Mysterious Death

Vasily Shukshin

His last year of life has been very successful ... Sergei Bondarchuk offered Shukshin Lopakhin role in the film "They Fought for Their Country". Filming began in August 1974 on the Don. By early October SHukshin almost complete role he could play in the last episode. October 4 he had to return to Moscow ...

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October 1 Shukshin felt good. He called home from the post office in Moscow, went to the bath, until late at night with all watched on TV hockey match USSR - Canada. He parted the end. At about nine in the morning Burkov went into the corridor with the intention to wake Shukshin. He recalls: "I knocked on Shukshin. The door was not locked. But I did not enter. I was afraid of something. I called out to him. He is also the shooting was time to get up. He did not respond. Well, I thought, let her sleep ... »

From recollections Burkova: "I went down the hall and confronted with Hubenko. "Nicholas, - I said - Look to Vasya, he was soon to shoot, but he something does not arise." He went to him. He began to shake his shoulder, as the lifeless hand, touched her pulse, but it is not. Shukshin died in his sleep. "From the heart failure" - said the doctor »...

There is a version that in that fateful night on the ship "Danube" was a murder. After Basil Kravchuk never complained on the heart. Before filming Shukshin was examined in "the Kremlin hospital." According to the testimony of some members of the crew, for a day or two before the death of the actor on the set, where the film "They Fought for Their Country" appeared to some stranger. And no one knew where he was and why there was unsteady. And he disappeared immediately after the death of Basil Kravchuk.

Zoya Fedorova

December 11, 1981 71-year-old actress Zoya Fedorova had been shot in the head in his three-room apartment house number 243 4/2 Kutuzovsky Prospekt. The murder is still unsolved. Among his possible motives called the alleged involvement of the actress to the secret operations of the KGB (there were rumors about the involvement in the murder of the KGB), and its relationship with the so-called "diamond mafia", consisting mainly of relatives of high-ranking Soviet officials and engaged in buying and resale of jewelry and antiques.

Viktor Tsoi

15 August 1990 at 12 hours and 15 minutes at 35 km of the Soca - Talsi (Latvia) there was a collision of the car "Moskvich-2141" in dark blue with a scheduled bus "Ikarus-280". Driver "Moskvich" was a well-known musician, leader of the group "Kino" Viktor Tsoi.

The official version, "the car was moving on the highway at a speed of at least 130 km / h, the driver Victor R. Choi lost control. Death VR Tsoi was instantaneous ... »

From the materials of the case:
"Ikarus 250" blown off the road into a small creek Tёitupe for bridge ... Driver lakov Fibiks working in Tallinn office Latselhoztehniki, escaped with minor injuries and shock. Before that, he took the tourist group at the airport and came back.
New "Moskvich-2141" YA6832 MM powerful punch thrown 18 meters on to the bridge. It remained intact except that the rear bumper. When viewed from obvious that a blow to the car came from left to right, front to back. Apparently, the front bumper "Icarus" was held on the hood "Moskvich" directly into the cabin. The steering wheel is bent from the driver, shot down seats, broken down the front panel. Hood flew, everything else is creased. & Quot;

Forensic examination showed that the alcohol in the blood of the deceased was found. He died as a result of the accident from the numerous body injuries. Criminal proceedings have been initiated "in the absence of corpus delicti in the actions of the driver." And, therefore, forensic, investigative and other assessments are not carried out.

Mike Naumenko

In August 1991, Mike Naumenko, the leader of the "Zoo", was found dead in his room in a communal apartment on the street Razyezzhaya: the cause of his death was a fracture of the skull base. Doctors determined that he died August 27, 1991 from a brain haemorrhage.
The circumstances of his death remain largely mysterious. Wrote rock journalist Nikolai Kharitonov, "On the Tsoi, at least, everything was clear - if not in fact, that the form - how it all happened. Mike is ... simply disappeared, leaving no trace. »

Drummer "Zoo" Valeri Kirilov expressed a different point of view: according to him, Mike Naumenko really died of a cerebral hemorrhage, but it was not due to natural causes, but because of the fracture of the skull base as a result of a severe blow inflicted to him in a courtyard the robbery. This is evidenced by the loss of personal belongings Mike Naumenko.
There is also the testimony of a teenager who allegedly saw Mike in the yard of someone raised from the ground. After the attack, Mike died on the spot and managed to climb to his home, but there are definitely weak and lay unconscious for a long time, no one in a communal ignore. When he finally found a close and called an ambulance, it was too late.

