"Accidental" killing of non-random people

After the death of the politicians speak of a carefully prepared conspiracy. But sometimes it is all blind chance
Huge hulking wagon if inadvertently blocked the street just in front of the car, which drove President Mubandy. I had to stop. Just otshumel rain, and the air was heavy. Because of this security shutters in the car, in spite of the safety requirements have been raised, making the task killer is ridiculously simple. He could only move in and rely on the will of the gods. After all, President, in addition to its popularity among the people, are even fucking luck: for twenty-one years of its location on the Olympus of power it eighteen times miraculously escaped from the hands of assassins!
No way, was driven with the devil - a reason he belittles those who believe in the gods and ancestors elevates apostates who have chosen themselves white god? "But this time something unclean will not help him - knocked in the head guy of twenty, clutching the handle of a pistol in your pocket - even if all the powers of hell will stand in his defense. With us Mukuru! »
Whispered a prayer, the killer lunged forward, where in the cabin loomed profile hateful person ... Is not it a story for the modern mystical thriller?
Fatal cart with hay
However, this history has already taken place exactly 400 years ago in Paris. There May 14, 1610 in similar circumstances killed the French King Henry IV (Henri IV, 1553-1610), a Catholic fanatic slaughtered. The same Henry who promised everyone the poor chicken in a pot on Sundays, and that even after a century the French people will praise in song: "Long live Henry IV, long live the brave king, the four traits, which had a triple gift: drink, fight and be gallant cavalier! »

Stab, who struck François Ravaillac Henry IV, was so rapid that sat next to the King the Duc de Montbazon did not even realize what was going on. Illustration (Project Gutenberg license): Paris from the Earliest Period to the Present Day; Volume 1 by William Walton

On Friday, May 14, the monarch decided to visit the arsenal, that before the coming war with Spain to explore new tools. In the carriage, together with Henry were dukes Jean Louis de Nogaret de La Valette (Jean Louis de Nogaret de La Valette duc d'Epernon, 1554-1642) and de Montbazon (Hercule de Rohan, duc de Montbazon, 1568-1654). In addition, the crew accompanied the horse guards. But even the numerous escort could not help the "good King Henry".
The coach went not along the wide street and the narrow street of Iron series, which turned out to be partitioned in the depths of a load of hay. Congestion. Again, by a strange coincidence, the leather curtains of the carriage to be opened. And finally, on the whim of Fortune is an incredible place to stop the carriage turned hates Henry IV Catholic zealot François Ravaillac (François Ravaillac, 1578-1610), armed with a dagger.
The fact that the killer knew only the final destination of the royal procession - arsenal - but probably did not know for how it will proceed streets. Red-haired fellow with unkempt beard jumped onto the spokes of a wheel, plunged to the waist of the carriage window and hit King in the chest. But a few years ago in a similar situation to Henry Providence save lives: when the king took close, I congratulate him on his victory over the Catholic League, the monarch bowed to the court to lift the knee, at the very moment when the killer decided to strike a blow. Therefore, instead of the chest dagger slid across the face, knocking out a tooth King - a pittance to save lives! But this time there was no miracle. Hand assassin was hard. Henry had only to utter: "I hurt!" - And died.
In the XVII century the ones who led the investigation, as little faith in the long chain of coincidences, as in our time. Therefore Ravaillac interrogated with predilection. But even under torture he insisted that he had acted alone and did not mention the names of the customers. Tighten the investigation of this "resonance", as one would say today, the murder of the then law enforcement agencies have been just as little interest as today. Therefore, Ravaillac was recognized killer fanatic and two weeks later quartered. But rumors of a plot against the king did not stop.
Someone said that the murder of the king a hand his wife - Marie de Medici (Marie de Médicis, 1575-1642), someone suspected of a powerful duke Jean Louis de Nogaret de La Valette, who dreamed about the first role of the state. I found a witness allegedly even conspiracy - d'Eskoman Jacqueline (Jacqueline d'Escoman), - but she hastened to condemn itself to life imprisonment on irrelevant charges. But the first minister of Henry IV, Duke of Sully (Maximilien de Béthune, 1560-1641), as well as Cardinal Richelieu (Armand-Jean du Plessis, duc de Richelieu, 1585-1642), later hinted that the killing of the king - the work of the Spanish
Katyn unfortunate
Of course, the killing of the first person in the state always generates such suspicions. Even if direct evidence does not exist. I do all sorts of things, and wishing for the death of a ruler at all times enough. I do not need to be a prophet to foresee the opening of the "fair" version around the causes of the crash April 10, 2010, that killed Polish President Lech Kaczynski (Lech Aleksander Kaczyński, 1949-2010). Too many here not just by chance, but this mystery: after Kaczynski was flying, not just anywhere, but in Katyn.
In 1943, in the village of Katyn, that at Smolensk, the Germans opened a few fraternal graves and announced that the bodies found in them - it is the remains of Polish officers interned by the Red Army during the "liberation campaign" against Poland in 1939 and executed a year later . After the liberation of Smolensk Soviet experts also studied the remains and concluded that the shooting of the prisoners - the handiwork of the SS, and the action itself was not held in 1940 and in 1941. Only after 46 years TASS published a statement in which it acknowledged that the death of Polish officers - the handiwork of the Soviet side.
April 10, 2010, the day of the 70th anniversary of the shooting of the plane of Polish President Tu-154 flew to Smolensk. On board were seven crew members and 89 passengers: politics, the military high command, public and religious figures - all of them intended to pay tribute to those killed in Katyn. It's going to do, and the Russian side. In fact, it was planned to hold the ritual of national reconciliation between the two peoples. A natural question arises: maybe someone did not like it?
In this story, we meet again with the chain of fatal accidents ended in tragedy. Somehow, despite all the instructions, the political elite of Poland was one airliner. Somehow, in spite of adverse weather conditions in Smolensk, the presidential experienced pilot who knew that for his passengers are on board, taking a very risky approach. On the fateful coincidence, where once the Polish officers were killed, after exactly 70 years, killed their descendants ... In short, if there are plane crashes, full of ominous symbolism, the Smolensk - the first in a series.

