These different Sherlock Holmes

Title: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson
Director: Igor Maslennikov
Sherlock Holmes: Vasily Livanov
Dr. Watson: Vitaly Solomin
Country: USSR
Year: 1979-1986

Sherlock Holmes by Vasily Livanov intelligent, famous smokes pipe and plays the violin. Weapons Holmes - it is his "gray matter" and the method of deduction by which the offender can find and neutralize the strongest opponent.
Best Sherlock Holmes - Soviet. Such a verdict rendered Englishmen in 1982, when the film with Vasily Livanov starring first broadcast on BBC. Everything - from the British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in London to a simple baker - took the image of good old England. Queen Elizabeth II bestowed the actor Vasily Livanov Order of the British Empire for the creation of a true image of the legendary detective.

Dr. Watson (Vitaly Solomin):


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