5 vivid images Armen Jigarkhanyan

3 October celebrated 78 years of remarkable actor of theater and cinema. Armen Dzhigarkhanyan played more than 250 roles, was the most removable actor in the history of national cinema. Today we remember the most striking of the works of the great masters.

Armen Borisovich - a unique person. And not only that with remarkable accuracy and reliability creates images of their characters. Even the fact that in his long artistic career Armen Dzhigarkhanyan never found himself at the center of a scandal is not too biased, designed to support the fading popularity. However, its popularity did not require such measures: the actor fell into the Guinness Book of Records as the largest number of roles played, and got a green card the United States for his contribution to the arts. By the way, a few months of the year, Armen B. lives in Texas - one of his fans gave the actor semikomnatny house. So, what kind of role Dzhigarkhanyan so fond of the audience?

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1. The captain Ovechkin: "Elusive»

This character Armen Borisovich appeared in two parts known adventure trilogy, "The New Adventures of the elusive" and "Crown of the Russian Empire, or Again elusive." Dzhigarkhanyan role in these tapes were not basic, but pretty adds color to the popular film of the time. The captain Ovechkin - white officer, was almost the most dangerous opponent elusive. Creating the image of Ovechkin, Dzhigarkhanyan attaches particularly sinister traits that make a character actor more convex and real. Remember tic Ovechkin, which manifests itself in very hot moments? The officer delayed gate and made a whistling breath, though he strangled his jacket. However, all of the surrounding instantly understood that strangles Ovechkin is not the gate, and anger. And paled in terror before his fury.

2. The leader of the gang of "black cat" hunchback Carp: "The venue can not be changed»

The mega-popular detective series with Vladimir Vysotsky starring Dzhigarkhanyan played a very cruel villain in all his cinematic career. From the hunchback was so dense wave force and brutality that she felt everyone on the other side of the screen. Hunchback Dzhigarkhanyan really scared. And it was not in the makeup and not replicas Armen Dzhigarkhanyan able to look at the camera, so that once it became clear - this bandit is capable of anything. However, the talent Armen Borisovich play vicious crime bosses exploited in the future many more. Oh very convincing actor turned out to play a truly dangerous man.

3. John Silver, one-legged pirate, "Treasure Island»

Strictly speaking, it is not the role and voice. However, at the end of the cartoon, when the credits, Armen B. appears on the screen in the form of a one-legged pirate with a pipe. Silver phrase "And then those who remain alive will envy the dead" by Dzhigarkhanyan caused shudders not only cartoon opponents Silver, and spectators. By the way, "Treasure Island" happy to look not only children but also adults, -obayanie cartoon characters is so great that "The Island" wants to revise again and again. Maybe, of course, also because, as a child of the current adult cartoon rarely shown on TV all at once. But the main reason for the popularity of the "Island" - is still in an optimistic Dr. Livesey, Captain Trelawney pedantry and, of course, in a particular tone of voice John Silver. Another work from the series of the animated genre - Wolf's voice from the cartoon "There was a dog." His "Right now sing" - it is still unforgettable.

4. Mafia boss Kozyulsk "Shirley Myrli»

A black comedy by Vladimir Menshov tore a lot of applause. Humor in the film, I must say, on the brink of a foul. In this film Dzhigarkhanyan played a mafia boss, always surrounded by faithful "six" by the name of Kozyulsk. Surname funny because Kozyulsk tried by all means to be like a person over whom to laugh, hardly anyone dares. The main surprise for the viewers of the film was that Armen Borisovich, is completely devoid of hypocrisy and not shy ribald jokes. Some of his phrases even went on the internet memes. Type "will sleep when the diamond 's get!" It is true that the original was not "sleep" and the other, similar sounding words, but we shall not give the effect of natural shyness. And what about the wardrobe Kozyulsk? Someone with such a luster and so naturally capable of wearing the orange jacket with a yellow shirt and green handkerchief?

5. The waiter Tristan: "Dog in the Manger»

Love and gentlemen Teodoro Diana was hardly destined to end a noisy wedding, if not crafty rascal Tristan - valet Teodoro. Noble aristocrat, besides the beautiful Diana was surrounded by a round dance fans, eager to give her hand, heart and himself into the bargain. The guy without a title, family status and relations with them simply do not stand a chance. In addition, the union representatives of different social strata would clearly condemned by society - on time, on manners. But it took an enterprising Tristan, who brilliantly played Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. His true in the reviews referred decoration film. It is noteworthy, that the replica of the hero Dzhigarkhanyan voiced Ivan Efimov, but songs and tips Tristan film are in the author's performance of Armen Borisovich.



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