At the funeral of Lech and Maria Kaczynski in Krakow were present senior executives from 57 countries. However, due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland, most of them stayed at home. Photos (Creative Commons license): Piotr Pawłowski

Domino Principle
Surprisingly, some of the circumstances of the death of Henry IV repeated every detail November 22, 1963. Just like in the carriage of Henry IV, because of the heat it was lowered plastic top limousine of JFK (John Fitzgerald «Jack» Kennedy, 1917-1963), which will greatly facilitate the task of the sniper - Lee Harvey Oswald (the official version) shot at the US president. Two days later, Oswald (Lee Harvey Oswald, 1939-1963), was shot dead by Jack Ruby (Jacob Leon Rubenstein, 1911-1967) with complete indifference on the part of the protection of the accused. Mysteriously died and journalist Dorothy Kalgollen, which managed more than an hour to talk face to face with Jack Ruby. Jack Hunter, who visited soon after the murder of Oswald in his apartment, was shot dead in police custody - a policeman allegedly spontaneously fired the gun. Another journalist, who, along with Hunter examined the apartment Oswald, Jim Causer, was shot dead at his home. He was killed in a car accident a taxi driver who drove Oswald on the day of the Kennedy assassination. They were killed or died in a suspicious way, and many other witnesses or participants in the investigation of the Kennedy assassination.
But just as Ravaillac, Oswald was the lone assassin is recognized, and its confusing and strange biography served as an excellent argument in favor of his mental disorder. Thus, the death of a "good president" as Smer "good king", has left a lot of reasons for the various versions of gossip and rumors, because it was profitable, alas, very much.

John F. Kennedy and his wife, and the governor of the State of Texas in the presidential car the day of the murder. Opinion polls show that 70% of Americans do not believe the official version of the death of the 35th President of the United States. Photo: Victor Hugo King of the archives of the Library of Congress

Perhaps the American
Such mystery surrounds death and another American President - Abraham Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln, 1809-1865). At first glance it looks simple enough: a supporter of preservation of Negro slavery in the United States - John Booth (John Wilkes Booth, 1838-1865) - full of hatred for the president, who intends to put an end to this slavery. So he gathers a few supporters and is preparing a political assassination. And I had to die not one Lincoln. According to the plan Booth, April 14, 1865, and planned to kill Vice President Andrew Johnson (Andrew Johnson, 1808-1875), and Secretary of State William Seward (William Henry Seward, 1801-1872).
But the case is again intervened the most unexpected circumstances. At Hoosier, which was to kill the Secretary of State, the gun misfired, and a knife has not reached its goal. The unlucky killer ran out of the house to escape Seward and without fulfilling his mission. Another conspirator before the assassination attempt on the vice-president decided to wet his throat for the courage and picked up at a nearby bar so that about any murder is not out of the question. But "alcoholic chance" that saved Andrew Jackson, proved fatal for Lincoln.
In the evening, April 14, 1865 President and his wife were in the theater Ford (Ford's Theatre) in Washington at the comedy "My American Cousin." After the start of the second act of the guard, instead of being in front of the presidential box, also I decided to sprinkle his throat, and this took the killer. He seemed confident, even in this strange behavior of bodyguards because his whole plan was based on the fact that the bed would not be protected. Surprisingly, pre-theater Lincoln asked the Minister of War to replace his bodyguard - but this request was not made.
As an actor, John Booth acted as if the offender played in a bad play. First, he spied the victim through the keyhole. Waiting for the moment when the course of the comedy hall explodes with laughter, he burst into the box and almost point-blank shot the president in the head. Then, with emotion she exclaimed: "Since there will always be with tyrants!" - And, by fighting dagger rushed to him by Major Henry Rathbone (Henry Reed Rathbone, 1837-1911), jumped from the box in the hall with a three-meter height. Incredibly, the murderer, who also injured his leg in the fall, managed to safely get away from the packed theater. Even more incredible, but running away from Washington, where already, in modern language, was declared the plan "Interception", Booth called his name sergeant guarding the bridge covered with - and he missed it. Luck left Bout only when the soldiers surrounded the barn on the ranch where he was hiding.
It is not known if he went to give out the shed set on fire or not - he accidentally shot through the wooden wall of a barn (who was shot and failed to install).

