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Recently in the press leaked information that Nina Agdal and Max George parted. It is said that the reason for separation was disagreement between the partners - both wanted completely different things from their relationship - but there are rumors that the catch lies not only in this ...

Opinions Nina and Max did not agree.

Member of the British-Irish musical group The Wanted - Max George - said that it was because they began to see [their] relationship differently.

The Sun Journal reports:

It was hard for Max - sever relations with Nina, especially after news broke that his musical group The Wanted also on the verge of collapse. But they are just in different ways saw the world and the gap came by itself.

However, despite their breakup and the collapse of the group The Wanted, Max George assured journalists that he continues to view the world optimistically.

Max George - participant of the musical group The Wanted.

Familiar Max said:

For him this difficult time. But he's an optimist. Max looks at each failure, as a new feature. He was not killed by the little things.

But despite the fact that Max tries his best, in a recent interview, he could not resist in order not to notice how well meet with those who, in addition to everything else, and your "best friend».

True, I was very happy. For the first time in my life, I met a girl who was my best friend. She is cheerful, quiet and lovely with all - with my friends and my family. I felt like it just fine.

Max and Nina in the old days.

While the former is suffering and betrayed nostalgia, Nina - the Danish model 22 years - fun. The model was seen leaving the New York City's Club Avenue with handsome DiCaprio already last week.

Paparazzi "caught" Nina and Leonardo together.

The photo was taken before the two sat in the same car at five in the morning. Both - Leonardo DiCaprio and Nina Agdal - tried to hide from the cameras. Actor hurriedly got into the front seat, and the model - in the back.

"The Wolf of Wall Street" was dressed unremarkable - in jeans, gray cap and a leather jacket, but did not notice it would be very difficult. Had he finally decided on the choice of a new passion?

Nina Agdal in advertising underwear.

And swimsuits.

However, if Nina and Max all more or less clear what to do with Toni Garrn, which is still listed girlfriend of Leonardo? Does he again set "the winds", and parted with her, too?

Tony vs Nina


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