Benedict Cumberbatch wrote an inspiring letter to Santa Claus

Adults also believe in miracles and the fulfillment of desires - that's a well-known British actor Benedict Cumberbatch has not stood aside. The project Letter Live, where celebrities write their letters and read other famous people, he wrote an open letter to the British Santa Claus.

We are in the Website again convinced that Benedict really sincere and very kind person. Judge for yourself - we have translated an actor for you.

Dear Santa Claus!

Well, my friend asked me to write to you ... I must admit it was difficult to think of something to say. Mainly because, like most adults, I feel ridiculous when you ask about something - because our time with you long gone. Now we are doing currently presents control their destinies, their own responsibility for their actions and live in the world that we have created. And we can not turn the clock back and beg you to help with the environment, migration crisis, health, education, food for the poor, human rights, fundamentalism and war. Although, God knows, we need all the help to deal with all these problems.

And that I'm not the one that you no compassion and joy. You are wonderful. Despite the fact that the color of your suit has changed in favor of corporations, and despite the fact that ancestral rituals are infinitely far from spontaneous desires like a broken hoverboard as a gift ... Adults only spend your time for nothing, but you do not exist for them. Do you want children. Children who are in need of a drop of magic in this world, which gradually blurs the boundaries between innocence and responsibility, imagination and cold adult obstacles.

That's what I wanted to ask you. A little more time, so that children can be children. To the time of magic and games lasted longer. Distract them from the crazy world that they can laugh, not to cry. Especially those who are caring for family members or suffering from disease, hunger or poverty. Please enlighten their lives moments of joy and hope.

When I think about how difficult you have to, you understand that, you probably should not ask you about the lightsaber (which I never had, by the way), when you are able to control the space-time continuum and to renew the joy of childhood. < br />
You give hope for a miracle and awe to all those who wrote you a letter and goes to sleep with the belief the best. You inspire good behavior and, as I myself remember a desperate attempt to atone for bad behavior to avoid be overlooked. Think about the millions of children that they would like to write to you, but can not because of their illiteracy. Hear their words and give them the time and the chance to learn to read and write, so that they can improve their lives and escape from poverty.

I'm a little ashamed in front of you. I think I did just that and promised to do - asked you to help with adult issues and solve some major problems faced by children. I promise to leave the port and pies for you!

With love, Benedict.

P. S. And can I now the lightsaber, please?




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