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Today, July 19, Benedict Cumberbatch, has a unique appearance, the undisputed talent and amazing charisma turns 37 years old. After he has multiplied many times fans of the famous Sherlock Holmes, limit the amount of which would seem to have taken, Cumberbatch and became one of the most vibrant and attracts attention to the actors of our time. But it seemed that there were no signs ...

However, at school Benedict loved being on stage. His very first role was ... Helen staged "Midsummer Night's Dream." No wonder - it was a school for boys, and women's roles they played well, however, by drawing lots. Although after school Benedict took some more time to determine the goals in life. He did some work as a bartender and novices to learn English in a Tibetan monastery. But after, when he came back, he knew that to be an actor. Only the theater. And so it happened: Cumberbatch played the most illustrious British scenes - "Almeida", "Royal Court", and the National Theatre, and in 2005, for her role in "Hedda Gabler" it even nominated for a Laurence Olivier Award, that for British actors much the same prestigious "Oscar". So, by the age of thirty Benedict gained a reputation as one of the best theater actors, which afford Ibsen, Shakespeare and Ionesco. This situation is more than happy with it. So loud world fame overtook Cumberbatch, we can say, contrary to his wishes. This glory, as we all know, he has brought the shooting in the famous TV series BBC "Sherlock". And yet, apart from Sherlock and theater, in the career of a talented actor, there are other interesting roles. I offer a selection of the most memorable.

One of the filmmakers worked with the actor, David Attwood once said: Benedict is one rare quality: he can behave in a frame almost repulsive, and that is why be so attractive. No one but Cumberbatch, could not play so brilliantly marginalized, madmen and geniuses - well, or just strange guys. So, given below are a brilliant proof of the role of these words.

1. Sherlock (series 2010 - ...).

Of course, it was impossible not to start from the famous and almost cult Sherlock Holmes of our time. The creators of the new "Sherlock" moved the scene of the legendary works of Conan Doyle in our modern, so the new Holmes is sitting on the Internet, do not part with your device, and instead of the tube, uses nicotine patch, but it remains a true hero of its author - a genius, a sociopath with impeccable manners of a gentleman. Cumberbatch himself is very fond of his Sherlock, gently calling it "Caesar with a laptop." He, by the way, for the role had to repaint the hair, because of the nature of the fair-haired actor. Needless to say that this role brought the actor, not only international fame but also a number of awards, "Emmy" - Best actor in a miniseries or movie, "Golden Globe" - Best actor in a miniseries or TV movie, BAFTA TV Awards - Best Actor, and others.

2. Paul Marshall in the film "Atonement" (2007).

It should be noted immediately that it is episodic, but bright role Benedict also played a huge role in his career - it was noticed producers BBC series "Sherlock" and decided to invite Cumberbatch in the title role. The same role has clearly shown that the negative heroes succeed Cumberbatch with particular brilliance. Only 4 or 5 appearances in the frame, but such a notorious scoundrel, whose image is created actor, remembered everything.

3. Peter Gill in "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" (2011).

For this role, the actor was awarded a British Independent Film Award for Best Supporting Actor. The story itself is centered on agents of British intelligence, which during the Cold War and the Soviet Union were engaged in relations with the United States to prevent this war. But suddenly there is information about Moles from the Soviet Union, has long been involved in that confuses all cards. On his hunt out George Smiley, is already released at the insistence of executives to resign. A Cumberbatch starred in a very unusual character (unsurprisingly): intelligent, loyal and careful Gillema Peter, who is the assistant to Smiley, but it is very slippery type, which until the end and it is not clear: in fact, on whose side he was on.

4. Stephen Hawking in the film BBC «Hawking" (2004).

During this magnificent role in the dramatic film Cumberbatch was nominated for the BAFTA TV Awards for Best Actor and received the "Golden nymph" for Best Actor in a TV movie. This biopic tells the story of Stephen Hawking - one of the most impressive stories of victory of man over physical infirmity, the beginning of formation of the theory of radiation and at the same time on the initial stage of a rapidly progressing disease. Hawking Benedict role played fantastic and surprisingly believable: Yes, I met him. And all the time at the meeting thought: why am I wasting my time the great man ?! Am I an idiot actor, I can impress him?! ..
5. William Pitt Jr. in the film "Amazing ease" (2006).

This role brought Cumberbatch nomination for the award of the London Society of Film Critics' Breakthrough of the Year. " In the film, the story of the legal fight against slavery in the UK. Despite the apparent political theme picture, it looks with interest. In many respects thanks to the protagonists of history, that soul ached for the idea, did not pursue any selfish interest. Benedict did a great job with his role as one of the most talented politicians.

6. Vincent Van Gogh in the film BBC «Van Gogh: Portrait of the written Word" (2010).

Film and out based on the correspondence of Vincent Van Gogh and his younger brother, Theodore, that compels the viewer to rethink some conventional idea of ​​the life and work of a great artist. Benedict amazing accustomed to the role of Van Gogh, showing and mental health issues, and at the same time understanding of the artist, who could not meet before being recognized, that he lives and works not for himself but for future generations. The actor perfectly and gave a piercing gaze, and always vsklochennye red hair, crazy and impulsive ...

7. Major Stewart in the movie "War Horse" (2011).

There Cumberbatch plays the role of a rare quite a normal man - a brave officer of the British army, povedshego his soldiers to attack without fear of the enemy's numerical superiority. But perhaps because of the aura of the usual roles he's here again looks unusual.
Remove Spielberg? Of course, this particular fad. But it is much more than I cared that I was able to stay on the crazy Spanish stallion. By the way, the actor had to take riding lessons before filming this picture.

8. James in the film "Third Star" (2011).

Benedict hero - a young man who 29 years old and never turns 30 because he is dying of cancer. Friends give him the last of his life journey. They are from all forces try to make his last days were marred by nothing. But it turned out to be not so easy, because they themselves fully their problems and secrets that are revealed during their joint path. As a result, friends argue, quarrel and make peace again. They try to support James, and he helps them to understand their problems. Very dramatic, but life-affirming role.

9. Edmund Talbot in the film "Journey to the End of the Earth" (TV series 2005).

For this role, the actor received the "Golden nymph" on the TV Festival in Monte Carlo as the best leading actor in a mini-series. Cumberbatch plays the main character - Edmund, perfectly showing how the changes during the long journey, gradually turning from a boy into a man arrogant with their specific beliefs. This story is not so much about the sea adventures, but about not priglyadnoy side of the long voyage, about the hard life of the ship, about the complex relationship between the crew and passengers.

10. John Harrison / Khan Noonien Singh in the movie "Star Trek Into Darkness».

In this film, the image of the main villain in the performance Cumberbatch turned out so charismatic, brutal and ruthless that only one of its appearance just fascinates the viewer. No wonder George. George. Abrams chose Benedict to this role without auditions. This is the first role in the sci-fi thriller Cumberbatch with such panache. It's nice to see here is not only a terrific actor's facial expressions, but his hero fighting and shooting. This is undoubtedly something new in the filmography aktera.V the moment I'm working hard to get rid of the role of mad neurotic. I want to be like Daniel Craig, running around the desert and shoot aliens. As we see, the desire of Benedict pretty quickly realized. And we also look forward to his new role and, of course, the new season of "Sherlock."


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