Portraits Max Vadukula

Max Vadukul (Max Vadukul) became known for his portraits of famous actors. He follows in the tradition of so-called "Artistic reportage", a concept which is "take reality and make of it a work of art».
For a long time worked with the magazine «The New Yorker», «French Vogue», «Italian Vogue», «L'Uomo Vogue», and «Rolling Stone». Regularly shoots for «W Magazine», «T: The New York Times Style Magazine», «Vogue China» and other.
He was born in 1961 in Kenya, but studied and grew up in London. He lived in Paris and London, dreams of retirement to live in Tuscany, but now lives in Manhattan.

Arnold Schwarzenegger. © Max Vadukul

Elijah Wood © Max Vadukul

Clint Eastwood © Max Vadukul

Whoopi Goldberg and Halle Berry © Max Vadukul

Gwen Stefani © Max Vadukul

Tom Hanks © Max Vadukul

Angelina Jolie © Max Vadukul

Mischa Barton © Max Vadukul

Michael Douglas © Max Vadukul

Mick Jagger © Max Vadukul

Tom Hidlston © Max Vadukul


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