John Booth, tempted by the devil. During the civil war between North and South Booth was a Confederate secret agent, supply them with medicines and intelligence. Illustration: John L. Magee from the archives of the Library of Congress

When the victim was found a diary. Strange, but the court did not pay any attention to him, and only after several years investigating committee of Congress thought about this important evidence. However, by the time Blog lacked last eighteen pages - including those which had described the preparations for the assassination of Lincoln. There is another mysterious fact: the day of the assassination attempt on the US President Booth for some reason, wanted to meet with the vice president (and thus, on whose life did not dare to assassinate the killer-drinker), and even passed through the secretary a note: "I do not want would bother you. You are at home? George. W. Booth ».

Illustration: Currier & Ives from the archives of the Library of Congress

First after Gustav III
But if in the above murder has always been at least a performer, then the death of another "good president" has not left the investigation and of the clues. We are talking about Olof Palme (Sven Olof Joachim Palme, 1927-1986), chairman of the Swedish Social Democratic Party and Prime Minister of the country in 1969-1976 and 1982-1986.
And the enemies and friends of the politician was more than enough: Right disliked him because he came from high society, betrayed their interests, leading left-wing party; some left, on the contrary, precisely because of the social background often do not trust the Palme. Some considered him arrogant and arrogant, someone did not like his lack of a sense of humor. Nevertheless, ordinary Swedes treated him with great sympathy.
In particular, this is why Palm did not use protection and often traveled to work by public transport, if not travel by foot, talking to passers-by on the road. In the evening, February 28, 1986 Olof Palme and his wife Lisbeth (Anna Lisbet Christina Palme) quietly went to the movie theater "Grand" in the film "Brothers Mozart." The murderer, according to investigators, most likely, was waiting for the spouses. As the crowd, which appeared after watching began to disperse, the wife of Palma, discussing the film, went to the subway. The killer calmly followed them, and when the pair reached the intersection, came close and fired three shots to the Prime Minister in the back. After that, the killer ran away, the saving in the darkness. The time was 23.10.
In the words of passers-by managed to establish only that the killer tall and blond. Also found were three bullets caught in the prime minister. No more physical evidence did not have a consequence. Unable to detect even spent cartridges because the offender used a revolver. Only by the fact that the bullets were removed all markings to allow their identification, it has been suggested that he acted professional, but not crazy. After the assassination in Sweden - an unthinkable thing: the last occurred more than two hundred years ago, when the masquerade was mortally wounded by a shot King Gustav III (Gustav III, 1746-1792).
The very next day at the murder scene Palme rose mountain of fresh flowers, and across the country swept mass rallies memory. For the Swedish police investigation was a matter of honor, and in the same 1986 it arrested the alleged killer - 33-year-old Viktor Gunnarsson (Victor Gunnarsson, 1953-1993), a member of an extremist group of the European Working Party. However, for lack of evidence he had to release him soon. Let go of freedom Gunnarsson moved to the United States. Since then, the years have passed, but no new evidence which would allow the investigation to move forward, and it was not found. Meanwhile, former chief suspect, Gunnarsson, who lived in Salt Lake City, was killed under mysterious circumstances. His apartment was found open, none of the valuables and money was missing, and some time later his body was found in the desert 120 miles from Salt Lake City. And again - no leads, no evidence ...
Truly understand what proportion of objective and subjective factors in the deaths of well-known politicians, it is sometimes very difficult. Sometimes a well-planned action could be taken as just bad luck and sometimes blind chance becomes a source of legends about the insidious conspiracy of dark forces.

Eugene Schiglenko

Sweden. One of the rallies memory of Olof Palme. There are many versions of the causes of death of the Swedish prime minister. For example, some believe that politics was shot by mistake, confusing drug traffickers Sigg Cedergren (Sigge Sedergren). Photos (Creative Commons license): Holger Ellgaard



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