the history of Air France plane crash June 1, 2009. Airbus A330, flying from Rio de Janeiro to Paris, fell into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Killed 228 people. In the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro June 1 it was declared three-day mourning period, and in France in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris June 3 passed a funeral service, which was attended by President Nicolas Sarkozy. The exact cause of the disaster is still unknown.

(In the photo the same plane.)

Plane crash in Smolensk April 10, 2010 - an accident (crash) that occurred with the presidential Tu-154 Polish Air Force during landing at the airport "Smolensk-North" in heavy fog. The crash killed all on board - 88 passengers and 8 crew members, among them - Polish President Lech Kaczynski, his wife Maria Kaczynska known Polish politicians, almost all the military high command, public and religious figures. This is the largest number of victims among the plane crash that killed the first persons of the state. President Kaczynski was heading to Russia on a private visit at the head of the Polish delegation to the ceremonies to mark the seventieth anniversary of the massacre of Polish officers in the Katyn Forest.

Following an investigation, the MAC, all systems of the aircraft before the collision with the ground worked fine; due to fog the visibility at the airport was less than acceptable for landing, the crew was what izveschёn.

In the photo:
Tu-154 Polish President at the airport in Prague for 39 hours before the crash in Smolensk (April 8, 2010)

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