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Mother Rachel Bilson - sex therapist.

"My mother is a consultant specializing in this area. We have to admit that she had a great intuition, and in the day when I lost my virginity, she learned about it without any explanation on my part. It feels amazing people and me in particular »

Parents actors Benedict Cumberbatch, Timothy Carlton and Wanda Ventem continue his career despite its venerable age. Recently, Benedict lit up in the episode «Christmas Special» the popular British television series "Downton Abbey", playing the judge and the mother of the actor appeared in the same series, but in the image of the mother of Cassandra in a series «Only Fools And Horses».

In 2008, Ryan Gosling and his close friend Zach Shields created a musical group «Dead Man's Bones». On account of the musicians one album and one video, but soon this number will increase because guys plan to record a second album.

Especially for the role in the film "Winter's Bone," Jennifer Lawrence has learned to skin protein, chop wood and fight. Efforts were evaluated actress nominations for "Oscar" and "Golden Globe Award" for "Best Actress", but both award prizes won Natalie Portman and her "Black Swan».

As a teenager, Angelina Jolie was in high school, Beverly Hills, which became the basis for the acclaimed TV series "Beverly Hills 90210»

Now Max Irons young and successful, but success was given to him with difficulty. At school, the actor struggled with dyslexia, which considerably limits its ability. More Ten years ago, Max could not write his name correctly.

Mollie King could not be a soloist «The Saturdays», if the coach was able to persuade the skier to stay in the British team.

Actress Ashley Benson was born two months early and weighed only 1.2 kilograms. After a month in intensive care and two months in the hospital, the girl, who was born on Christmas Day, has recovered and was discharged.

After a year spent in South Africa Rebel Wilson seriously ill. Girl fell ill from malaria, tormented hallucinations, but after recovery and a successful project, "Bridesmaids" (nominated for "Oscar" for "Best Original Screenplay"), she decided to pursue a career of actress, but primarily due to health problems thought to abandon the difficult trade.

Beloved Marion Cotillard and actor Guillaume Canet, is the former husband of Diane Kruger.

Emma Stone with a computer "you". As a child, she helped her father, businessman create presentations.

I think this fact is no surprise, as Natalia Vodianova is known worldwide as the "Cinderella". Before becoming a model Natalia and her mother was selling fruit in the market.

Shailene Woodley suffers from scoliosis of the spine, which discovered quite by accident, I went to the beach in the company of best friend. A friend and noticed that the spine of the actress a few weird.

Lady Gaga says that it is ideally suited to the role of Marisa Tomei. The truth is that it is not necessary to play (the actress just 48 and depart to the other world, it is not going to), but in the future Lady Gaga is ready to do anything to get this role.

"When I get angry, I become Marisa Tomei. All my friends notice it and call me Marisa. It's not so strange, considering more and our kind of a New York accent »

11-year-old Daniel Radcliffe reacted calmly to what was the role of Harry Potter.

"I learned this when I was in the bathroom. I stayed there for half an hour and watched more "hotel" Fawlty Towers »" »

Gwyneth Paltrow played a cameo role in the movie 1991 "Captain Hook." At the time, the actress was 19.

The first half of his life, Jack Nicholson did not even know that his sister - his mother and his grandparents do not really his parents. The fact that Jack's mother gave the child's foster mother and father to pursue a career, well, so as not to injure the psyche of the child's grandparents Nicholson impersonating his parents.

"In fact, to thirty-seven years, I did not know that my sister - in fact, my mother. But I have long realized that the world is a lot of things that I do not know. If I give too much importance to what I do not know, nothing good will come of it. Do focus on the positive - that's my opinion. It's a trick, but useful »

Ginnifer Goodwin is actually Jennifer Goodwin. The actress decided to change the name to stand out among the many Jennifer.

Nicole Kidman is afraid of butterflies.

"I can do many things: to jump out of an airplane, eat a cockroach ... but I can not overcome their fear of butterflies. I just hate them! »

Gaga wrote the song «Born This Way» 10 minutes.

"It is absolutely magical song. Once it seemed to me the gates were opened and now I can write songs faster and much higher quality than ever before »

The mother was Christian Bale Circus, so the actor's statement that his first kiss happened with the acrobat was not a surprise to the public.

Three year old Elle Fanning played a three-year version of its sister Dakota in the series "Kidnapped».

A spouse Naomi Watts, Liev Schreiber, was not an easy childhood. After his parents divorced Liv stayed with his mother, who forbade him to watch the colored films and forced to read for several hours. After my father learned of this, he stole his son, which later turned out to be not such a senseless act. A few years later his mother Schreiber landed in a psychiatric hospital.

Prior to the role in the movie "Mask" from Cameron Diaz had no acting experience.

Adele, Leona Lewis and Jesse Jay went to the same school. Also a graduate of BRIT School was Amy Winehouse.

Most of his childhood actor Joaquin Phoenix spent traveling in South America, along with supporters of the religious cult "Children of God". This continues for as long as the parents of Joaquin were not disappointed in their beliefs and moved to Los Angeles.

In adolescence, Hilary Swank lived in a trailer. While the mother Hilary was not enough money for something to rent an apartment for herself and her daughter.


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