12 "overheard" stories straight from childhood

a child happened to us a lot of events: Funny or not, funny or a little sad. There is even a special project that helps people to anonymously share their revelations.
Website has collected several stories firsthand. So we offer a short time to postpone the case and remember the good events that happened to us in childhood.

The most beautiful New Year's childhood memory: to my brother and gave a lot of sweet gifts (on the tree at school, matinee mom at work ...). So we poured all the sweets his grandmother on a large table and began to touch. To finally got two great gifts of sweets - that he loves and that I love. It was two o'clock in the fights, wars and reconciliation. Now I understand that my grandmother taught us to share and to give. Until now, try something tasty to leave him, and he - to me. In my kindergarten Christmas party on all children offered the choice of costumes (who first take). There were all sorts of little animals; and here I liked the suit porosenka.Takzhe he liked my girlfriend, friendship which exploded on the same day. After the tears, snot, and disassembly fight between our parents got me a suit well. And I look at the photo from the matinee: stand among the seals and birds, so happy, toothless (front fell on the eve of) a pig! .. As a child drew pictures, I put them in envelopes and threw in mailboxes lonely grandmothers in our house. All the girls in the first grade to dress up the Christmas tree snowflakes and princesses. To me, a lover of animals, such mimimishnye costumes strongly disliked. So we came up with my parents dog suit. I had a cap with a dog's muzzle. For woolen pants and sweaters sewn tail, shirt front and cuffs of the fox. This went pretty fluffy dog! In the gym, where he was a matinee, I had a terrible Dubakov! All printsesskam wore jackets and leggings! Vidocq was another one! And I was very warm! As a child, read in the book of the phrase "Do not dream lying on your side." So literally took it that before going to bed always lay it on its back and dreamed of how the rest of my life. This has been firmly believe that dreams come true, because I do not dream of lying on its side. As a child, my mother prayed, and even made her promise that she would never grow old. My mother hugged me and said that there will always be young, and you know, it keeps a promise! The main thing, guys, your hearts! As a child, she loved be wrapped with white sheets and present themselves the ancient Greek goddess. Oh, and I still love to do that! At my mum two children: my brother and me. Often it confuses us and calls me Olezha. Now imagine: in the store, my mother cries, "OLEZHAAA!" And out of the dressing girl in a dress. And so - all life. My husband's name is Oleg. Now, when my mother screams "Olezha!", It will run together all three. I live in the south of Russia. Snow happens every year, but it is ridiculously small. Once a child has collected it in a bag and freeze for memory. When I was little, my hands got a catalog of Lego (and that was in the 90s, and few friends could afford this constructor). On one of the pages were presented cute doll houses with furniture and household. I wanted it as a gift, that more than a month special "bombarded" with disclosed on this page catalog. Sorry, my parents do not understand hints. Just to say about his desire embarrassed. As a child, my mother entertained us with her sister that drew the map of our apartments and celebrated with a cross where the treasure is hidden. There lay the chocolate or the next card. Ten years later, my sister takes prize places in competitions in orienteering, and I go camping and have never lost, and two, we focus not understand people who are having a map on the phone, something they can not find. < / As a child, loved spending time with her grandfather in the garage: mending something there, Gadget-bolts, long money from oil ... joy was there -what dolls and dumplings grandmother ?! I went the other day to my grandfather, who is six years after a stroke, and he gave me the phrase, "Remember, mending my" Volga "? I think your every parish I just repairs ... ยป

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