Ghosts of transport (10 photos)

Ten of the most horrible and mysterious stories with "transport" ghosts

Flight "401 Eastern Air Lines»

Tenth December 1972 jet airliner crashed in the Everglades swamp in Florida. The crash killed 101 people, including the pilot, Bob Loft and Flight Engineer Don Repo.

About the crash immediately crept terrible rumors. Surviving parts broken machine dismantled for parts for other aircraft, then on board began to observe strange phenomena: from time to time in the passenger seat ghost appears Repo and Loft, and even engage in a conversation with members of the crew. The figures of those killed were incredibly realistic. And they appeared in those places where they were inserted or used aircraft parts collapsed. Once one of them suddenly appeared ghosts scared to death, and flight engineer reported that he had spent the preflight check. A silhouette of the face of Don Repo, warning of three members of the crew of an impending fire during flight, once seen in a microwave (you guess where dragged?). Some time later, the plane caught fire engine, and the flight was canceled.

Officially Eastern Airlines declined to comment on the phenomenon. However, the ghost guards have become something of a legend among the employees of the airline. They say that even the vice president once had a chance to meet with them.

2. Black Volga

Nobody knew who was behind the wheel. Some have argued that in the cabin were the priests and other nuns spotted inside, while others swore that sat behind the wheel of the devil himself.

Black Volga - it appears from nowhere limousine with white discs and curtains on the windows. According to rumors, the mirror turns into a horn.

Vehicle children abducted and killed anyone who dared approach him (sometimes immediately, and sometimes the victim is dead exactly 24 hours). No one knew why the Volga abducted children may have sold them to the Arabs, who needed to cure leukemia or their organs were taken.

The myth of the black Volga quickly razoshёlsya of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland and Mongolia. However, no conclusive evidence of its existence has not been found.

We add that these limousines were the most expensive cars in the Soviet Union. They drove mostly the top party leadership.

3. Train «Silverpilen»

In the capital of a peaceful, prosperous Swedish hiding a terrible secret. Silver shining ghost train «Silverpilen» (Silver Arrow) travels on the subway, occasionally stopping at different stations.

Sometimes there is no one inside, sometimes it is full of ghostly silhouettes of passengers. And if a "povёzet" sit on it, you can see the station dead "Kimling" (it exists in reality, but long-abandoned). After that, probably more than you no one will see. In the best case - be able to get out of there in a couple of weeks or even years.

Silverpilen -Really once existed train. This is an experimental model consisting of eight carriages class C5. She did not let the conveyor, but occasionally used during peak hours.

Unpainted, outlined graffiti, silver train - an eerie sight. Although Silverpilen very rarely appeared on the track it is rumored he still pursues workers in abandoned subway tunnels.

4. Ghost Bus London

In 1934, the driver of the car suddenly veered off the road when driving along the Cambridge Gardens. It was a terrible death: the car crashed into a wall and explode.

No one could explain what had happened. However, many witnesses of the accident determined that it was a ghost bus. According to rumors he was often seen in the period between thirty and nineties years of the last century.

It was a very realistic copy of the red double-decker bus with a scheduled number 7. It always appears at exactly 1:15 am, with a roar rushing toward frightened drivers.

Because of the darkness in the cabin to see who was sitting behind the wheel, it was impossible. And when oncoming cars turned around, trying to avoid a collision, it appeared that the bus and gone.

5. "Pippo" - aircraft ghost

During World War II, Italy had not sweet: the Nazi leadership and Nazi allies literally terrorized the population, while the Allied forces was considered her enemy.

However, in the north of the country, there is something much more inspires fear - the plane "Pippo". Nobody knew where he came from, how to look, who was at the helm, and most importantly - to whom belonged.

It was rumored that the guns fighter shot anyone who comes his way. The aircraft has been recognized by the characteristic sound of its engines (whence came the name), and appeared mostly at night.

According to rumors, in his deadly arsenal that only was not: exploding pens, poisoned candy and powerful bombs. Sometimes, out of boredom Pippo opened fire on farmers. And although the history of the aircraft is more like fiction, historians believe that she was hiding something more.

In fact, most likely it was a squadron of British night fighters of the "De Havilland Mosquito." The sound of their engines is very similar to the one that attributed Pippo. Anyway, in the memory of people he was a ghost, a kind of reminder of the horrors of the Second World War.

6. Bouncing car

They say that when the car starts to move by itself - it is a bad omen. Members of the same family from Cape Town experienced it first hand, waking up one night by a strong roar.

Jumping on the street, they saw their guests car brand "Renault" literally jumped on the court and only a massive fence could subdue him gallop. At first everybody thought that someone was trying to steal a car, but the thief himself was never found.

