15 "overheard" stories that should be told

We at the Site appreciate the love, humor, good deeds, and generally anything that brings people happiness, and believe that such things need to tell.

So this time we've found 15 amazing (and most importantly, living) stories should be told.

  • Feel like the luckiest daughter on earth. Parents are constantly doing something... that's the word Fig up. For example, when mother night goes to the toilet or get a drink of water, dad jumps up, quickly throws her under the blanket, pile of books or magazines, up cat and runs her side of the bed coverlet. Rovnenko! And as if nothing had happened lies with the type to sleep. Mom comes in, sees all this stuff, shouting: "I'll Kill you, old man!" — pulls out his blanket and throw pillow. They're so mad about five minutes to seven, kiss and go to sleep. My mom is 50, dad — 55. Who's to say that all have to grow up?
  • Talk to your son, 6 years old:
    — Andriy, what are the signs of autumn.
    — Well, the birds fly away, leaves flies from the trees, winter tyres on it must be changed.
    — Signs of winter?
    — It's snowing, and tire change is not necessary.
    I'm in hysterics.
    — But in the spring what do we have?
    — Birds fly, the leaves bloom AGAIN... the TIRES NEED to be CHANGED!
    The man grows!
  • My cat saved my life. Took a bath, he was lying in the sink and dozed off. When he realized that the water cools down, stood up and opened the tap with hot water. Slipped and fell. Woke up from someone hitting me in the face. It turns out, fainted and almost drowned, and Katenka sat on the edge, shouting desperately, and beat me with their paws, to Wake up.

  • 4 years old daughter loves when I walk around town, listening to street musicians and throw them coins. The other day so I walked and ran into drummers: daughter 20 minutes danced in front of them, lowered all the detail. When he left — everyone was given a candy. The boys were happy.
  • Went to study for 2 thousand kilometers from their parents. Talking to mom on the phone can hear in the background a child crying. Turns out dad depicts a seal, so I didn't miss much.
  • Evening. Leningrad station. Buy a ticket on the train. The purse is 28 rubles — exactly the ticket. Then the machine swallows the ruble and does not display it. Rummage through his pockets in search of the ruble. Loudly say: "Damn, where is the ruble going to take?!" Answer from behind: "Big brother will help you." Turn, is homeless, and gave me a ruble. Here! And they say kindness does not happen!
  • I don't like his awful soup. But when he cooks it, I eat in silence and smile. After all, once came home early from work, I saw with what love and what a pretty face he carved carrot hearts. The soup is terrible. But love is big.

  • Sat with a friend in a cafe on a summer area after a hot summer day, there was a gentle cool breeze. Drank wine and chatted about life. It should be noted that a friend I have a very cute. Then the waiter brings her a note from a guy a few tables away: "let's get Acquainted? Yes smile no backflip". Well, how did he know she was a candidate master of sports acrobatics.
  • My mother gave me the appendage of a flower, and said that when he will recover, I will meet my fate. Yesterday it ate the cat. Thought...
  • In 2009, adopted a child from the baby house. He was 3.5 years. So got lots of sweet, child did not know the taste of candy. And here we are in the supermarket, and I say to the son: "Here's your basket — take what you want. Can put everything. Buy what you said."
    And he chose out of the whole store a packet of tea, a pack of crackers and "kinder". Said that it's enough.
    Still ask for pocket money will buy and carry home. Say: "help yourself!" Useless. She says I have to share.

  • Halloween persuaded a friend to come with us to the bar. She doesn't really like parties, and the suit was too lazy to come up with. In the end, agreed. Wearing a Bathrobe, spiral curler, took a Teddy bear and fluffy Slippers. Was the star of the party, took second place in the costume contest, the people it photographed.
  • He entered the Moscow University, had to travel by train from your city and metro. During my first trip liked the guy. To metro from the train literally would race. Looked at each other constantly. The first year he has always been ahead of me, and going to the subway platform, always looking, if I have time on the train. All summer ran track, taught himself how to do it faster. Winter. I couldn't help myself, I decided that it was time to meet. He bullet flew out of the train, I'm a little behind, but stepped on, run, pulled off his hat and ran past the subway on the street. He roared: "give me the Hat, I'm cold, I'm bald!" I went "ha-ha" and, slipping, fell, breaking his nose. This asshole, too, slipped and fell — broke his arm.
    That somehow I met my husband.
  • My dog friends jokingly call "Dad thérèse". He can't walk past colleagues who need help. It all started with the fact that he escaped in the winter in the ravine, and brought out the frozen four puppies and their maminku. Then began to carry kittens. Now specializiruetsya in the trashcan: she pulls out kittens, puppies. The houses of all the licks, could probably tit feed. And then I nykarleby and pristroili the fruits of his heroism. Still, it's good for them!

  • Married 5 years, but still can't tell my wife that I'm the one person with whom she was arguing on the forum about "Harry Potter" for 2 years. I'm afraid I will kill him.
  • I was about 15 years or so. My grandfather worked as a groom at a local farm. He gave me one evening late to ride, so knew I horses. And now I'm riding at a gallop on his favorite steed of his grandfather, spur, speed 900 pounds of muscles under the saddle. And then — Bang! — the horse stands up. I said, "Hey, come on!" — in any. Moved a step and all. And at some point before my nose, in the light of the distant lantern neighbors, appears constricted across the road aluminum cable. If the horse is not slowed down — my head would be demolished for sure. When I bent my head and we passed this place, the horse gave a "career" in the opposite direction, and I never taxied. So I saved an animal life.
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