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Based on site (a popular resource in the English-speaking segment of the Internet with an audience of about 7 million readers a month). Through this a dozen gangs passed, has to either of them is currently more than 1 million people in total, if not millions ...

No.1 - Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13)

Area: Central America, the United States
Criminal activity: * seals, weapons trafficking, murder, assassinations, extortion, kidnapping
Number of members: 70, 000

Now this street gangs attracted much attention worldwide. These scumbags - a product of the Cold War, born of Salvadoran refugees from the civil war in the 1980s, who settled in Los Angeles. For street gang MS-13 work with incredible organizational effectiveness. Recent news from the FBI (which included FBI official declaration that the MS-13 - is "the most brutal gang of America") does not frighten them - the people who kidnapped and killed the son of the Honduran president. They introduced their own laws on the streets of Honduras and El Salvador and muddy at such a level that even major human rights organizations dirty swear at them.

No.2 - Crips

Area: Los Angeles
Criminal activities: Illegal traffic on * seals, robbery, murder, extortion, forgery
Number of members: 50 000

Crips - this is one of the oldest and most notorious street gangs. They founded a teenager named Raymond Washington, who, as legend says, has always defended his fists, not weapons. From its earliest days Crips one characteristic has remained unchanged: the inability to develop a single, centralized power structure.
Like many other street gangs, Crips - in fact, a loose confederation of hundreds of bands around the United States. In fact, despite their well-known rivalry with the same megaalyansom gangs Bloods, Crip fighter sometimes more gladly kill his Crip'a same, although in theory it should destroy the Bloods. A long and bloody rivalry between two gangs Crips, Eight Tray Gangsters and the Rollin '60 Crips, well illustrates this.

No.3 - The Mungiki

Area: Nairobi, Kenya
Criminal activities: Murder, racketeering, extortion, serious injury, intimidation
Number of members: 100,000 - 500,000

In the language of Kikuyu, which is spoken in Kenya, the word «mungiki» means "a lot" ... an appropriate name for this vast ethnic group that has built a reputation as a hellish cruelty - said they prefer the machete blows. Their hallmark in the recent past has been severed human head on a stick. They are cut in dirty crowded slums of Nairobi, such as Mathare, pressed other ethnic groups and have enormous political influence. Despite their huge amount of information about the Mungiki little - a trait that contributes to the terror they inspire.

No.4 - 18th Street Gang

Area: Los Angeles, US West and South, Central America
Criminal activity: On * seals and arms trafficking, robbery, extortion, murder, assassinations, pro * titutsiya
Number of members: 65 000

With 50,000 members in Central America and thousands in the US (according to experts, these guys operate in 37 states and 10 foreign countries) 18th Street Gang organized, disciplined and sophisticated. Many people believe that they are better organized than their main competitor - MS 13. Perhaps, 18th Street Gang - the biggest gang in Los Angeles, even though about 15 000 members of the gang with the environment in LA divided into two virtually independent megabandy acting under a single label.

No.5 - Bloods

Area: Los Angeles
Criminal activities: Murder, trafficking by * seals, robbery, extortion
Number of members: 15 000 - 30 000

In Los Angeles, experts estimate the number at about 75 gangs Bloods (compare this with more than 200 gangs Crips). This gang has risen mainly through war with the Crips. During the 1980s, for example, one of the bloodiest confrontations in the history of gangs in Los Angeles was a massacre between the Bounty Hunters, one of the biggest bands in the Bloods and the Grape Street Crips.

Bloods were originally only «anti-Crips» gangs formed in the neighborhood, alarmed the rapid spread of gang Crips. By the mid-1970s, they were united under the name «Bloods» and began a total war - all the Crips gang against all gangs Bloods.

No.6 - Aryan Brotherhood (AB)

Territory: US federal and state prison systems
Criminal activities: Illegal traffic on * seals, conspiracy against the state, murder, extortion, assassinations
Number of members: 15 000 or more

In the Aryan Brotherhood of their people everywhere in the US federal prison system, especially in California. They are well organized, have excellent communication debugged in prisons and outside, and they have absolutely no fear of any punishment, they spit on the punishing sword of the state.
What else can you do with a guy sentence to life imprisonment in a high-security prison? They are not afraid of even the death penalty. AB became extraordinary killers. According to the FBI, the participants make up about one-tenth of one percent of the total number of American prisoners, but they are responsible for 18% (!!!!) all prison murders.

No.7 - Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC)

Territory: Brazilian prison system
Criminal activity: On * seals and arms trafficking, murder, extortion, prison riots, the organization jailbreak, kidnapping
Number of members: 6000 and a huge entourage

Formed in 1993 in prison Taubate Sao Paulo, PCC is not like other groups, they have a political agenda - the fight against the repressive conditions of overcrowding. Participants are required to take an oath and make monthly contributions to the common fund, which vary depending on the currently sits a man in prison or not. Although most of the participants imprisoned, they are well organized and it helps a huge amount of sympathizers in prison and on the outside. In 2006, they demonstrated their power by organizing a synchronous, simultaneous uprisings in 79 prisons in the state, at the same time bringing down the shaft of violence and anarchy in the streets of the city of Sao Paulo.

No.8 - Wah Ching

The territory of Hong Kong, San Francisco, Los Angeles
Criminal activity: On * seals and arms trafficking, extortion, murder, software piracy, theft, gambling, pro * titutsiya, borrow money
Number of members: over 7,000

Some accounts origin Wah Ching conducted almost 300 years ago, while the other is dated the birth of their mid-1960s. Their criminal activities are extremely versatile development. Wah Ching strong and superbly organized, as evidenced by two police raid in 1995 in Los Angeles, during which found an underground factory, where were made Wah Ching fake Microsoft products total value of $ 18 million. It was also found weapons and explosives warehouse, namely TNT and C-4.

No.9 - Jamaican Posse

Territory: Jamaica, eastern United States, Great Britain (known there as "Yardies")
Criminal activity: On * seals and arms trafficking, intimidation, murder
Number of members: 13 000 - 20 000

Known for their boundless passion for violence and the use of modern powerful firearms, Jamaican Posse addition closely related to the two main political parties in Jamaica, the People's National Party (PNP) and the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), just as they have a warm connection with the police and armed Islands forces.

Authorities know many separate bands within this megagruppirovki. The two most frequently mentioned in the reports - it Spangler Posse, working with the PNP, and the Shower Posse, working with the JLP. Shower Posse got its name in honor of eloquent bullet holes in the bodies of their enemies.

No.10 - Area Boys

Area: Lagos, Nigeria
Criminal activities: Illegal traffic on * seals, extortion, murder, sedition
Number of members: 35 000

During the past three decades, Area Boys in Nigeria have gone from a handful of street children living small crime, to a huge, albeit still largely unorganized street gang responsible for the acts of extortion and murder. Local authorities, who have made many unsuccessful attempts to stop the humanitarian gang linked to the increasing level of * Elijah with a weak economy, high unemployment and increasing prevalence in the * Addiction among gang members.


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