There was no trace of penetration into the yard, the car was locked and the windows are intact. Even the handbrake has not been raised.

When police arrived, the officers did not believe a word of witnesses roared, did not start jumping again until you hit a tree hibiscus.

After an investigation by representatives of the company "Renault" have suggested that the problem was caused by a rusty starter cables. But even in this case, without explanation were growling sounds coming underside hood of the car.

7. Abraham Lincoln Ghost Train

This is perhaps one of the most famous and terrible "transport ghosts" in history. They say that every year in the month of April, he toured the 180 American cities.

If we look at history, we learn that this is a funeral train, in which Abraham Lincoln went to his last trip. Rumor has it that when he passes, all the clocks are stopped nearby.

The president in the ghost train is not visible - the coffin with his remains, covered with an American flag, guarded by the spirits of the soldiers in uniform. The train comes out of black, thick fog, which was dragged wagons.

During his appearance, the air becomes heavier and colder. Annual repeats the route the funeral procession length of 2 700 kilometers, with the only difference that never reaches the destination - Springfield (Illinois).

8. Damn car Franz Ferdinand

Even before the First World War, production machines «Graf & Stift» successfully sold, and among the company's customers are well-known and wealthy people.

One of these machines was shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand. His murder was the last straw in a growing tension between the European countries and was the beginning of the First World War. Everyone is familiar with the historical and political implications of the murder, but not many people know about the strange story associated with it.

Over the next twelve years, the car was replaced by Franz Ferdinand fifteen owners and caused thirteen accidents. Austrian general, for example, went mad and ended up in a mental hospital. Another driver nine days after the purchase of a car knocked down at a speed of two peasants and drove into a tree (despite the best efforts to avoid an accident). Another owner committed suicide.

But that is not all. President of Yugoslavia during the vehicle ownership was a member of four accidents, one of which cost him his arm. Serbian farmer did not even have to sit behind the wheel - the car overturned while being towed and crushed him.

The last owner had no luck most of all: the car suddenly out of control when he went to a wedding with five of his friends. As the legend goes, they all died in the crash.

Then surfaced again in the 50s of the last century, but in the existence of the curse of the car did not believe no one in particular.

Most of all, we did not know what was the cause of all these deaths, because Today the car is broken in an Austrian museum.

9. Porsche Spyder James Dean

zheyms Dean was Heath Ledger his time: beautiful, talented and promising actor, whose life was tragically cut short at the height of his youth and fame. He died in an accident in his Porsche 550 Spyder, which affectionately called "little bastard».

The car, as it soon turned out, was cursed.

Surviving and spare parts purchased by George Barris. Rebuilt engine Porsche went racing Lotus and he soon gained a grim reputation, becoming a member of the set of accidents, one of which ended very tragically.

Troubles occurred not only on roads or race tracks: one car without any reason caught fire in the garage. Once he mysteriously disappeared from the sealed wagon. And though all these stories about the damn car is well known, the majority believes that they invented himself, George Barris.

According to rumors, he was personally interested in the death of Dean. But even if this is true, there is one caveat creepy. Alec Guinness (played the role of Obi Wan Kenobi in "Star Wars"), predicted the death of James. According to legend, he asked Guinness, what he thinks about the engine of his car. The answer was: "If you sit behind the wheel, you will die in the next week." Dean died in exactly seven days.

10. Phantom of the German submarine

Submarines were a formidable weapon in the First World War. One of these was the German submarine class «UB III», Flood 507 ships, including the battleship «Britannia».

However, a submarine of this type represent a danger not only for the enemy, but also for the crew. Even the process of its creation was the sheer catastrophe: three workers suffocated from diesel exhaust, and two crushed beam.

During the test, one of the sailors fell overboard and disappeared. And Launching, to put it mildly, did not work: the bottom of the submarine quickly flooded with water due to rupture of ballast tanks.

The crew of a few hours was almost at the bottom of the ocean, while the compartments are filled with poisonous gases from povrёzhdennoy battery. And although they were eventually rescued, the health of each of them had suffered extensive damage as a result of which two died from gas poisoning.

Despite this, the submarine found fit for launching. During one of the first missions of a torpedo explosion killed eight crew members and officers. Soon after witnesses reported that they saw a ghost on the submarine.

Soon thereafter, the ship's captain decapitated by shrapnel. That night, several sailors saw the ghost of an officer guarding the headless body.

This was the last straw that broke the patience of the whole team, and they were asked to transfer to another ship, but the leadership of the German fleet was not able to find a replacement until the former crew did not agree to carry out the ritual of exorcism.

Alas, it did not help: a few months later overtaken by an American submarine U-65, and torpedoed it. However, the captain of the American ship later said that he had not had a chance to open fire. According to him, U-65 exploded herself.


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