Alexey Rybin, the producer of the album songs Mike Naumenko "Park MAYKskogo period" was a version of "I'm sorry, of course, alcohol. On the night before his death from Vasina drank heavily. Mike was bad, very bad condition, with a black face. In this state fall back of his head on the asphalt - a breeze. Mike received a fracture of the skull base - typical alcoholic death, when a man in a deep intoxication falls on his back. »

Igor talc

Igor Talkova killed Oct. 6, 1991. Everything happened in Petersburg Palace of Sports "Jubilee": the singer was shot dead right outside the dressing room as a result of a scuffle with his concert director Valery Shlyafmanom and Igor Malakhov. The second possible suspect in the murder of the singer, Shlyafman, now lives in Israel. Criminal proceedings on the death of Talkova suspended a few years ago, but not closed.

During the investigation of the murder of his Talkova administrator Valery Shlyafman he became one of the main suspects, along with a bodyguard Aziza Igor Malakhov, which October 6, 1991 started dismantling the shooting. After a series of examinations investigation concluded that the last, fatal shot was fired from a pistol Shlyafmana.
The funeral of the legendary musician, who died at the height of his fame, were crowded. Burial and still is a place of pilgrimage for lovers of his work, and from the grave, as well as with life Talkova, involves a lot of mystical.

Igor Sorin

According to the official version of Igor Sorin, former lead singer of "Ivanushki-International» jumped from the balcony of the sixth floor of the studio "Kosmos". At 7.10 am, Igor was taken to the 71-th city hospital. Doctors found a fracture of the first and fifth cervical vertebrae, bruised kidneys, complete paralysis of the lower body, partial paralysis of the hands. It was decided to operate. The operation was successful, but the heart of the artist could not stand, and 4 September the actor died.

Meanwhile, in July 2013. Andrei Grigoryev-Apollonov told the Eugene Dodolevu (Channel "Moscow 24"), that in fact there has been a manslaughter: Igor accidentally turned his neck and then thrown out of the window to hide the circumstances surrounding the death . Grigoriev, Apollo said that Sorin visited in the hospital - he was still conscious. "He did not have bruises. On the seventh floor you fall without bruises? - Continued "red Ivanushka". - He just rolled his neck some karate. " In this regard, the State Duma deputy Hope Shkolkina 08.29.2013 year filed a request with the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika to conduct an audit on the circumstances of the death of the former singer of the group "Ivanushki - International» Igor Sorin.

Michael Krug

In the night from June 30 to July 1, 2002 at Circle house in the village Mamulino (Tver district) was attacked. The house, in addition to the singer, were four other people - his wife and children Tesza. The door was opened by a three-story house.

Two unknown attackers penetrated the third floor of the house between about 23:00 and 0:15, where they found the mother in law of the Circle, and attacked her, causing her injuries. At the cries of the women ran Michael Krug and his wife Irina. The criminals opened fire with handguns. She managed to escape from the neighbors, and Michael received two severe gunshot wounds, after which time lost consciousness. The perpetrators fled the scene. The visitor a circle managed to get to a neighbor's house Vadim Rusakova, where his wife was hiding. Rusakov took him to the Tver city hospital № 6. In the meantime, we came to call the police and "first aid", found in a house the range of his wounded mother in law. Circle Children are not affected, since at the time the crimes were asleep. Sam Michael Krug, despite the efforts of doctors, he died in the morning on July 1.

Farewell memorial service was held July 3 at 10 am in the Tver Drama Theater. At the funeral attended by Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Alexander Semchev Ephraim Amiramov Katya Ogonek, brothers Pearl, Vick Tsyganov, many leaders of the Tver region, including its governor Vladimir Platov. The funeral procession of cars stretched for several kilometers. After the funeral service in the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Tver circle was buried on Dmitrovo-Cherkassky cemetery.

Versions built a variety of murder. For example, producer Vadim Tsyganov suggested that this could be an attempt of robbery. Shortly before the murder Circle recorded an album under the working title "Tverichanka" (later released under the title "Confessions"), for which it is from day to day, I was to receive a fee. This version swept aside by those who believed that the Circle genuinely respected in criminal circles, but it was at the beginning of the investigation was the most popular. According to another version, the Circle was the victim of planned and may have a contract killing.

Murat Nasyrov

Officially, Murat Nasyrov committed suicide. The Prosecutor's Office has been investigating the death of the singer, and did not find any evidence to support the violent nature of his death, he closed the case. January 19, 2007 the singer jumped from the fifth floor, wearing a camera around his neck and pressed his chest own portrait.

Relatives of the singer stated: "For us, the death of Murat - a mystery until now. But we know for sure: to leave the life he certainly was not going to. But push him to it could! ..
 - Murat could poison, - the brother of the singer. - This assumption of our family. Three hours before the incident, he was sitting in the company, all drinking cocktail. Murat also drank. Then he left, and Christine girl from the company after the cocktail became ill, she did not even remember that it was on ... And Murat came home ...

