Violent films in cinema history

Do you want to tickle your nerves, but do not know how? True output - view is very heavy and hard film. Such is now rife, so there is a choice and it is incredibly extensive. Personally, I love to watch horror movies, thrillers (especially when the whole point is revealed in the end and you can hardly catch up, you have been wrong in their guesses), as well as drama. But finding the list of the most violent movies in film history, it dawned on me that I did not look a good half of very interesting and truly "nervotrёpnyh" paintings. In the top 15 according to the authoritative edition of Entertainment Weekly included the 15 most bloody and full of violent films of our time. I entrust experts and give you a reason to watch a movie this dank autumn evening.

15th Saving Private Ryan

Captain John Miller gets difficult task. Together with a group of eight people Miller must go behind enemy lines in search Private James Ryan, whose three siblings died almost simultaneously on the battlefields.

Command decided to demobilize Ryan and send him home to his mother inconsolable. But in order to find and rescue the soldier, a tiny squad will have to go through all the circles of hell ...

14th Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

A lone drifter Henry draws his dullish prison cellmate of Otis in a series of senseless killings. Randomly selecting their victims, every time they invent new ways of killing. Otis's sister Becky arrives in Chicago to visit and falls in love with Henry.

13th Hannibal

After ten years of silence alarm genius Hannibal Lecter wrote a letter to FBI agent Clarice Starling, offering her resume their interrupted intellectual duel.

With millionaire Mason Vergere, who became the latest victim of the mad doctor and dream is now to feed Lecter pack of hungry pigs, Clarice goes on the trail of an elusive serial killer and soon finds out that he was already hunting inspector Florentine police Rinaldo Pazzi, expect to get for his capture generous reward .

But primitive trap - a weak barrier to hungry cannibal who is getting closer to Clarice, to invite her to the favorite of the worst meal in her life ...

12th Seven

Detective William Somerset - a veteran of the criminal investigation, dreaming to retire and get away from the city and the wicked inhabitants. 7 days until retirement at Somerset dumped two troubles: the young teammate Mills and highly sophisticated murder. Sharp mind of an experienced detective immediately determines that for this crime is likely to be followed by others. News confirmed his guess. Realizing that the killer punishes his victims for committing mortal sins, detective faces a choice: to return to work or to leave and refer the matter to his less experienced team-mate?

11th Silence of the Lambs

The psychopath kidnaps and kills young women across the Midwest of America. FBI sure that all the crimes committed by the same person, instructs the agent Clarisse Sterling meet prisoners maniac who could explain the psychological motives of the investigation of a serial killer, and thereby bring on his trail.

The prisoner, Dr. Hannibal Lecter psychiatry, serving a sentence for murder and cannibalism. He agreed to help Clarissa only if it popotchuet his sick imagination details of his difficult personal life. Such ambiguous relations not only engender in the soul of Clarissa's internal conflict, and confronted her face to face with a mad genius to killer.

The incarnation of the devil so much that she could not have the courage and fortitude to stop it ...

10th Reservoir Dogs

This was to be the perfect crime. Having decided to rob a jewelry store, crime boss Joe Cabot brought together six experienced and complete strangers to each other criminals. But from the start it all went wrong, and the usual robbery turned into a bloodbath.

9th place Passion

Trying to recreate in detail the last twelve hours out of the life of Jesus Christ.

8th Saw

David tells his horrific story of a detective having been abducted and forced to play a nasty game of survival.

7th The Hills Have Eyes

While traveling across America in a house on wheels, family Carter, had an accident, finds himself in a mysterious nuclear zone, cut off from civilization. However, over time Carters discover that this seemingly desolate area inhabited by bloodthirsty mutants little family that begin to hunt them ...

6th of Violence

Two bandits travel the American West, leaving numerous corpses. Once they are in the quiet town of Millbrook, Indiana. In this city lives Tom Stoll, respected by all the owner of a small diner, and his family - his wife and two children Come, Jack and Sarah. When trying to heist his diner, Tom Stoll killing bandits and becomes a local hero, intoxicated by his feat tells TV. The next day at Millbrook appear mysterious people who for some reason called Tom named Joey and asked him about Philadelphia.

5th Clockwork Orange

The film was produced by an exhaustive analysis of the causes of youth crime, intolerance of the new generation to the usual moral values ​​and vital foundations of modern society.

A ruthless leader of a gang of teenagers commit murder and rape, goes to prison and subjected to special treatment to suppress the subconscious desire for violence. But life outside the prison gates is such that the measures taken to "remedy the cruel nature" can not change anything.

4th Pan's Labyrinth

Spain, in 1944. Rebel groups fighting the Nazis in the mountain forests of the north of Navarre. Ophelia - 10-year-old lonely and dreamy girl - moved with his pregnant mother Carmen in a military camp stepfather Captain Vidal. Vidal - arrogant and brutal army officer Franco, which should clear the area of ​​insurgents at any cost. Ophelia, absorbed in fairy tales, discovers an old abandoned labyrinth near the house.

Fairy holding it in the center of the labyrinth, where she meets a faun, the dungeon master. Faun claims to know her true destiny and her secret destiny. It turns Ophelia - Missing Princess Magic Kingdom, which for centuries looking for her father. Faun offers her the opportunity to return to the Magic Kingdom. But first it must pass three tests before the full moon. No one should know about this.

Time is running out - for Ophelia, and for the rebel unit. Everyone will have to confront difficulties and cruelty toward freedom.

3rd Hostel

Going on a sex tour through Europe, two American students and their frostbitten Icelandic companion know that the sweetest and most strawberry Bezbashenny extreme old woman waiting for them in Bratislava, where Eastern beauty ready to almost any gift to fulfill all the desires of hot Yankees! Shortly before the tourists is welcoming hotel of their dreams. But any amusement has its price, and in this place the price list written in blood! It is often visited by fans of other very fun, and when they take out their instruments, sickest fantasies fade before their surgical skills ...

2nd irreversibility

The story unwinds from end to beginning. The darkness of the night, the crimson glow on the walls of a brothel, pale as a sheet, face. Hero Vensenta Cassel tossed in a maze of staircases and passages of a clandestine gay clubs. The goal - to find and kill a man he never even ... saw in his eyes. But he has good reason to hate: a stranger to death raped his girlfriend, which happened to run in a deserted urban transition ...

Camaya naturalistic scene of rape in the history of cinema - 9 minutes of anal sex. Two murders, a crowd of gay and transgender people, completely naked Vensent Cassel and Monica Bellucci ...

1st American History X

The leader of a local gang of skinhead Derek Vinyard firmly holds the authority in your area. Self-righteous, he ruthlessly cracked down on those who do not have white skin. The independence and courage Derek admired by his younger brother Danny, who has also made his choice.

But the brutal murder of two black guys committed Derek shares the dear brother Derek is in a prison where there is a balance of power, and Danny on the freedom to successfully continue the work of his brother. As long as their paths did not cross again ...


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