5 mysterious stories and simple explanations (7 photos)

Our world is full of mysterious and unknown, and all the fascinating and mysterious attempts our minds. But sometimes we do endow ordinary things and events mysterious halo. Just because it's so interesting.

1. The Dyatlov Pass Incident

In January 1959, nine young tourists - students and graduates of the Ural Polytechnic Institute went hiking in the north of the Sverdlovsk region. Led hike fifth-year student, Igor Dyatlov. The ultimate goal of this campaign was a mountain Otorten (translated from Mansi language means "do not go there"), which the tourists had to win and come back. However, the tourists did not return.

February 26 tent tourists, cut inside, was found on a mountain Holat-Sjahl slope ("Mountain of the Dead"). Judging by the contents of the tent, it was suddenly abandoned by all tourists - there were found belongings, shoes, money and products travelers. Later, the bodies were found of 9 participants of the tour.
It turned out that some of them died from hypothermia and the other - from the numerous injuries. Most of the bodies were found badly dressed and without shoes. In addition, one of the tourists absent language and some garments containing radioactive substances. The criminal case was closed with the conclusion that the cause of death was the tourists' force of nature, to overcome which they were not able to ».

In recent years, the story became Internet sensation. There was a lot of versions, with many home-grown "researchers" are inclined to such exotic causes of death "dyatlovtsev" as aliens, ghosts and even a snow man.

Simple explanation:
7 mysterious factors in this story excite the minds of people: lack of language from one of the corpses, strange orange hue of the skin of corpses, cut inside the tent, the lack of warm clothes the deceased, injuries that were found only three tourists and, of course, the traces of radioactivity on the clothes of the victims. In addition, according to some accounts, the same night that killed the tourists appeared in the sky fireballs, which saw more than one person.
Recall that the body of tourists have been found in a few weeks after the death (presumably, judging by found diaries "dyatlovtsy" died on the night of 1 February 2). Four bodies were found in May, after the snow began to descend. Wild animals begin to eat the corpse with the softest parts - in this case the language. The orange hue of bodies could be formed from the fact that the body is surrounded by snow for a long time lying in the sun.
Injuries tourists and cut the tent can be explained by the fact that the tent went avalanche. Tourists cut the tent and ran away, without having to put on shoes and dress. In addition, freezing people sometimes, instead of dress, undress - this is due to the fact that the freezing of human disrupted brain. As for the radioactivity and "fireballs", the original documents of this says nothing. It seems like it was hit upon by people who love the sensation.
In general, there is no indication that a "dyatlovtsami" was anything more than an accident. Supporters of the mystical and conspiracy theories do not want to put up with it and are looking for new evidence that "dyatlovtsev" kill not "force of nature", but something else, is much more interesting.

2. The disappearance of the Roanoke colony

Roanoke Colony was either the first permanent settlement in North America or well thought unkind jokes. Sir Walter Raleigh, at whose expense the colony was founded, to send settlers and left them there to fend for themselves without any food supply, most likely, simply to see whether or not they survive.
However, something happened that no one expected - the colony simply vanished. The second group of settlers found a skeleton and a mysterious word "Lumbee" carved on a tree.
What happened to the colony? Maybe settlers stole the aliens or other mysterious creatures?

A simple explanation
UFOs or ghosts here at anything. Simply abandoned to their fate guys acquainted with the natives of the tribe "Lumbee", which is much better than the settlers knew how to get food and how in general to live on this island. So they took a very reasonable decision - to quit the colony and join kroatoantsam.

3. Mysterious creatures in Hopkinsville

In 1955, the family Sutton had dinner on the veranda of his house with a family friend, Billy Ray Taylor. Billy walked to drink water from the well ... This is where it started, and mysterious events, which they say so far. Billy ran back to the porch, crying that the sky blazing strange lights, and Sutton suggested to look at this miracle. Sutton ran into the yard, but instead they saw celestial lights in the courtyard of strange glowing creature with a large head, large ears, glowing eyes and long arms. Seeing humanoids Sutton tried to kill them with a rifle, but the creature rather than perish, simply disappeared in the darkness.

Simple explanation:
Sutton not only described the creatures and draw them. It must be said that the heads of these creatures remarkably similar to the usual night owls head. And given that Sutton that evening quite drunk and afraid, you can imagine what drew their imagination.

4. Mad gasman

In the early 30-ies the residents of two American towns were subjected to strange attacks: a man nicknamed subsequently "crazy gas fitter" poisoned people's homes with poison gas by spraying it through the window, sometimes without even setting up roadblocks to the victim could not get out of the poisoned areas. The victims of these attacks, complained of weakness and pain in the throat. These events have sown panic among the population.
Of course, it began an official investigation of the events. Some of the victims claimed that they were able to see the "gas maniac", but they described "mad gasman" quite differently. Someone said that it was a man, someone - a woman, someone maniac seemed thin, someone full of .... In general, if you collect all descriptions together, it is unlikely that the earth will be a person who would not have fallen by at least one of these descriptions. "Mad gasman" was never caught, but the story has acquired a huge number of rumors and versions, sometimes completely improbable.

Simple explanation:
Two weeks after the start of the investigation, Thomas Wright, a member of the Health, said: "There is no doubt that the" gas maniac "actually exists, and that he actually carried out a series of attacks. However, many allegations of attacks are nothing but a manifestation of mass hysteria. The whole city is sick hysteria ».
But the local police chief said that no gas maniac does not exist. Just some people heard a noise outside the window, opened the window, felt a strange smell, and dismissed rumors of gas maniac. It's worth noting that in the city there were a lot of companies that pollute the air.
However, these statements do not reassure people. Reports of gas attacks kept coming, however, none of them confirmed.
Most likely "gas maniac" actually existed. Researchers say that in the end the identity of the maniac has been installed, it turned out to be a student of the local medical school, which is actually a couple of times sprayed gas through the windows, which led to mass hysteria. When asked why he did it, he replied that he was just crazy.

5. Starchild Skull (Star Child)

In 1930, in an abandoned mine was found the skull of unusual shape. The experts found that the skull of about 900 years. Fans of all paranormal once said that the skull belongs to an alien, or other mysterious creatures. This skull has not discussed just lazy, and of course, to many it seemed much more interesting to consider this part of the skull of a mysterious creature, than to look for simple explanations. However, the simple explanation is still there.

Simple explanation:
Most of the UFO for some reason believes that the aliens are similar to humans (two eyes, mouth, nose), with a few differences (well, for example, they may have a different color of skin or eyes of a different size). But why creatures from other planets, the terms of which are not similar to the earth, should be similar to men? However, some researchers agree that aliens do not have to be like us, so they claim that the "Star Child", whose skull was found in a mine, is the fruit of the love of the dugout and alien.
Yet, researchers are not inclined to search for the mysterious and the paranormal, said that the skull belonged to a young child aged from 3 to 5 years. Obviously, the child suffered malformations, which are the cause of the strange shape of the skull. There are many diseases that lead to deformation of the skull - why lovers of mysteries forgot about it?


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