From the story of his brother: "The show is called Murat home Baghlan Sadvakasova close friend:" Jeanne, it's okay. " And you know what, he called to Natasha's mobile phone (wife of the singer - ed.), Who was lying at home? A very Natasha was not at home. When Murat took place the events that he had fallen in the attack, wanted to commit suicide, he said that the daughter mom allegedly took off on a cellular connection, and a mobile home, it turns out, was! "

"Where is he going to go. What happened, why it is so beautifully dressed? And then, where is the camera, about which they speak? .. And then the fact: Who saw Murat fell out the window? Difficult to know the true reason. All Murat with a claimed. But I am convinced that no suicide or accident was not. & Quot;

Roman Trachtenberg

The death of the famous showman, a successful TV and radio Roman Trachtenberg impressed all his colleagues, close friends and the public. Roman Trachtenberg was 41 years old, he said of himself that had never been sick. November 20, 2009 during a live broadcast of the program "Trahty or reason" to "Lighthouse" he suddenly became ill. His co-host Lena Batinova recalls: "When the air was kind of song, Roma said:" Batinova, I feel bad ... "I took him to the window to get some fresh air it. Editors called "fast", but she did not have time to drop off Roma to the hospital. "

According to the official conclusion of experts, Trachtenberg died due to acute cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease, as it has been revealed liver problems. Experts explained that the cause of death was obvious: Do Trachtenberg had a weak heart. The Roman blood was found the average dose of alcohol, drug traces were not.
Roman before his death often talked on the air about the constant dream in which he invariably die. Just a few hours before the tragedy in his last live he pathetically said: "I want to die on stage ...".

Vladimir Turchinsky

Vladimir Turchinsky died on 16 December 2009 in his country house in the village Pashukova Noginsk district. According to experts, Turchinsky death was caused by acute coronary insufficiency. Upon the death of Vladimir Turchinsky investigators examined medical institution where he experienced the last six months of life. One of the clinics, which are checked in the first place - it is a hospital in the "Running", where Dynamite makes the procedure to cleanse the blood.

His friends said, "Volodya was supposed to be for a day in the hospital after the transfusion, but instead he just went home to sleep. And cardiac arrest began in a dream, if it was day or in a hospital, it was still possible to save the man. Health he was furious ... All because of this rejuvenation »

Vladislav Galkin

February 27, 2010 at around 14:00 Vladislav Galkin, was found dead in a Moscow apartment. The day before, the father of the actor scored anxiety, inform the other families that Vladislav more days not contacted. The apartment of the actor arrived friends, but calls on the door no one answered. Caused by a team of rescuers opened the apartment door at 14:07. According to separate reports, the actor's body was found in the bed or on the floor, he lay face down.

In the primary external inspection body signs of violent death was found. Examination revealed that the actor died about two or three days before the discovery of the body and the cause of death was acute heart failure called cardiac arrest. The death certificate as the cause contains "cardiomyopathy (sudden cardiac arrest)»

The program "Man and Law" Vladislav Galkin father, actor Boris Galkin, given the facts on which to make an assumption about the premeditated murder. Since February 19, Vladislav Galkin took the bank $ 136,000, which was going to spend on repairs in the apartment, purchased after breaking up with his wife. According to his father, the actor kept the money at home (what prospective customers and executors of the crime could know); In addition, the phone Galkina Jr. come SMS-messages with threats and a few days after the visit to the bank on the face of the actor appeared bruises.

According to Boris Galkin, scrapes and bruises were visible on the body of the actor is already dead and in the primary medical examination immediately after the body was discovered. Listed Galkin Sr. amount during the search the apartment has not been found. Confused father and the presence in the room next to the body of the bottle of cognac and a package of tomato juice: after Vladislav was diagnosed with pancreatitis, he stopped drinking alcohol and sat on a diet. Version Boris Galkin support and a family friend, a doctor, Mikhail Zakharov, who suggests that the characteristic bruising and bleeding talking about death due to suffocation

Alexander Bielawski

September 8, 2012 in central Moscow killed by jumping from the window of his apartment, People's Artist Alexander Bielawski. Performer of the Soviet Fox series "The venue can not be changed," died on the spot as a result of hitting the ground, reported in law enforcement.

According to preliminary reports, 80-year-old actor jumped from a window on the landing between the fifth and sixth floor of an apartment house. At the same time, he lived on the second floor and after a stroke could hardly move. The eldest daughter of the actor Nadezhda says that even if he could own up the stairs to the fifth floor, he could hardly get on the windowsill. It is absolutely certain that the death of his father - a tragic accident. He could fall out of the window because of heart problems.

Andrei Panin

March 7, 2013 in an apartment on Avenue Balaklava was found dead Andrei Panin. Initially, the cause of death was called an accident. Actor found lying on the floor in his apartment, and experts initially believed that he fell from his own height and hit his head.

However, some time later, forensic experts concluded that before the death of the actor was severely beaten. The actor were recorded multiple fractures of the skull base and vault, heavy brain contusion, abrasions on the knuckles and bruises on his knees. Strange sounds and moans heard and neighbors do not give them enough attention.

"She was beaten by hard blunt objects.




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